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Era of LTE. What’s next?


4 Since when has universal high speed wireless internet? The best thing to do is the situation in the mobile phone market. Many phones before 2010. It was possible to use Wi-Fi but later changed networks from 2g to 3g and now it is LTE. What’s next?
After 2000, the situation began to change – broadband Internet technology began to replace the dial-up function. The new system brought with it the acceleration of the connectivity itself, facilitating not only the browsing of content, but also downloading of files and playing multiplayer. It was then that fashion was born into the genre MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) and the first serious rivalry in strategy games and shootings

The use of broadband enabled people to freely download larger files (songs, TV shows and movies). However, it was more important that the internet and phone signal were separated, which meant that users could simultaneously be online and have conversations. This has opened up a whole new range of possibilities. At previous speeds (up to 56Kbps), sites such as YouTube could not develop and grow. There was no way to download torrents or games in advance. The truth is that games were not that complicated and they did not weigh as much as GB but now it still takes days and even weeks.

Broadband in the early stages of marketing was not a cheap solution. This allowed to popularize a completely new form of business, ie internet cafes – premises equipped with stationary computers, where for a “small fee” one could benefit from the benefits of a modern network. Some came for a while out of curiosity, others to meet someone in the hut, but there was also no shortage of people willing to play.

Owners quickly recognized potential players (those who usually spend most of their time in cafes) and organized special sessions for them (usually during the night) during which the fans of various productions competed with each other or teamed up and faced opponents from the other end of the world. Over time, with vendors coming and their offerings becoming increasingly competitive, it became more affordable and convenient for most people to sign a subscription contract. However, not everyone could afford it – broadband cable connections tempted with high speeds (limited cable throughput) but were not so common and easily accessible in all regions (especially in the countryside).

However, the standard cable was eventually replaced by wireless technology. On a commercial scale, it became available in 1999 with the introduction of Apple’s Air port device, which enabled Macintosh users to have WiFi wireless access. Two years later, Windows owners also had access to WiFi. In many places (offices, cafes, shops) began to form so. hotspots. WiFi modems and routers have quickly become the norm, but due to the inferior quality of the internet signal, diehard players who wanted to take advantage of the bandwidth to the maximum were left with a proven solution, the standard Ethernet cable.
Stable broadband Internet is still used today – both via telephone lines and other types of connections offered by cellular operators and cable television. Nowadays, downloading a movie using a torrent where the source has many seed takes a few minutes. Nobody has so long thought that technology and the internet will change so fast.


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