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About “Get it right from a genuine site” Campaign


Biggest Internet providers in the UK are taking part in the “Get it right from a genuine site” campaign, which aims to combat Internet piracy.

The “Get it right from a genuine site” campaign was launched by the largest Internet providers in the UK. Sky, BT and Virgin. The campaign aims to get Internet users to use legitimate software and stop downloading illegal copies of video games, movies, torrents and music from the Web.

To this end, providers send users a list of which they are to induce them. “We are here to help you find music, TV, movies, games, books, newspapers and sports from a legitimate source and support British creativity.” Whenever you watch, listen, read or play – you make choices: You love and help them grow, or you do not support anything and nobody. So download it as you need from a legitimate site, “the authors write the campaign on her website.

“If you continue to send illegal content through our links, we will take steps to block or remove any copyright infringement software.”

People who use P2P networks and torrents receive this content. P2P networks consist in the fact that each file is divided into a certain number of smaller parts, each of which is downloaded from another person. The person who downloads the file also shares it, which in the light of the law is illegal or piracy.

Users who detect traffic on pirated sites receive an email that calls for an end to illegal downloads within 20 days. After this time, another message is sent which explains the legal consequences of illegal downloading and file sharing.
British artists have also become involved in the “Get it right from a genuine site” campaign, showing how much time they spent on writing, composing and recording a song or recording a movie. Another form of fighting this illegal practice is a database containing legitimate sites where you can find music, movies or software.

Contrary to what the authors of the action suggest, the problem of computer piracy is no longer as great as it was before, because the computer industry has been seeing a decline in piracy for some years now. The reason for this is a change in sales policy.Software manufacturers now offer them as a subscription, which results in access to more options and various bonuses. Similarly, there are music and movies that can be found at many paid sites, which for a small fee give access to a huge legal base of movies or music.

The truth is that more and more people are using illegal software, torrents, movies and games. There is no reason to be optimistic for the producers and creators as well as the last rescue boards are social campaigns. Security that protects against copying and duplication of materials does not deliver the intended results, because those who specialize in breaking such security will level them off in a few days.


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