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fffansubs.org FFFansubs is a torrent site for anime episodes. Most of the torrent magnet links on FFFansubs will require DHT enabled in the BitTorrent client to work. Magnet links on future posts will not. Beside torrent downloads FFFansubs.org also provides XDCC IRC downloads.

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Will FFF be Thinking about picking up X or Y?
FFF picks up shows entirely based on staff interest. We make our plans people whenever we’re ready to.

When are you going to release the episode of anime I am waiting for? You have already released another series!
We don’t believe in compromising release criteria and shifting through multiple editors to release an episode before. In addition, we don’t believe in releasing into a program, so we release whenever episodes are prepared. We don’t tend to fall shows without good reasons, and once we do, we’ll make a statement on this blog.

What is the purpose of batches? What are the spots for?
Batch releases are considered final and complete. Batches often arrive with script updates and corrections to the individual episodes and/or volumes previously published for archival purposes. Patches are provided to permit people who already have these prior versions to upgrade their copies without needing to redownload the entire batch. You do not have to patch anything if you download the documents in the batch torrent or in the DDL following the batch release.

If you are only grabbing the stains after the links are dead, then odds are you do not need them.

Just as you only get three peers does not mean it is not seeded. TV series that are replaced by Blurays will no more be seeded.

Are you going to launch a batch for X? When will you launch the batch for X?
Having said that, batches are the lowest among our priorities in FFF and we just have a few individuals who really work on them. When they will be released is mostly inconsistent, but they’ll happen eventually. What’s more, do not ask us for batches for jobs we have not completed, or even started. Everything we do is released progressively as it’s done.

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Why not have a status page to your own projects?
We have had standing pages multiple times previously. It doesn’t make a difference and people will still ask sincereading is too tough for the more outspoken of our downloaders. Their activities have caused us to eliminate status pages each time we have experimented with them.

Where can I get subtitle files of an anime you have released?
It is possible to extract them directly from the launch, along with the fonts that you’ll need. If for whatever reason youactually do not wish to download our entire launch, you can try your luck on animetosho.org, who sponsor DDLs for subtitle fonts and files attached to each entry, and have the majority of our releases. We don’t respond to requests asking for them, nor do we handle content on that website, so please don’t ask.

What are your strategies for HEVC?
We don’t mean to provide HEVC until software decoding and encoding service is more mature.

Can I use FFF’s scripts / gain access to FFF’s resources to be used in a foreign exchange?
We welcome foreign language classes to use our scripts. But do know that we are not likely to help with your modification or discuss some of our resources. Our duty lies just with our launch, rather than with yours.

We don’t want you using our subtitles for Bluray releases if we are already performing our own Bluray releases. If we are notalready performing our own Bluray launch, you are welcome to do so, but refrain from asking us for support. Our duty lies just with our launch, rather than with yours.

How can I achieve appropriate playback?

We won’t provide playback help if you are not using any of the above setups.

How do I combine FFF?

How can I help FFF out?
The best method of helping us out would be to just share our releases.
Publish FFF to your friends and seed our releases in the event that you’re able to.
You could also create a small monthly donation through Flattr, it helps us out with purchasing Blurays and paying for servers.

I Want to advertise on FFF’s website.
We are not interested in having ads on our website.

The download links on your old posts are broken.
At one point we’d been hosting our . Updating the old release articles once we move between servers or a torrent host goes down is an absurd quantity of work and we do not plan to do it. If you’re searching for older releases, check the releases page to determine where to locate them. Posts since February 2016 also have magnet connections, which can be worth a try.

I have additional questions.
Email your inquiries to [email protected] if they are for personal purposes.
We won’t entertain any questions that have already been answered with information from the FAQ.

Full list of FFFansubs Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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