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Downloading and Sharing Files via Torrents


Today we will discuss how to best use the torrents. And we will try to prove that torrents are the best method for downloading files from the internet. It is impossible to hide that each of us probably used to use torrents once. It is first of all very easy and pleasant. We do not need to, as in other methods, look for the source file on the servers.

On torrents we will always find users who have many versions of files that we are interested in at the moment. Sam very often used torrents and I know how to find the source so that the file we want to download to our computer came to us as soon as possible. The main rule is that the file must have as many PEERS as possible. This means that the larger the number, the faster the file will be downloaded. As you know torrents is a P2P network that involves downloading but also sharing files. Torrents now have a protocol that allows you to download files from the source even in fragments.

We can download files from someone who is also downloading but has not downloaded the entire file yet. But we can from this person download the part that she already has on the computer and from other users download other parts of this file that we are interested in. The next important determinant of the quality of the file you want to download will be the number of seeders. Under this concept is the number of network users who own the file as a whole. This is important because we can only open the file after downloading it in its entirety. So let’s make sure that as many people have it because it does not always get to download the file based on snippets from other users.

When we search for the appropriate link to the torrents we are interested in, we will meet the trackers. These are servers that relay information based on IP addresses. You have to remember that we are not on the Internet, anonymous and security services can always point us to the IP address. As you probably know, not every file is allowed to be downloaded by law. Copyright is not respected today, but in any case, it is still a violation of law.

Security services are helpless because the proliferation of content is dealt with by so many people practically anyone who has access to the internet has at least once in their lives been dealing with online piracy. Very often we do it unconsciously, because the use of files for personal use is already a violation of the law, while we did not buy it by way of purchase. Of course not everyone will be caught because there are various piracy harms on the internet.

Those who download files for their own use may feel safe. On the other hand, there are more and more people who copy and distribute their files and want to make a living. This is to a great extent a greater detriment to the film’s producer, game, and even to music publishers. They are contributing to the increase in the scale of piracy and the work of organizations calling for piracy.


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