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dxp.ru The very first oldest torrent-tracker specializing in subtitles. Very loyal to the original resource distribution with subtitles, you will not find on other trackers. And a lot of exclusives. Torrent tracker for hard deaf and for people with hearing loss and for all! Come on in, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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About website

Russian subtitles torrent tracker exist on donations by users on request from the subtitle of hearing translators and support the server (it’s not free).

Vip access to torrents with video (video files themselves are treated only for reference) and with subtitles created because of security considerations to copyright subtitles by us, because cases of assignment by third parties for resale in order to enrich themselves.

Creating and editing subtitles – is completely non-profit project. Neither the website nor the team has not received and does not receive any material from this benefit.

The torrent tracker of Russian subtitles exists on the means donated by users to order subtitles from hearing interpreters and server support (it is not free).

Vip access to torrents with video content (the video files themselves are treated only for the purposes of familiarization) and with subtitles created because of security concerns to copyright for subtitles created by us, tk. Cases of assignment by the third parties for their resale with the purposes of personal enrichment have become more frequent.

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Creating and editing subtitles is a completely non-commercial project. Neither the site nor the team received any material benefits from it.

The team of the site that created the subtitles owns the rights to:

1) The text of the author’s translation. You can not change the text, including reducing the volume or correcting typos (they can be specially designed).
2) Authorship. You can not remove from the subtitles list of people working on text and timing, as well as the address of the site for which the subtitles were created.
3) Distribution. Any commercial use of our subtitles is inadmissible. We prohibit the massive distribution of subtitles through sites, forums and peer-to-peer networks without our permission. Also, without our permission, it’s forbidden to use our subtitles for scoring movies, cartoons and serials.

Who we are and why we need it:
The very first oldest multi-torrent tracker specializing in subtitles. A very loyal resource with original distributions with subtitles that you are unlikely to find on other trackers. And, of course, a lot of exclusives. Torrent tracker for the hearing impaired, the deaf and for everyone! Come, you will be pleasantly surprised. Welcome!

To the right holders: all video content is used solely for informational purposes ONLY as a demonstration of the work of Russian subtitles.

The combination of the words “torrent tracker” should not embarrass you. There is nothing difficult in downloading movies with subtitles. To do this, you must first install a torrent client on your computer. This is a computer program that you can download from the Internet. The list of such programs is great. We recommend a proven and stable uTorrent program.

After installing uTorrent on your computer to download the movie, you need to go to our torrent tracker, select from the database the movie you like, download a small torrent file corresponding to this movie, and launch it in the uTorrent program.

Full list of dxp Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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