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divxtotal.com Descargar Torrents de todas las categorias, peliculas, musica, series, programas a gran velocidad y calidad. Descargar peliculas y series torrent.

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The speed depends on many factors. among them.

– You have to limit the speed a little less. If you have it put than the one of your line or with a number that is greater without limit of rise. The line can be blocked by this. If I have a line: and equally download, so it is important to limit on your customer the speed of upload to a bit less than the limit, Example. Of upload of 30 kbps, since I put in the client 28 kbps.

-If you use programs or other programs that consume your bandwidth, this can make bittorrent not download as it should. – You have a firewall blocking your customer, it might happen that it doesn’t connect well due to a firewall, check it.

– contact with other users, this may be due to a problem with the tracker, or because there’s no longer, in this case there is nothing to do, just wait. BitTorrent allows a download that is halfway outline and to perfectly stop. You don’t have to do anything. If you cancel a download the download that is partial remains on your hard drive. To summarize it, you have to reopen the torrent and save the file to the place where it was being downloaded, so your customer will recognize the components and continue where they went before being canceled.

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BitTorrent is open source. This means that anyone can pick up the source code and make their own client. Here are several customers (any of them is great):

-Bitcomet: Client that offers a more than attractive combination of simplicity of use interface in several languages and speed in downloads. Possibility to perform simultaneous downloads, chat with other users, keep a queue of documents to download, limit download and upload speeds, map interfaces, support for proxy servers, filter IP addresses, possibility to resume interrupted downloads, etc.. Bittornado Small variation of the original bittorrent.

Possibility of graduating the number of enabled ascents, super seed and the speed of rise, having the ability to pause and resume a download, and information about the download. The options, a tiny hidden under a “connection” known as “Prefs”, permit you to configure to your preference a dozen options. It doesn’t allow simultaneous torrents.

-Azureus This Customer is the most complete of all, with multiple options to configure everything to our liking, upload speed, download, relations, super seed, etc.. A little liosa its configuration for the most inexperienced. It has drawbacks that it requires JAVA to run and have resources.

-uTorrent uTorrent is a efficient and simple client that can boast of being one of the smallest of its kind. It does not even require installation.

Check proxy list for DivXTotal at the en of this article.

This leads to a great saving in the use of processor and memory resources. It provides several options of each file of analysis and configuration. -Burst! Another client that uses memory resources. The GUI lets you control several transfers from a single window. -ABC Provides a significant number of options and functions, through an exquisite interface, Offers multiple downloads, priority, possibility to pause, resume and queue downloads, minimize to the taskbar, specify the maximum number of uploads and The maximum transfer rate you want, and many more functions.

Translation to Spanish: click here -Bitlord It comes in several languages and a way that is easy to adapt the configuration as we want. Clean, fast, and user friendly. Here we leave a list of words associated with Bittorrent and its significance.

Torrent: It is a file just a few kb and extension . You want to download, not the document itself. The Torrent comprises details like title, size, etc., it is also through this torrent the tracker joins some users with others.

DivXTotal Peer or leechers (Clients): They are the users who are downloading a bittorrents file, but they still don’t have it complete. Peers upload and download parts of a document until they complete or cancel it.

Seed: is an individual who has a copy of a certain torrent. When you complete a download and don’t stop sharingyou are doing seed or seeding. He must perform a seed, when a document is shared by someone, and he’ll be the seed till he completes another user. This file is gone up, not down from by A seed.

Tracker: is an online server that acts to connect to customers who are going down or uploading a file. To get a tracker to connect users it is necessary (on most tracker) to upload the torrent to the tracker. Tracker does not include files, it only connects users that have parts of the file. Downloading data from another user. Uploading: send data to another user Distributed copies: Seeds are complete copies of the document, but it is possible that among of the peers, if we put together all of of the areas of the file, there’s more than one copy that is complete. This is important information if we are currently downloading a file that has no seed. This page is legal.

-This page doesn’t host or distribute any illegal document, only comprises . Sent by users. It’s the responsibility of the users.

-This website doesn’t acquire a direct economic advantage by the distribution of files with rights on the property. There are numerous sentences in favor of none and p2p pages against. We leave you a few: Elitedivx case: supplying P2P links is not a crime It is not for profit Emule24horas: new P2P file since the facts are not constitutive of crime Indicedonkey dismissal: providing the user with the link isn’t a crime. The exchange of documents between users using protocols isn’t illegal, so long as it’s non-profit and intellectual property rights are not violated. All users are entitled to have a private copy of the original. Many of these originals are protected copy, so the only way to obtain the personal copy for is via similar or p2p.

– Right to private copying. As he is using his right if a consumer makes a copy for use at home, in principle he is behaving correctly. The copy must be of an original, since otherwise, it can be prosecutable and contravenes the right of property. The user must know if the copy comes in an original DVD or not it is most likely from an original DVD if the document is DVD-rip quality.

– Nonprofit. As they’re not for profit, if a user downloads a music album or a song and gives a copy to a friend, they are acting legally. Another thing would be if the user acted to procure an economic advantage and, additionally, would hurt other people or entities. Welcome in DivXTotal world. You have to be a registered user. You can Register if you’re not yet. The second, you will need a bittorrent client on your computer. If you are already a registered user and you have a bittorrent client installed in your computer and you’ve entered your data to get the page you simply have to put in the file tab that you need to download, either directly from the pay, from the segments or using the searcher. Once you are in the tab of this file, you will find a link “Download Torrent”. Clicking on that file you will be able to save a small file . Torrent, which after opening with your bittorrent client the download will be added and the download will start automatically. You can give it to open directly without saving the file, and then the download will start equally, if it is recognized by your customer.

Full list of DivXTotal Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet \


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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