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dontracker.ru Zamunda is the biggest torrent site in Bulgaria. After Zamunda.net and its domain was hijacked, the original sites site moved to the new domains Zamunda.se and Zelka.org. Zamunda.net is blocked for most countries and can be access by an Bulgarian proxy, feel free to check proxy list below.

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About website

Internet resource (site) DonTracker.ru (hereinafter referred to as the Resource) is an Internet site that allows users to exchange information with each other on the bit-torrent protocol, as well as in free form, and provides means for monitoring the integrity of transmitted information (via hash Files).


This CUSTOMER AGREEMENT will be effective after clicking the “Agree” button at the bottom of the page and the Resource is in use all the time. The USER AGREEMENT can be changed by the Administration without any notification to the users. The new version of the PS comes into force after 3 (three) days from the date of its placement, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the USER AGREEMENT.


The user explicitly agrees that he uses the Resource at his own risk.

The User knows and agrees that the Resource is dealing with materials and data created by third parties and posted on the Internet on their computers and / or servers. The content and safety of these materials can not be controlled by the Resource Administration, therefore the latter is not responsible:

– for the content of materials received by the User as a result of the use of data from the Resource, their possible inconsistency with existing legislation or offensive nature;

– for the consequences of the use, use or non-use of the information received;

– for the possible inconsistency of the results obtained with the use of the Resource, the expectations of the User;

– for any damage to the User’s equipment or software resulting from the use of the Resource;

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– for lack of possibility to use the Resource for any reasons;

– for the consequences that may result from the distribution of illegal or unlicensed software and audio / video products, as well as other materials or data affecting the rights of third parties.

Under no circumstances shall the Resource be liable to the User or third parties for any loss, damage or expense incurred in connection with this Resource, its use or inability to use, including lost or lost profits.

The Resource Administration does not have any obligations to ensure confidentiality with respect to the information provided to its Users, although it takes all possible measures to this, unless there is an agreement on the reverse or corresponding requirements of the current legislation.

The responsibility of the Resource does not include the control of the legality or illegality of the transmitted information (any, including, but not limited to, information transmitted between users using the bit-torrent protocol, internal transfer of information in the form of various links, texts or archives), determining the ownership or legitimacy of the transfer, Reception or use of this information.


When using this resource, the USER does not have the right, and agrees with this:

– to place hash-files (torrents) of data containing viruses or other computer programs of known malicious activity, files or programs designed to violate, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs for unauthorized access, and serial numbers to Commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources in the Internet As well as post links to the above information;

– place hash-files (torrents) of any messages, data or programs, the use of which affects any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights and / or copyrights and related rights of third parties;

– send unauthorized email messages of advertising type (junk mail, spam) to the e-mail addresses indicated on the site;

– copy and use for commercial purposes any information obtained through this resource, violating the rights of other Users or that may cause them direct material or moral damage;

– place links to the resources of the Network, the content of which is contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

– impersonating another person or representative of the organization and / or community without sufficient rights, including for the employees of the Administration, for the owner of the Resource.


Access to the Resource is provided on an “as is” basis, without warranties of any kind, either direct or indirect.

In particular, the Administration of the Resource does not guarantee the operability of the site and its separate sections, and the operability and reliability of the links placed on it by its Users.

The resource is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that result from: the use or inability to use the service; Unauthorized access to your communications.


The Resource Administration has the right to deny access to the Resource to any User or group of Users without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification.

The Resource Administration has the right to change or delete links to information, hash-files (torrents), graphic, sound and other data posted by Users on the Resource, without prior notification and explanation of the reasons for their actions.


The User agrees that all possible disputes over the USER AGREEMENT will be resolved by the rules of Russian law.

The User agrees that the rules and laws on consumer protection can not be applied to the use of the Resource, since it does not provide reimbursable services.

The resource does not establish with the users of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal hiring relations, as well as any other relations not directly described in the AGREEMENT ON USE.

Inaction on the part of the Resource in the event of a violation by the User or a group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not mean that the Resource promotes the User or the Group of Users in such actions.

Inaction on the part of the Resource in case of violation by the User or group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not deprive the Resource of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests later.




Information for rights holders.

The site tracker.donnet.ru does not provide electronic versions of materials, but only collects and catalogs hashes of files that are on the computers of our users and published by them. If you are the copyright owner of any material, the link (or links) to which is posted on this site, and would not want this information to be distributed by users without your consent, we will be happy to assist you by removing the appropriate links.

For this it is necessary that you send us a letter (in electronic form) in which you indicated to us the following information:

1. Documentary evidence of your rights to material protected by copyright:

– a scanned document with a seal, or

– email from the official mail domain of the legal owner’s company, or

– Other contact information that allows you to uniquely identify you as the copyright owner of this material.

2. The text that you wish to place, accompanied by the information to be deleted.

In it you can specify where and under what conditions you can get the information, the links to which have been deleted, as well as your contact details, so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in regarding this material.

3. Direct links to the pages of the site that contain links to the data that you want to delete.

Links should have the form dontracker.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=XXXXX or similar.

After that, within five days we will remove the links you are interested in from the site.

Our email: [email protected]


A) We reserve the right to publish on the site any information sent to us by mail [email protected]

B) We do not monitor the actions of users who can re-post links to information that is the subject of your copyright. Any information on the forum is automatically placed, without any control from either side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet. However, in any case, we will consider all your requests regarding references to information that violates your rights.

C) According to the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights, the reference to any data (information message), in itself, is not subject to copyright (although it may violate the “agreement on the use of the site”). Thus, it is not necessary to send letters containing threats or demands, as having no real basis.

Rules for using the forum and torrent tracker DonNet Tracker
1. General Provisions.

1.1. These rules (the “Rules”) are mandatory for all users of the forum and torrent tracker as a whole resource of the DonNet network (the “forum”). Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility.

1.2. Registration on the forum, as well as any use of its functions, is confirmation that the user has read the Rules and agrees with all of the Regulations without exception.

1.3. The forum is moderated. Administrators of the forum include administrators, global moderators, moderators in the forum sections. Moderators and administrators monitor the overall development of the forum, respond to technical and general issues, monitor compliance with the rules. In case of violation of the rules, take appropriate administrative action.

1.4. This forum is intended to help in the exchange of information on the BitTorrent protocol with the help of this tracker. Restrictions on the design of posts with torrent files are described in the General Rules of Design and may be specified by additional section rules.

2. Registration at the forum.

2.1. Registration is an integral part of the presence on the forum. Passage of registration automatically indicates your acceptance of these Rules. If you do not agree with these Terms, you should not register on the forum. If you do not agree with the rules, and have already registered, please write to the Administrator of the forum. It deactivates your account.

2.2. Choose a name. Please note, if the name you chose to participate in the forum:
– repeating already existing or violating the norms of decency and morality,
– carries the advertising of third-party sites,
– contains profanity,
– similar to the degree of confusion with the moderator or admin,
Your account will be deactivated without warning.

2.3. It is forbidden to download and use an avatar containing an obscene image, an image in some way partially or completely simulating the existing or fictitious User status on the forum, the User’s forum rank, belonging to the group on the forum, or something similar, imitating the avatar of Administrators or Moderators.
Avatars are annoying eyesight or overly dynamic avatar.

2.4. It is forbidden to use pictures in the signature.

2.5. Restrictions on the content of the signature and avatar: inadmissible violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), profanity (profanity, insults, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in any forms, commercial advertising , Texts and images of provocative persuasion, incl. Using Nazi symbols.

3. Limitations on the forum.
All participants of this forum are prohibited from:

3.1. Insulting forum participants in any form (it is forbidden to display any rudeness, threats, personal insults and obscene statements, including in a latent form, both regarding legal entities and specific individuals). Participants must respect a respectful form of communication.

3.2. Use in communicating on the forum swear expressions and words, including in a veiled form.

3.3. To reduce the discussed topics to a non-constructive discussion, discussion of topics that are not related to the forum sections.

3.4. It is forbidden to create themes with a title that do not briefly describe their essence and content: “question”, “tell me”, “help”, “problem”, “look everyone”, “need help!” And the like. Call the topic so that the title of the content is clear!

3.5. Publication of advertisements and messages of a commercial nature, hidden advertising, participation in discussions only for the purpose of repeated repetition of product names, links to sites, etc .; Placement of advertising information in signatures and avatars.

3.6. Do business with the help of a resource.

3.7. Use the forum as a mail board for private messages addressed to a specific participant (there is mail for this).

3.8. To manifest racial, national and religious hostility, to propagandize terrorism, extremism, drugs and other topics that are incompatible with the generally accepted laws of morality and decency.

3.9. Use in communication on the forum language other than Russian, and a font other than Cyrillic (including translit)
Moderators and Administrators have the right to edit or delete messages written in a language other than Russian, and a font other than Cyrillic, without warning.

3.10. Publicly make claims and discuss the actions of the Moderator or the Administrator. A forum participant who disagrees with the actions of the Moderator may express his disagreement to the Moderator by mail or in a personal message. If there is no answer from the Moderator or the answer is unreasonable, in the opinion of the participant, the latter has the right to send correspondence with the Moderator to the Administrator. The final decision is made by the Administrator. This decision is final and can not be appealed.

4. Restrictions on the tracker.

4.1 The decision on the conformity of the distribution of the rules of the tracker and sections, the requirements for registration is accepted by the Moderator and / or the Administrator. In their authority to edit, move, close or delete the distribution.

4.2. All those who create the distribution (uploading the file for the public download) are obliged to control the content of this distribution in terms of quality (for example, lack of sound in movies, undefined protection in programs, inoperability of the program, etc.).

4.3. It is forbidden to create and post for downloading a distribution that duplicates what already exists on this tracker. Duplicating is considered not differing (or slightly different) in terms of both content and quality of information. Before creating a hand, use the Search tool.

4.4. It is forbidden to create and post for distribution a handout containing materials that directly violate Russian law and / or public morals; Propagandizing terrorism, extremism, drugs and other topics incompatible with generally accepted laws of morality and decency; Contains data that is not available in the public domain and / or is unacceptable for distribution, etc.

4.5. It is forbidden by technical, software or other means and methods to prevent file sharing, to distort the statistics of data exchange between users of the resource (cheating, “cheating” the rating). Otherwise your account can be deactivated without warning.

4.6. The size of the torrent file should not exceed 500kb.
What to do with torrents of large size

4.7. Packing the content of the distribution to the archive is allowed only in exceptional cases and with the approval of the moderator. If there is any doubt about the contents of the archive, the distribution can be closed without warning.
Exceptional cases

4.8. It is forbidden to provide in the description deliberately false information about the content of the distribution, place unchecked / underbought / broken files (i.e., place a “fake”).

4.9. It is forbidden to reload the torrent distribution file arbitrarily, which was previously closed by the Moderator, without eliminating the reasons for which it was closed. Otherwise your distribution can be deleted by the Moderator.

5. Moderators and Administrators.

5.1. Moderators are appointed by the Administration of the resource at personal discretion.

5.2. Moderators monitor compliance with the Forum Rules.

5.3. The moderator can edit or delete the user’s message if he deems it necessary.

5.4. The moderator can close, delete or divide the topic, if the topic has lost relevance, if the participants deviated from its essence, if the topic does not comply with forum rules or for other reasons.

5.5. The moderator can move the topic to the most appropriate category.

5.6. The specified actions can be carried out also by the Administrator.

6. Requirements for the design of hands, simple themes and messages (general rules of registration).

6.1. It is forbidden to use more than 3 font colors when creating a distribution. Bright font colors are designed to highlight the most important information about the distribution and they are allowed to be used in the following cases: informing about the change in the download, indication of the lack of translation, a special distribution format, or other essential details.

6.2. It is forbidden to use non-standard fonts, bold type and italic. Under the use of extra measures, the design is accepted in non-standard or bold type or italic text volume exceeding 10% of the description of distribution. An exception to this rule is possible if necessary and only in consultation with the moderator.

6.3. The allowed font size in the distribution description is size = 12 (default). A larger font is allowed to select only headers and extremely important information about the distribution, smaller ones – additional information.

6.4. Try to make your message easy to read. Remember that other users may have poor vision, low screen resolution, etc. Excessive decorations often only worsen the perception of information.

6.5. Screenshots and additional information should be placed inside the spoiler:
[Spoiler = “Spoiler name”]
Contents of the spoiler
[/ Spoiler]
A brief reference to the BBCode can be found >> here <<

6.6. Animated images in the design of distribution are placed only under the spoiler.

6.7. It is forbidden to add to the design information and images that are not directly related to the distribution and its contents (for example, pictures “Do not forget to say thank you!” And “Do not leave from the distribution!”). It is forbidden to add images that contain text and replace or duplicate the items of the distribution descriptions (distribution header, system requirements, features, description, screenshots, information, etc.). Such images can be deleted by the Moderator without warning.
Examples of invalid images
6.8. When creating a group download from extras, you do not need to specify “Group download” in the subject title, just write about it in the design itself and give a link to the source. A reference to a source should preferably be given whenever it is known.

6.9. It is forbidden in the name of the hands and in general where in the design (except for the name of the torrent files, links), use the replacement of spaces with dots and underscore (“_”) or other symbols, regardless of the distribution name where you downloaded it. Because This makes it difficult to perceive and “tear” the layout of the site.

6.10. Distributions that have not been reissued in accordance with the rules within 24 hours are transferred to the Unformed distribution section. When transferring a topic to Unformed distribution, the release has 10 days to make the required changes to the distribution of the distribution in accordance with the rules. After completing the release, the release should address the section moderator in the LAN with a mandatory reference to the issued distribution.

7. Gold and silver distributions.
7.1. Gold distribution – distribution, when downloading does not take into account the amount of downloaded. Silver distribution – distribution, when downloading, only half of the downloads are counted. The return is taken into account fully both on gold and on silver distributions.
7.2. The criteria for the installation of gold and silver distributions in each section are published by the moderators of the relevant sections, unless otherwise specified.

Full list of DonTracker Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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