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bt.etree.org eTree is a music community sharing HQ live concert recordings of trade friendly artists. All records are available as free downloads through torrents. Live recordings are compressed using lossless compression algorithms there. eTree don’t allow music sharing unless the artist permits doing so. Well, all of the music on etree.org is 100% legal to download.

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About website

What’s db.etree.org? First, we offer a database of performance information: who played what, where and when. Second, we’re a record of meta-data about lossless audio recordings of bands such as the Grateful Dead, Phish and lots of more, who allow their fans to openly or record exchange their live performances. Third, we provide a mechanism for users to connect these performances and records to personalized lists.

If you’re a copyright holder, you have an obligation to create a reasonable and diligent investigation of the facts before asserting that we are violating your copyright. That investigation will reveal that we are not violating your copyright. There’s No MUSIC OR VIDEO AT DB.ETREE.ORG

We’re sometimes contacted about material on other websites which are linked from db.etree.org. By way of instance, the Live Music Archive has sound files which may be downloaded. Likewise bt.etree.org monitors BitTorrent sessions. Both websites contain legal stuff only, and comply with artists’ taping/trading policies. We can’t eliminate content from other people’s websites. There’s No MUSIC OR VIDEO AT DB.ETREE.ORG

There can confusion concerning the shapes of an artist’s trading policy. Sometimes, material is mis-listed here (or on another website linked from db.etree) as being something when it’s actually something else. Please let us know, and we’ll investigate and make whatever changes are appropriate.
If you want us to eliminate performance listings from db.etree, we likely won’t. That is like asking a library to eliminate newspapers from the shelves since you don’t like what they say. If, however, you find an inaccuracy in the performance data, we’re anxious to fix it. Really, you can do this by clicking on the edit link on each performance listing. You don’t have to contact us to make a correction.

We’re sometimes threatened with legal action because a user’s record means material which might not be lawfully copied. If you think a db.etree website user is infringing your copyright, please start by contacting that user directly. In our experience, the most frequent problem is ignorance, and asking well works wonders.

We also offer a mechanism for users to differentiate between material that may, which may not, be legally traded. Therefore, please don’t ask us to intervene in a personal dispute with a user of this website. Even if we could, we would not.

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We don’t gather personally-identifiable information about you except for the information which you disclose to us. To keep a list on the website, you must offer a username, password, email address, etc.. In addition, we understand your IP address and our server keeps server logs. We use this information to improve the website, troubleshoot, and assist us in conducting db.etree.org.

Db.etree.org won’t ever sell your private information, or disclose it to anybody (except yourself), unless required to by law.

Db.etree.org uses cookies to identify you as you browse portions of the website that require a login. Without them, you may need to login each time you seen a page related to your list.

We may use any information you provide to help you with issues such as lost passwords or issues with your list. We may contact you with questions or concerns about your usage of db.etree.org. When using this website, your IP address could be tracked, monitored, recorded and, if necessary, used to limit your access to db.etree.org. We will, however, generally keep all this information confidential and won’t disclose it to anyone without your consent and/or an excellent reason, unless required by law.User ConductAlmost all etree.org users conduct themselves in a polite, community-minded manner. A few don’t. People who don’t risk losing their db.etree accounts as well as their privilege to download torrents through bt.etree.

There’s absolutely no list of illegal behavior here. That doesn’t mean that anything goes. Instead, we hope you to use good judgment. If you are uncertain, you probably should not do it, whatever it is.

Generally, we’ll contact people whose behaviour is becoming a problem. The majority of the time, a very simple e-mail resolves the situation. That is one of those things admins do, and you may reach us in [email protected]

Offering to sell displays, or being found selling them on eBay, will likely lead to the reduction of your account without warning or reprieve.

Full list of eTree Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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