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Where do you download music from Youtube or Torrents and is it legal?


Sometimes we want to download a song from YouTube that we like, but we do not want it to be a video file. So, with the help of programs, we can have a song in mp3 format, without downloading the desired video and then convert it to a sound file in the program. Check out what you can download the mp3 from YouTube and if you can do it without legal consequences.

Download mp3 from YouTube – issues of legality

Some of us are probably wondering whether downloading Youtube files is allowed at all. After all, it is often said that downloading any file from the Web – games, music or movies for free – is illegal, and even this can be called theft. But this is not entirely true.

European copyright law defines the concept of acceptable personal use, which states that it is possible, without the permission of the creator, to use a work already in its possession, but only on its own, ie to have it only on its portable player or computer and make it available to persons in close relation, for example friends or family. However, it is not allowed to distribute the work in a wide range, eg on P2P services or other file exchange services, and it is completely illegal to distribute a foreign work for a fee, as it is in the copyright of the creator. It is risky to use p2p services (eg torrent), because the user not only gets the work, but also provides them.

This is not the case for computer programs and games, because the use of such works is regulated by a separate act. We can only use the computer program and games on the terms and conditions of the license. So if the program has freeware licenses, then we can download it free from the net and use it for free for non-commercial purposes, and if it has a license box, then we just have to buy it.

Downloading music from YouTube for your own use is not allowed, especially if you download a song from the official channel of the author or the label. We are sure that the author himself has made his work available.

Downloading mp3 files from YouTube can be done using programs installed on your computer, and also by using internet services that automatically convert your video to music.

Another service for downloading music from YouTube is onlinevideoconverter.com, which offers more features than the above mentioned service, ie we can convert video files not only to mp3 format, but also to other audio formats such as ogg or wav. In addition, we can download videos from other video services, such as vimeo.com, The advantage of this method is that we will find everything we are looking for and with torrent sites are different because you need to find a good source to download the file.

Download mp3 from YouTube using the program. Downloading mp3s from YouTube allows you to program Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. It is a free application that allows you to easily and quickly convert video to audio, also in formats other than mp3, eg. Wav. However, the aTube Catcher program offers a much wider range of possibilities. Thanks to it we can not only download movies and convert them to many different formats, but we also have the ability to record sounds, burn movies from the desktop or burn discs. This seems to be more practical than downloading through torrents but it is also an effective method.


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