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ebooks-shares.org Ebooks Shares aka EBS is a private torrent tracker dedicated to e-books and audiobooks. The site also offers some learning videos.

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This is a family site and members are reminded that proper behaviour is requested at all times. This list gives you an idea of what’s expected of our associates. The staff has the final say on rule violations and disciplinary actions. As a member of this website, you will be expected to take their decisions. This list covers actions and content that are allowed/not allowed on our site. Breaking these rules can get you banned! Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes; a Moderator’s word is closing.

1. We are a English only website, so please use only English! Please do remember, however, that English is not the first language of some of our associates and allowances will need to be made for members composing in what well might be their second, third or fourth language.

2. This site doesn’t allow swearing, hate speech, sexual references, aggressive or offensive behaviour of any kind. Neither does it allow potentially or actually offensive usernames/mail addresses. If you are not sure if you can say or do something, then do not.

3. The site allows just one account per person. Anyone attempting to set up more than 1 account will be permanently banned.

4. Keep your overall ratio at or above 0.5 constantly! All downloads must be seeded for at least 48 hours. 5. EXTERNAL LIVE LINKS are NOT allowed anywhere in the site Or in the torrents.

6. When you receive a message from the staff, you have to to answer in the shortest possible time. If you don’t answer within 24 hours your account may be disabled.

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1. Since many of our members are not able to service multiple downloads, we permit only the next number of concurrent (which is, at precisely the identical time) downloads —

Users 5 Torrents, but only 3 from each uploader
Power Users 10 Torrents, but just 3 from each uploader
VIP Users 30 torrents, but only 3 from each uploader.

Only VIPs — members that have contributed towards the upkeep of the site — may download the VIP torrents

Violation of this rule is going to lead to the deletion of your account

it’s simple enough to download three torrents, wait a few seconds then download another three…

2. All torrents have to be seeded for a minimum of 48 hours. This does not necessarily have to be constant, but bear in mind that if you seed for only 4 hours a day, you need to keep the torrent on your customer for at least 12 days.

If you do not observe this rule, then you will be thought of as a “hit and runner”; at that event, a warning will be sent; you may be limited to “seed only” until your downloads have fulfilled the site requirements or, in the event of repeat offending, your account will be disabled.

3. VIP torrents can only be downloaded by VIP users. It’s possible to attain VIP status by making a contribution to the website.

4. No download ought to be uploaded to another site within 72 hours of being downloaded. This is out of respect for our uploaders and the work and expense to which they’ve gone. Anyone discovered uploading to other websites on a regular basis will be prohibited from E-books Shares. This is a SHARING website; please continue to seed files for as long as you are able, even if no-one is leeching from you. Also, please be ready to reseed your downloads when so asked.

All members are allowed to upload to the site. However, any torrents that do not follow the guidelines set forth in these rules are subject to being deleted at the discretion of the staff.


1. Pornography or erotica – we are not being judgemental this is a family site and, as such, certain books are totally unsuitable.

2. Bomb making or illegal firearms manufacturing materials

3. Substance that depicts the shooting of a human being won’t be allowed.

4. Manuals for home made weapons

5. Material promoting illegal drugs, Any title concerning drugs is strictly forbidden

7. Material promoting racism or some other kind of ethnic hatred isn’t allowed. Substance depicting or advocating human sacrifice

Please don’t upload them. If you are not certain, if you have even the slightest doubt, whether your potential upload is in keeping with our policy, please contact us through the Staff Box before uploading. Please submit any questions you may have concerning this facet to the staff box. Staff decisions are final in this matter.

1. Only books by the same Author or across precisely the same show, and totalling 5 or more books should be placed in the collections group. Any collection over 1GB is to be made VIP and hot-linked to the VIP forum

3. Any collection under 1gb in size will be divided into 200mb sets of books by the uploader and put into the relevant Collection Category. For all the collections of 200mb and below we will have a new Category of “Collections” with sub categories i.e. Children’s books, thrillers, Same writer etc etc

5. A single title when uploaded may not be classed as a copy if it is in a collection already. If a collection has a name in it that has already been uploaded this will not count as a copy either.

1. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

2. There’s to be no aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.

3. We do not allow links to warez or crack sites in the forums. No requests or posting of serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks will be allowed.

4. Public or private threads advertising other sites or recruiting members for other websites are forbidden.

5. All bumped threads will be deleted.

6. No double posting. If you would like to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function.

7. No Excel documents are to be used; use text files for your torrent lists.

8. Links to files residing on other sites should NEVER be posted.

9. Please make sure all questions are posted in the correct section.

We welcome members asking books which are not currently on the website providing that they’re not on the banned writers list and not pornographic in nature.

Please be aware that we urge that any member that has a request filled ought to be ready to make a contribution to the upkeep of the website. Meeting requests takes effort and time, and conserves members a excellent deal.

Prior to making a request search the website by writer AND by title in addition to the presently unfilled requests, to make sure what you’re asking isn’t already onsite or already asked.

Please don’t request a book that’s yet to be published.

A request MUST contain:

** Complete title
** Author
** Date Published
** Non-Live Connect to Amazon or comparable website showing that it’s offered in ebook/audio format.

A fantastic site to quickly verify whether a publication is available in ebook format is books.google.com

If no ebook currently is there will be a mention at the left margin, No eBook accessible

On the lookout for books that have never been published or aren’t in the requested format wastes time and causes unnecessary effort.

Full list of Ebooks Shares Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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