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How to download videos from YouTube to smartphone, Android tablet or is it an alternative to torrents?


If one of the things you use on your smartphone is to watch YouTube videos, you must have WiFi or buy a decent mobile data plan. Otherwise you have to create your local movie database. See how to do it with an Android powered device. This is the way you can watch all your YouTube videos on the tablet, even without a network connection, but you will not always find what you are looking for, such as the torrent platform.

If one of the things you like to do is watch YouTube videos on your smartphone / tablet best for you to be within WiFi hotspot coverage. If you do not have that capability, then the use of mobile internet is not an option, it is up to you to download the selected titles to your smartphone memory (preferably to a high capacity microSD card) and then watch them offline (read also: Or the sound itself? There are different ways.

By default, Android will not allow you to install apps that are not from Google Play. Keep in mind that for different smartphones, it may look a bit different: Settings> Security> Unknown sources (by moving the slider to allow installing applications from unknown sources). Press OK in the warning pop-up window. After reinstalling the TubeMate application, restore the locking setting again. However, this method seems to be more complicated for traditional torrent downloads. Perhaps it will be even simpler because of the updates to the Youtube app on the phone.

The launch of the enhanced YouTube platform is now available, but not for everyone.

YouTube Go is the latest Google app that appeared on the Play Store. The program allows you to download videos from YouTube and can then be viewed without internet connection. The YouTube Go application was developed for developing countries, such as India and Play Store.

YouTube Go was announced in September, and Google promised that the app would be available to everyone earlier this year. And so it happened. The app is now available in the Play Store, where you can try out selected people. Unfortunately, not all, because the version of Go can not be downloaded from the Play Store, and there is little hope that it will change in the future.
The application allows you to download videos from the popular service directly to the flash memory of your phone or tablet. Visualally it resembles the standard YouTube mobile app, but is lighter and simpler. Sorry, only two videos can be downloaded in memory: 144p and 260p (next to the approximate size of downloaded files). Forget about HD quality, and Full HD can only dream at all. The interface was divided into two main parts. The first is the startup tab and the second one is the downloaded movie, where you can easily access those stored in the flash. There are no English versions, but you can choose English.


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