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funkytorrents.com FunkyTorrents is a Great Music Tracker that offer Scene & Non Scene releases.The content is related to Classical, Dance, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hardcore, Techno, Electronic, Reggae, Trance and many more categories. Pretime are the best as you can find the torrents in 1 minute interval or more after pre or even less sometimes. Speeds are not bad. Community is very helpful on funkytorrents.com. User have to login to their accounts within two weeks interval, after that their account will be disabled if they failed to do so. Maintaining ratio is also easy as there are lots of freeleech torrents available. The tracker is good in case of original music.

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About website

FunkyTorrents Categories:

  • alternative
  • ambient
  • classical
  • dance
  • drum ‘n’ bass
  • electronic
  • emo
  • experimental
  • funk
  • hardcore
  • house
  • idm
  • indie
  • industrial
  • jazz/blues/soul
  • lo-fi
  • metal
  • misc
  • pop/rnb
  • post-rock
  • psychedelic
  • punk
  • rap/hip-hop
  • reggae
  • rock
  • ska
  • techno
  • trance
  • trip-hop
  • world/ethnic

FunkyTorrents Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

This is a torrent site which promotes sharing one of the community. If you’re unwilling to give back to the community what you take from it, then this website isn’t for you. That means that low ratio may lead to severe consequences, including banning. Check FAQ for standards that are acceptable.
Don’t upload our torrents to other trackers! (Watch the FAQ for information.) You’ll be warned! gif, . jpg and . png.

Uploading principles – Failure to obey these rules will result in a warning or a ban
General Uploading Rules:

Only music, programs, music videos, films and eBooks releases are permitted here. No games and porn of any sort. Including images, comic books, etc..
Copy torrents in any category aren’t allowed. By way of instance, if a torrent is present on the website in 256kbps then no additional torrents at 256kbps or lower bitrate are permitted.
If your torrent is deleted by a staff member for any reason, you may use the Log to find out who deleted it and why. If you post in the forums about these types of things, the staff person involved may never see it.
Don’t post our torrent files on other websites. Each torrent file has your personal passkey embedded inside. The tracker will automatically disable your account if you discuss your torrent files with other people. You won’t get your account back.
Don’t advertise other websites on your torrent descriptions or comments. We do not have any advertisements, you should not either.
We are a community. If you encounter something that violates a rule, report it! Ignoring it is just damaging the community.

Music Uploading Rules:

Music releases should have an average bitrate > 192kbps, irrespective of the format, be correctly tagged and also have . LAME V2/APS, V1 and V0/APX releases are permitted to dip below average 192kbps.
Releases should not be ‘scene’ releases, but please remember that you need to use a fantastic CD ripper ie EAC and decent encoder ie LAME (or an appropriate alternative) ripped using a high quality (–alt-preset standard or –alt-preset intense or using a lossless codec like ape or flac).
CD sourced music shouldn’t contain pops or clicks (rip/encode mistakes). They’ll be deleted as nuked.
All audio torrents have to be encoded with a single encoder with the very same settings. This means you can’t produce a torrent that contains both CBR and VBR files, or you can not upload torrents containing a mixture of APS/V2 and APX/V0.
Music releases have to be a folder containing the audio, not an archive file (ie: . rar, . zip).
Picture files like . bin, . iso and . Nrg aren’t permitted in music torrents.
Web rips, podcasts, radio or TV-translations and watermarked rips aren’t allowed in any circumstance. They often are used for transcode.
Music releases should include the year of release, bitrate or demanding average bitrate of the track(s). Writing simply VBR isn’t acceptable. Release must also have the the format (MP3/FLAC/AAC/APE/WAV etc) from the torrent name and a tracklisting from the description. It is better also to demonstrate cover and a bit of info about artist.
Music uploaded here should not be publicly available on the web (from official sources like record label or group websites). If you could simply download from the web, so can everyone else. Uploads may be from other torrent sites but you take responsibility for determining that the audio isn’t transcoded.
File names must reflect the tune titles. You might not have file names such as track01.mp3, track02.mp3, etc..
The release must include all paths described in tracklist. When it is not so – your torrent will be deleted.
All files within the release ought to be correct tagged (comprising Artist, Album and Track name).
Torrents shouldn’t be labeled as [REQ] or [REQUEST].

Video Uploading Rules:

Video releases should have a year of launch, format (MPEG/AVI/WMV) and origin (DVDrip/TvRip/VHSRip/SVCD). In the description a minimal standards is a tracklist (or description of a picture), videosize and audio details. If you’re not sure you can provide this information – don’t upload that torrent!

Application Uploading Rules:

App releases (if Windows or Mac) should not be publicly available tools.
App releases may be a torrent of a folder or an archive, but archives should not be password protected.
App releases should either have a little description of the program (possibly obtained from its website, or by an nfo) or a URL to information.
Serial numbers shouldn’t be submitted in torrent descriptions. They ought to be in a document (text or otherwise) included in the torrent.
Torrents containing collections of cracks or keygens aren’t allowed.
Torrents containing collections of hacking or cracking tools aren’t allowed.
Collections of wallpaper or pictures aren’t applications. They don’t belong in any other category and can not be uploaded.

EBook Uploading Rules:

eBook releases may be a torrent of a folder, an archive . pdf. Archives shouldn’t be password protected.
Collections of images, posters or background aren’t eBooks. Don’t upload them on our website.
Do a search before asking! Make sure that the release is not already posted out or asked by somebody else.
Both old and new releases may be asked, but they shouldn’t violate Music Uploading Rules (you can’t ask discographies or records with bitrate under 192).
It is possible to request only music releases, but not anything non-music associated (no program, videos or anything else).

Multi Album Torrents:

Multi-album torrents are not permitted on the website under any conditions. Meaning no discographies, pitchfork compilations etc.. Discographies make it a hassle for users to download individual records and lead to lots of copy albums being uploaded.
All music torrents must be one launch, so if a record is 2CDs, it’s fine to upload this as one torrent. However, uploading two or more different records in 1 torrent is strictly prohibited. Best hits and best of compilations with various CDs are ok.

Tracker Name – FunkyTorrents
Tracker URL – funkytorrents.com
Tracker Genre – Music
Tracker Type – Ratio Based
Tracker Signup – Closed / Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio – Easy
Bonus System – Absent
Banned Countries – None
Tracker IRC – NA

Full list of FunkyTorrents Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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