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gamestorrent.in Games Torrent is an indian torrent tracker dedicated to console & PC games. Though the website uses an indian domain name it serves games featured in english language.

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1. What is Bittorrent?

Bittorrent is a protocol for transferring files over p2p. Users share files between them, connecting with each other via a server (Tracker), once users interconnected, parts of documents are exchanged until finished. When a user of bittorrent is downloading a file also is rising while up only files that has been downloaded, this makes an app bittorrent able to offer much faster speeds than its rivals and so the best option for download all sorts of files.

2. Where Can I Download Bittorrent?

This means that anyone can take the source code and create your own client. Below are several clients (either is good):
· Bitcomet: Client that offers a more attractive combination of clear and intuitive multilingual interface, ease of use and speed to shock. Possibility of simultaneous downloads, chat with others, maintain a queue of documents to download, limit upload and download speeds, mapping interfaces, supports proxy servers, IP address filtering, ability to resume broken downloads, etc..
· Bittornado Small variation of the original bittorrent simple but functional. Ability to scale the upload rate and the amount of raises allowed, super seed, to pause and resume a download, and information on downloading. Options, a little hidden under a “connection” known as “Prefs”, permit you to configure to your liking twenty options. Not allowed simultaneous torrents.
. Azureus Client · This is the most extensive of all, with multiple options to configure everything to our liking, upload speed, Descend, connections, super seed, etc.. A little messy configuration for the most inexperienced. Its drawbacks which need JAVA to run and consume many resources.
· UTorrent uTorrent is a simple and efficient customer that can boast of being one of the smallest in its class. Even instalación.lo involved requires a massive saving in the consumption of memory and processor resources. It offers several configuration options and analysis of every file.
· Burst! Another client which uses very few memory resources. The GUI enables you to control multiple transfers from one window.
· ABC Gives you many options and features, via an exquisite interface provides multiple downloads, priority, ability to pause, resume and queue downloads, minimize to taskbar, define the maximum number of uploads and the maximum transfer rate you want, and many more features. Translation into Spanish: click here
· Bitlord comes in a number of languages ​​and a easy way to adjust the settings as we want. Clean, fast, and user friendly.

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Before you say anything to begin using bittorrents download files you must first install a client.
When we find a link to download a bittorrent website, by clicking on the two things can occur.
1- our bittorrent client opens straight and asks where to save the file you will download.
2. We download the torrent file to your pc, then only that file has to be opened with our bittorrent client to begin downloading.

4. Why is it important to keep sharing if I have already downloaded the file?

It’s quite important to continue to talk about a time when this file is completely downloaded to the other users that are downloading can also download it entirely. It is not about having it forever sharing, only time and the maximum speed possible, so others may download it better. We have to be united, this is a p2p and includes giving of receiving and giving.

5. What are the files I’m sharing?

In bittorrent all files in a directory other p2p aren’t shared, only files which are downloading is Share us. This makes the entire upload speed users concentrate only in these files and so the rate is higher.

7. My download rate is very low, what can I do?

The download speed depends on many factors. among them.
– You have to limit the upload speed slightly less than the limit of your line. If you’re wearing no upload limit or greater than your line can block this number line and pro tanto discharge, so it’s very important to limit your customer rate go up to just under the limit, ejmplo : If I have a line of 30 kbps upload, then I place on the client 28 kbps.
If you use other p2p programs or programs which consume your bandwidth, this can not download bittorrent as it should.
– Have any firewall blocking your customer, it may happen that not connect correctly because of some firewall, check the format.
– Simply contect with other users, this may be for the poblem tracker, or because there is more, the this case there is nothing to do but wait.

8. I get an error message what does it mean?

The best thing to do in general when you have problems connecting is wait. Some trackers are unavailable or slow to respond. But usually temporary, so patience, that’s the mother of science. The significance of the error messages are explained BitTorrent:
· Problem getting response info – [Errno 2] No such file or directory: The torrent saved in temporary files isn’t appropriate, try to download the torrent to your personal computer with the right click, save target as.
· Error (unregistere torrent): The torrent has not yet been uploaded to the tracker.
· Too many args – 0 max. This error is indicative of a wrong command line. Ensure that the arguments of the command line seems –responsefile “% 1”.
· A piece failed hash check, re-downloading it: It means that you have obtained the incorrect file so it’s going to be downloaded again. Nothing happens.
· Bad data from tracker: You can usually ignore it. It usually happens when tracker is overloaded.
· Problem connecting to tracker – timeout exceeded
· Problem connecting to tracker – [Errno socket error] (10061, ‘Connection refused’)
· Problem connecting to tracker – 111 Connection refused
· Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 503: Connect failed

· Problem connecting to tracker – 10054 Connection reset by peer

The trackers might be overly saturated with people and sometimes the connections fail. It’s best to be patient and if you’re connected with other user not close the client or you will lose those connections.
· Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 400: Not Authorized: The tracker requires empowerment.
· Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 404: Not Found: probably a torrent old and no longer works.
· Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required: Some tracker require username and password to login.

How 9. open the file I downloaded?

To conduct these files you need to have it installed in your WinRAR version 3.x at least 3.20 is recommended
cbr, cbz
Comincs tablets are for them or simply use CDisplay rename . CBR à à RAR and ZIP . cbz.
. par, . p01, . pnn
They’re files that are used to reconstruct incomplete documents or corrupt parties, the SmartPAR used.
. nfo
These are information files that usually contain notes on the downloaded file, installation, etc.. Windows wrongly associating it with system information files, but can be opened easily with Notepad or some . NFO seen.
avi, mpg, wmv, asf
They are video files, so open a repoductor repoductor kind of video window.
Are sound files that open with any player as Winnap
They’re documents that open with adobe acrobat reader
These are documents from a DVD-Video so they are to record, but also can read powerDVD type programs or you can change the extension to mpg and can also be readable
They’re documents that open with adobe acrobat reader
. bin, . cue, iso, nrg, . img
These extensions correspond to image files from CD or DVD
– MDS -> Alcohol 120%
-CCD -> Alcohol 120% / CloneCD
-CUE / BIN -> Alcohol 120% / CDRWin (+ BIN) / NERO

-BTW -> Alcohol 120 percent
-CDI -> Alcohol 120%
-IMG -> CloneCD
-NRG: -> Nero

10. What happens if I cancel a download?

BitTorrent allows perfect stop and resume a download that is halfway. Thou shalt not do anything special. Should you cancel a download before completion, partial discharge stays on your hard drive. To summarize, you simply need to open the torrent volve and save the document in exactly the identical place where it was downloading, so your client will recognize the downloaded parts and continue where was I before being canceled.

11. What does all this terminology? seed, leecher, upload, etc

Here you have a list of most important words related to BitTorrent and their significance.
Torrent is a small, just a couple of kb extension and file torrent which contains information about the document you need to download, not the document itself. The Torrent comprises information such as title, size, etc, is also through this torrent tracker that connects to some other users.
Peer or leechers (Clients): These are users who are downloading a document bittorrents, but still don’t have full. The peers up and down parts of a file until you complete or cancel.
Seed (Seeds): is a user that has a complete copy of a certain torrent. When you complete a download and not share, then you’re making seed or seeding. When someone shares a file, you need to create seed, and while not complete another user, he will be the only seed. A seed only goes up, not down that file.
Tracker: is an Internet server that functions to connect customers that are raising or lowering a specified file. To connect to a tracker users needed (in many tracker) to upload the torrent tracker. The Tracker contains no files, just connects users that have parts of that file.
Downloading: accessing data from another user.
Uploading: send data to another user
Distributed copies (dispersed copies): the seed are complete copies of the document, but it’s possible that among all the peers, if we put all of the parts of the file, there is more than a full copy. It’s a really important information if you’re downloading a file without any seed.

12. Benefits of using bittorrents other p2p

1- download rate. Since users only upload what’s downloading the download rate is much higher than other p2p where every user share whole directories with lots of files.
2- There are usually no fakes. We downloaded the files which are generally always spasms. Being a system that needs the web to download the torrents, makes very difficult the introduction of fake files.
1- The files have a short life, it is the price to pay for superior rate, as only shares what is being downloaded life is a lot shorter than other p2p files.
2- There is not any global Torrent search engine, this is a disadvantage, but at exactly the same time is the benefit of having no fakes.

Full list of Games Torrent Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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