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elbitz.net ElbitZ is a torrent tracker specialised in e-Learning. Elbitz’s content ranging from books to documentaries, audio books, magazines and video training. The private site offers e-learning materials for all things IT but also internet marketing, business, trading, health, sports, dating, martial arts, 3D, magic, photography and more. As ElbitZ has no invite system, they do open sign-ups frequently.

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About website

ElbitZ Categories:

  • 3d
  • business
  • documentaries
  • open source
  • stock
  • appdev
  • career
  • e-books
  • plugins
  • fonts
  • medical
  • tutorial
  • art
  • certificate
  • self improvement
  • dating
  • language
  • music learning
  • sfx

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Very good e-learning. You will find there everything that’s on other e-learning sites. It’s lots of information and several things are rare and difficult to find, they have a very good selection of CBT content for those who are interested in learning content for TI Certified. Highly suggested for any knowledge, sometimes they open to sign up so that you can join in readily, overall it’s a good e-learning trackerwith pretty decent content but it’s somewhat difficult to maintain a ratio because there is no freeleech there either No incentive System.

ElbitZ is a amazing eLearning tracker. It’s typically advertised that they will open on the 15th of each month, but they start the tracker at times a little less frequently than advertised. That having been said, even without an invite (which are still disabled at this time), if you check ElbitZ around the middle of the month to find out if enrollment is open, you should not have to wait longer than 3 months to find your way inside. By way of instance, I joined ElbitZ via an open enrollment period. However, you should bear in mind that ElbitZ does employ a 15,000 user limitation. So even if a registration period is scheduled to be open, it may not really open if there are no slots available. By that same token, registration may close early if the limit is reached.

This month, October 2010, ElbitZ did undergo some important rule changes. So, if you haven’t checked them out, or a review on the tracker, in quite a while, that is absolutely worth a revisit.

One important note about ElbitZ is that many men and women complain that “upping” a torrent there’s somewhat hard and unorthodox. Having shared content there myself, I can attest to this truth. To share a torrent on ElBitZ you must first create your torrent and upload the document to their tracker. After you have shared the torrent, you then need to return to your BitTorrent client and remove the torrent out of your queue.

You must then download the torrent, you uploaded, from ElbitZ and re-open the torrent on your client of choice (checking the options that shows you’re the initial seeder) for seeding to start. If you do not download the torrent from ElbitZ, your seeding will never start. This approach puzzles me, but after you have done it a time or two, you should not have any issues with uploading/seeding information over at ElbitZ. Those of you who elect only to seed the material you leech should not experience anything different at Elbitz than you do at almost any other tracker you already use.

Elbitz does not offer a bonus system, and as of right now, I do not believe any torrents have been approved for “free leech.” That being said, maintaining a fantastic ratio at ElbitZ is not incredibly difficult, depending upon which categories (I have found that some are more difficult to keep a 1:1 ratio with than others) you share to and from. I have discovered that if you’re willing to keep your share open, you will eventually reach the 1:1 ratio as Elbitz appears to employ a tactic that prevents a few seeders from discussing to abnormal ratios of like 5+:1.

Those of you who have incredibly quick connections and want to upload a single torrent and develop a “bank” of upload bandwidth will probably be disappointed, but for everyone else you will most likely find ElbitZ seed/ratio/throttle system to be among the more fair ones that you have come across. The system ensures that anyone who actually desires to have a fantastic ratio, may have a good ratio, so long as they are prepared to leave their torrents seeding.

As with most modern trackers, ElbitZ will use a “donation” module which will allow you to give back if you so choose. By donating you can choose to do so without being paid for it, or you can be rewarded with “FREE” seeding GB for your donation. This is the closest thing you should find in way of a “bonus” with this particular eLearning tracker.

Last, EBZ (short for ElbitZ) has among the friendliest and most helpful volunteer personnel boards I have ever encounter. Maybe this is due to the nature (eLearning) of the tracker, but for whatever the cause you really will find a community in Elbitz that is not just ready to give a hand, but who are also surprisingly good in teaching and lending information to other people.

Tracker Name – ElbitZ
Tracker URL – elbitz.net
Tracker Genre – E-Learning
Tracker type – Ratio Based
HRN – No
Maintaining Ratio – Moderate
Getting In – Easy to Get in
Sign up – Open/invite only
Bonus System – no

Full list of ElbitZ Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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