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desitorrents.com DesiTorrents is a private torrent tracker dedicated to desi content – movies, music and TV series from India. Keywords: desi torrents, bollywood torrents, hindi torrent, hindi movies, hindi movie downloads, india, indian, hindi movie torrent, hindi torrent, pakistani torrents, punjabi, telugu, telugu torrents, tamil torrents, hindi, urdu, movies, bollywood, tollywood, lollywood, Desi music, Hindi remix, bhangra, desi tv.

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About website

DesiTorrents (DT) is the #1 Desi Community in the Internet. It has a huge collection of Desi DVDs and BDs which are released really fast. Mostly Bollywood, Lollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada releases are released there. Well, it covers most of the regional languages. DesiTorrents.com (DT) is online since 2004.

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Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the ‘I agree’ checkbox and press the ‘Register’ button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index. Terms & Conditions: We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed on this page – desitorrents.com/forums/misc.php?do=cfrules. If you agree to the terms, please check the ‘I agree’ checkbox and press the ‘Register’ button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index. Using this site means you accept its terms.

Don’t be put off by the legalese, but please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before using this site. This user agreement is needed mostly to emphasize that publication rights aren’t being given away, and to make certain that our good deed of putting all this stuff on the net goes unpunished. “Look but do not touch.”

The objective is for you to enjoy viewing these historic treasures on the DesiTorrents website, not to keep them locked away out of sight, but theft of content from this website will seriously anger our generous donors who have allowed their rare and valuable collections to be displayed here and will put our entire project in jeopardy, so please contact us when we can be of help, or if you have ideas about how to do this better, but please do not get angry at us for only being able to allow you to see these wonderful torrents until you obtain permission for other use as we attempt to deal as best we can with technological limitations, legal requirements, and our need to pay the bills to keep this site open, and don’t send us a rant without first reading our rants page.

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RESTRICTED ACCESS: This End User License Agreement (“User Agreement”) grants you, personally and individually, a non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, limited license, permitting access only for the use of immediately electronically displaying content retrieved from this site, a copyrighted publication entitled “DesiTorrents” including but not limited to visual and documentary resources, using a web browser in real time to no more than 1 individual at a time for personal, non-commercial, educational purposes, for reference use only, subject to the limitations set forth herein. We grant you the rights contained in this license, if available in your location, in consideration of your acceptance of its terms and conditions, so by exercising any rights to the work provided on this restricted access website, you accept and agree to be bound without limitation by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement. You shall acquire no ownership rights to this website or any webpage, torrent, text, data, software or other content or any portion thereof, in any form or provided by us which you shall not resell or otherwise transfer. The license shall automatically terminate upon your failure to follow the conditions of this User Agreement, and all monies owed shall immediately become due and payable, however all other obligations and provisions hereunder shall survive. All torrents are for private non-technical educational viewing purposes only.

Except as explicitly permitted, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR COPY TORRENTS FROM THIS WEBSITE! Permission is granted to search engines that are made available to all on the Web without charge to index the text of the site, but not the torrents, and to transiently display as part of search results the title and description meta tag text content from Web pages on this website, or a brief quotation relating to the search terms. All other access, use, disclosure, reproduction, delayed use, reduction to human-perceivable form, printing, copying or saving of digital torrent files or other content, reformatting, file sharing, downloading, uploading, storing, posting, mirroring, archiving, recording, distributing, redistribution, repurposing, modification, rewriting, manipulation, creation of derivative works, translations, or products, licensing, sale, transport, display, public performance, publicity, broadcast, televising, reporting, publication (in whole or part) or transmission whether by http, ftp, electronic mail or any other file transfer protocol, and whether by electronic means or otherwise, or use by other than individual scholars, or commercial use requires prior written permission of the rights owner(s) and payment of a fee, and severe penalties apply for theft and unauthorized publication, which can also be a crime. [Yes, we know that you believe that all this legalese is completely ridiculous, and we think so too, but we also believe that current law unfortunately requires that it be done this way; So if you know of a better, simpler “legally correct” way, do tell us how! ]

Each User and other person(s) or entity(ies) entering into this agreement (“You”) agree(s) to refrain from engaging in, or facilitating others in any such non-permitted use or access. You agree to transfer and assign to DesiTorrents.com, without additional consideration, any rights, ownership, or title that you might obtain to our name(s), trademark(s), torrent(s) or other content on this site, our intellectual property, or obtained from us or derived therefrom. By using this site including a library of NFOs, maps, documents and other content, you signify your assent to these terms of use and you represent and warrant that your actions including but not limited to your access or use will not impair, diminish, or dispute our intellectual property rights in this website and its content, damage our reputation, or interfere with the functioning of this DesiTorrents site, so you may not and we ask that you please do not access or use this site if you do not agree to all these terms and conditions of service. Your access to this website is specifically conditioned on your acceptance of our intellectual property rights including but not limited to our right to determine and limit your publication or use.

You further warrant that you will not access or use the DesiTorrents website or any content, nor unauthorized copies thereof, or services thereof for any purpose in violation of these Terms and Conditions, and that all information that you supply to us will be accurate and honest.

CLICK TO ACCEPT: Any access to or use of this website or its Internet domain name(s) or IP address(es), torrent(s), or content, including but not limited to clicking (or the equivalent) on any link or torrent (other than to see this User Agreement web page), or sending the character string “/I_ACCEPT_the_User_Agreement/” to our web server as you must do to gain access to our torrents, or clicking on your send button to send us an e-mail, or such, all indicate and signify that “I ACCEPT” this user agreement, and each such action indicates your intent to thereby attach your electronic signature to this agreement, and your unconditional acknowledgment and acceptance of and agreement to all of the terms and conditions herein without modification, and that this agreement shall take effect immediately; to indicate “I DECLINE” simply make no use and close all windows of this website. Provided, however, that you may not view or otherwise make any access or use of this website whatsoever unless you (or your guardian or legal representative who agrees to this user agreement on your behalf) are capable of entering into a binding contract, nor in any jurisdiction where this user agreement would not be enforceable. You agree that your use of this website is irrefutable acknowledgment by you that you have read, understood, and agreed to each and every term and provision of this User Agreement, including but not limited to the provisions hereof regarding donations and dispute resolution/arbitration, and that if and when you violate this User Agreement that you have received timely Legal Notice of Infringement. If you’re the owner or operator of equipment used to access this site or its content, or to communicate with us or our equipment, by allowing such use you thereby consent and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

If you’re acting as an employee or on behalf of an organization(s), you represent and warrant that you’re authorized to act as agent and that you accept this user agreement both as an individual and as agent on behalf of your employer and organization(s). You may access our content only directly through this site and not through any third party website, nor may you allow anyone access to the content on this website without visiting this website. This website and all associated torrents, content, e-mail, or other intellectual property no matter where located or how accessed and any media on which it may reside is only licensed as set forth herein, never sold, and is and shall become and remain the sole and exclusive property of DesiTorrents.com or the successor thereof which shall have the right to access to retrieve, remove, or modify.

You acknowledge and agree to the validity of the DesiTorrents.com copyrights, trademarks and service marks, trade secrets, and other proprietary laws and rights both in the United States and internationally, and our claim of ownership of the intellectual property that comprises this website, its torrents and other content, and that DesiTorrents.com has established significant rights and valuable good will therein. You agree not to impair the title, rights and interest of DesiTorrents.com in such marks and other intellectual property, including but limited to torrents and other content, names, pseudonyms, full name(s), shortened name(s), domain name(s), and the acronym(s)) of the website, and associated entities and author(s) thereof and their logo(s). You agree to not make any claim to, apply to register, or register any such DesiTorrents.com mark or any confusingly similar marks or other DesiTorrents.com intellectual property. All use of any and all DesiTorrents.com marks or other intellectual property on or relating to this website or derived therefrom shall inure solely to the benefit of DesiTorrents.com.

You stipulate, warrant and agree that you will not challenge or dispute our proprietary rights or the rights of content donors, including but not limited to as stated herein, to the intellectual or other property which comprises this website and its domain(s), server(s), trademark(s), pages, files, torrents, text, and other apparatus and content (“website”), nor challenge or dispute validity of our copyright or the originality of this site, including but not limited to the creativity of each and every one of its torrents, and acknowledge that we prohibit access to all who do not so agree, and further stipulate, warrant and agree, notwithstanding any case law to the contrary, that your using or accessing this website including but not limited to one or more of its torrents, or allowing or facilitating others to do so, without such prior agreement and acceptance of our proprietary rights, or in any manner contrary to this User Agreement, or which makes this website or part thereof, or the intellectual property, pages, torrents, text or other content therefrom available (or obtained from us) to those who have not accepted or are not bound by this User Agreement, or by otherwise circumventing this User Agreement or any legal or technological means that we have utilized in an attempt to limit access, copying, or use of this site or such property, violates this User Agreement and shall constitute actual harm to our property (not in limitation of the foregoing, to be construed as no less serious than by analogy tampering with and disabling the lock on a site or bank vault door or circumventing a copy protection mechanism so that the contents are are left unprotected), and shall constitute trespass, conversion, or a like tort, whether such tort be conventional, or unknown in the statutory or common legislation and so requiring definition or redefinition so as to apply in the context of this website and intellectual property, and whether such like tort be previously named, or unnamed.

Images and other content on this site are made available only under the terms and conditions set forth herein, any use shall inure to our benefit, and you agree not to take any action which would make such torrents or other content accessible to or available for unauthorized use by third parties who haven’t agreed to this User Agreement and to additionally compensate us for any loss resulting from such action and the consequences arising therefrom, including your payment of use fees and penalties for each such third party use resulting from your breach of the User Agreement.

Courts have upheld the ability of content owners to restrict access to their digital works, flatly rejecting “free speech” and “fair use” arguments: “the Court expressed confidence in ‘the likelihood … that this decision will serve notice on others … and thus contribute to a climate of appropriate respect for intellectual property rights in an age in which the excitement of ready access to untold quantities of information has blurred in some minds the fact that taking what is not yours and not freely offered to you is stealing.'” Concluding ” … nor has an art student a valid constitutional claim to fair use of a painting by NFOing it at a site.” U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, November 28, 2001.

COPYRIGHTS; NO RIGHTS CLEARANCE. The contents of this site and related email and of linked websites may be subject to additional restrictions including but not limited to copyright and other rights of parties. We neither warrant nor represent that your use of torrents or other content displayed on this site or otherwise available from us will not infringe the rights of third parties not owned by or related to DesiTorrents.com or this website. Not all torrents are available for all uses. Use of some materials may be restricted by the terms of gift or purchase agreements, donor restrictions, privacy and publicity rights, licensing and trademarks.

Some individual web pages and torrents on this website are copyrighted. Written permission of the copyright owners is required for the transmission or reproduction of protected items as provided by U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U. S. C.) or by the copyright laws of other states and the prohibition against unauthorized or unlawful reproduction shall include all United States domestic use as well as protections afforded under any international forum or law, including, but not limited to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. The application of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

Access to and use of this site and related content is limited to legal purposes and activities, and you are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations including but not limited to any applicable local laws in your area, you agree that you will pay any and all taxes, including but not limited to any applicable sales or use taxes and provide us with written evidence of payment upon request, and that any content licensed to you by us is only for use of content that you are authorized and legally permitted to use. NFOs or other creative works, generally, are the physical property of collection. Nothing herein shall be construed as conferring any license or right under any copyright, except as explicitly provided in the paragraph on permissions, below. It can be difficult or impossible to determine what copyright or other restrictions may apply to historical collections and archives and permission to publish doesn’t constitute a copyright clearance.

There are also no model or other releases known to exist for torrents on this website. Often the owners only hold the physical rights and/or the electronic rights, possibly non-exclusive, to torrents or other content and in some instances the original content may be in the public domain elsewhere. We regret we are not able to give legal advice regarding rights clearances or other legal matters and urge you to consult with an intellectual property attorney if you have concerns.

Photo credits including but not limited to statements on this website or in our email(s) that particular torrent(s) or other content is from or “Courtesy of [a named donor.]” Are included only as a source credit and/or “thank you” for donations and should be considered by you when determining what rights clearances may be needed, but may be missing, incomplete, or erroneous and may not be relied upon to determine ownership for purposes of obtaining permissions and copyright clearances, nor may any donor give you permission to download any torrent or other content from this site, nor shall this website or DesiTorrents.com become or be considered a party to any transaction you enter into with any third party, donor, or linked website.

Description of any third party product, service, or activity or a link thereto does not imply any determination regarding its quality, suitability, safety, or lawfulness, which is entirely your responsibility. You stipulate and agree that unauthorized copying of one or more torrents or other content from this website in lieu of licensing a sufficient number of authorized copies where such work is available for license in the medium or format desired shall be conclusively presumed unfair, and, notwithstanding any case law to the contrary, you hereby waive the right to claim or assert that such unauthorized copying in lieu of licensing constitutes “fair use” and that any copyright registration granted to us by the United States shall be conclusively presumed to be a valid copyright of all the content of this website and all portions thereof in all jurisdictions, and that such copyright shall apply to each torrent depicted on this site, and to variations of such torrents, including, but not limited to changes in the size, resolution, torrent format, or tangible form of expression.

We make no representations or warranties with respect to ownership of or copyrights, if any, in torrents or other content on this website or obtained from us , and don’t represent others who may claim to be authors or owners of copyright or other rights thereto. You shall obtain all permission(s) if required and are solely responsible for determining the existence of such rights, satisfying any copyright and other use restrictions, intangible rights, or related interests, for obtaining any and all permissions and releases, for guarding against the infringement of those rights which could be held elsewhere, and for paying any associated fees necessary for the reproduction or use of the materials and for rights to any proprietary material depicted, and you expressly assume all responsibility for observing applicable laws of copyright, literary right, trespass, conversion, property right, privacy, publicity, and libel.

You acknowledge that digital torrents on this website or obtained from us are our valuable property, that viewing of torrents and other website content is a valuable consideration, and agree that all terms of this User Agreement including but not limited to use restrictions shall additionally apply on a contractual basis regardless of the copyright status of any torrent or other website content.

DesiTorrents.com doesn’t endorse external websites which should open in a new browser window. This website may be hosted by DesiTorrents.com on one or more web servers, each with their own domain name(s), and also has hyperlinks or references (“links”) to other “third-party” external websites that aren’t part of the DesiTorrents web site, and might include information regarding third party offers.

DesiTorrents.com has not investigated or verified the legitimacy of such merchants, does not endorse, is not a party to, and takes no responsibility for third party offers whether on a linked website, published on this site, or found elsewhere, nor for the persons or entities operating such sites. If you decide to do business with such third parties, which you agree is entirely at your own risk, we strongly urge you to check best prices, verify the merchant’s reputation, and make payments only by credit card so you’ll have the possibility of recourse by initiating a chargeback should the merchant prove dishonest, and you agree not to complain to us if you don’t follow our advice and as a result have a problem.

Any usage of third-party trademarks on this site is for nominative and/or descriptive purposes only, and all brands and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and doesn’t imply sponsorship, any affiliation, or endorsement. You agree to not use any of our names, pseudonyms, domain names, or marks. The DesiTorrents web site’s author, DesiTorrents.com, copyright holder(s), other rights holders, licensor(s), and other parties that provide, operate, and/or license this website and its content (and their officers, directors, shareholders, representatives, agents, affiliates, employees, and servants), or the like (“we” or “us”) have no control over or responsibility for other websites’ content or availability, or for changes therein, nor for the accuracy of information published or submitted by others, including but not limited to offers made by third parties, and we are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any named or linked railroad, site, library, company, association, organization, contributor, book author, publisher, seller, auction, website, or other third party, nor shall any information or link on this site be considered a listing of any item for sale or auction, nor shall any third party offer be considered an offer by us, nor shall the contents of any linked website be used for any purpose other than authorized display.

No relationship exists between this website and any connected third-party website or named third party, except as stated herein, and no inference or assumption should be made and no representation is implied that the DesiTorrents site, DesiTorrents.com or its affiliates in any manner operates, edits, or controls any third party website nor such third-party site’s services, products, or information. Especially, but not in limitation of the foregoing, the DesiTorrents isn’t affiliated with, connected with or otherwise sponsored or endorsed by the SuprNova site.

DesiTorrents, DesiTorrents.com and its affiliates disclaim, do not endorse, aren’t a party , and take no responsibility for third party offers, including but not limited to those which may appear on any linked website nor in any email or other communication. Links to other websites, credit lines, announcements about books and other goods, services, or offers, and answers to email inquiries, are provided solely as a convenience and at the discretion of DesiTorrents.com, do not imply permission, membership, or affiliation, shall not in any way be construed as or constitute a description, accurate depiction, position regarding any issue in controversy, authentication, appraisal, sponsorship or endorsement of any product, service, activity, business, organization, or individual, and any offers, products, services, announcements, opinions, content or information on any linked third-party website or third party submission included or described on this site are those of the respective author(s) or owners and not those of DesiTorrents.com.

This site doesn’t thereby modify, copy, or reproduce information on the third party site by your following a link to other site, and all such data is sent directly from the linked website to your browser with no intervention. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the third-party website being linked can be seen at the lower left-hand corner of the screen by placing the mouse cursor over the link or otherwise determined by use of your browser, and also appears as the new location at the top of the screen (new browser window) after a link is followed, so there can be no confusion concerning the source of linked material, and all trademarks and copyrights relating to all such third party site(s) are owned and controlled by the third-party site(s) unless stated otherwise.

Any third party owned intellectual property inadvertently included on this website without necessary permission or any link on this site to a third party’s website or intellectual property will be removed upon the copyright owner’s documented request or software can be used by third party websites to block undesired requests or links. The DesiTorrents.com domain’s actual “Administrative Contact” (not the domain registrar’s anti-spam “Whois Protection Service” shown in the internet Whois database) is the “designated agent” to which to report via e-mail alleged copyright infringements on this website under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, P.L. 105-304 (or to send other legal notices) and such notification should identify in sufficient detail the allegedly infringed copyrighted work (please also specify your copyright registration number); supply sufficient information to allow us to identify and contact you; include the statements “I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above on the allegedly infringing web pages isn’t authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.” and “I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.” ; and include your signature.

By sending a communication directly or indirectly to DesiTorrents.com notifying us of the availability of your product, service, or website, or by soliciting a link, you thereby grant us permission to link to your site and to include at our sole discretion your graphic(s) or logo or torrents derived therefrom on our website with the connection(s). For the sole purpose of enabling and/or increasing the speed of immediate personal educational non-commercial internet viewing of this website as it currently exists, and as authorized herein, it is permitted to cache and/or buffer transient digital copies of this website or portions thereof, provided that: (1) the cached and/or buffered copies expire and are automatically and permanently erased in 24 hours or less, aren’t further moved or copied except transiently into volatile memory from which they are promptly erased to enable immediate viewing by a web browser as permitted hereunder, aren’t archived or retained, and are not written to an off-site or non-erasable medium; (2) the domain name, URL/internet speech, and the content and appearance of this site and this user agreement are not changed or abridged, and the operation of the website is not diminished; and, (3) all copyright, user agreement, and other proprietary notices are presented in full and without modification.

DesiTorrents.com takes no position about the ownership or intellectual property rights or potential rights of any party by submitting a request or making application for permission to include torrents and/or other information in this website, nor by linking, nor by indicating credit for any contribution(s) to this site. Links from other websites to are a welcome and permitted use of the website, however, by granting such permission, DesiTorrents.com doesn’t grant permission for links to individual torrent(s) [“inlined link(s)”] or to other elements or content of this website, nor to frame pages on this website within pages on other websites, nor to add advertisements or links to pages on this website. A link from another website to this website grants DesiTorrents.com permission for a reciprocal link including, at the option of DesiTorrents.com, the linking website’s logo, banner, or torrent derived therefrom, and permission, but not an obligation, in the event that such reciprocal link(s) becomes for any reason inoperative, for DesiTorrents.com to mirror royalty free any internet content, or portion thereof, which would otherwise cause a broken link, or to utilize a third party’s mirror or archive thereof. New users should first visit the Welcome page at . You may refer to the site just as the “DesiTorrents”, may refer to the author only as “DesiTorrents.com”, and may link only using the URL “DesiTorrents.com”, and no alteration of the website name, author, or URL is permitted, nor is it permitted to disclose or publish the name or other personally identifiable information regarding any person or legal entity, as author, contributor, or other affiliate with this website without explicit written permission. Especially, but not in limitation of the foregoing, indexing and/or linking to any URL at our website containing “/torrents/” and/or “. jpg” or “. jpeg” or “. gif” or “. tif” or “. tiff” in the internet address is specifically prohibited, except for use of logo torrents accompanying links to this website as specifically permitted, and you agree to follow the indexing rules specified in our robots.txt file, and to refrain from operating spider software in violation thereof.

When links, descriptions, or other references to this site, its content, or content accessed from this website are removed from another website, whether at your discretion or at our request, such removal shall be total and complete, leaving no trace or indication on the Internet or elsewhere of the removed content or link(s), with no remaining partially functioning or broken remaining code, nor broken link(s), nor archived copies, nor shall any statement, caption, link, or rant describing, containing, or referring to the removed link(s) and/or content or any related communications remain or be added.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: You acknowledge and agree that the DesiTorrents website includes but is not limited to text, torrents, graphics, e-mails, or other material or content and any product, service, information, content, software, message, advertisement or any other work found at, aggregated at, contained on, distributed through, linked to or from, downloaded to or from or in any other manner accessed, and is confidential to DesiTorrents.com and protected by proprietary rights and laws and that disclosure, including but not limited to copying, reproduction, or retransmission or other unauthorized use, or providing access to the site or its content to anyone who doesn’t accept this User Agreement is strictly prohibited, and specifically, but not in limitation of the foregoing, you agree not to make disclosure of such confidential intellectual property and proprietary trade secret information on and comprising this website or portion(s) thereof to any third party who has not previously agreed to and is contractually bound to the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, and stipulate that such disclosure shall constitute contributory and vicarious infringement of our copyright and other rights hereunder.

Additionally, but not in limitation of the foregoing, you stipulate and agree that the digital modifications, enhancements, and/or restorations of torrents shown on this website which visually distinguish such torrents from the original from which they were derived and/or from other originals or copies thereof are trade secrets of such detail and type that human memory cannot retain or duplicate, and that such modifications, enhancements, and/or restorations aren’t apparent from inspection of only the modified torrents, so the human web viewing of such torrents as authorized herein does not make possible disclosure of such trade secret information, and such disclosure requires copying by mechanical, electrical, or digital means or the like which is only authorized by specific permission.

Additionally, any information concerning this website or its affiliates or the contributors to this website or their conclusions, views, and/or remarks which isn’t published on this website is also understood to be proprietary trade secret information and you agree to not disclose any such information which may come into your possession that isn’t published on this website and to also treat such information as confidential. Specifically, you agree not to disclose or publish any information regarding the identity, personally identifiable information, the collections, or the opinions on issues of controversy of anonymous or pseudonymous authors or donors, nor, without our permission, try to identify, locate, or contact them in any way, whether in person, by telephone, or otherwise, nor to violate their rights including but not limited to their rights of privacy and publicity.

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Suddenly increased, excess web traffic on this website as a consequence of your activities, including but not limited to publicity, reporting, or recommendations to others regarding this website on network television or radio or national publications or media, more than one gigabyte of additional Internet data transfer per month, shall be at your expense, and you agree to refund DesiTorrents.com for the resulting costs at the rate of the then prevailing additional data transfer charge made by the Internet provider(s) hosting this site. Access without permission by software robot, software program is specifically prohibited. Merchants identified or linked on this site operate independently from the DesiTorrents website, and we do not endorse any merchant or assume responsibility for transactions conducted with them. This website is a member of the Amazon.com Associates Program, in association with Amazon.com. Amazon.com® is the registered trademark of Amazon.com, Inc.. This website is an affiliate member of the HistoryChannel.com Network.

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Due to scanning and digital restoration of torrents, the appearance of items may differ substantially from actual condition. Writings converted to text by optical character recognition (OCR) or other transcription from the original are stored more compactly, display more quickly, are made available for computer searching of content, enable hypertext linking, and may have increased legibility, but will contain transcription errors that may not be apparent and may include changed numbers, missing or moved content, and altered words or spelling. You may not rely upon the accuracy or timeliness of torrents, text, or other content of this website and agree to independently verify and compare with and utilize the original whenever a high level of accuracy is needed, nor should you attempt any act, event, or other information portrayed on this site. Item descriptions may be based on unverified dealer, seller, or author representations.

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Additional Terms and Conditions for License to Reproduce Still Images or other website content:

DesiTorrents.com strongly encourages permitted scholarly, educational, artistic, cultural, scientific, or commercial use that brings these torrents or other content to a broader audience. If you would like permission, we sincerely hope that you don’t get scared off by all this legalese and give up! We can only be friendly and helpful if we hear from you, and you tell us exactly what you need.

As soon as you’re certain of your needs, please write to DesiTorrents.com (or other owner or rights holder, as applicable) [“Licensor”] to apply to obtain access and use or reuse permission to reproduce torrent(s) or other content(s), in print, broadcast, video, movie, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Internet or any other electronic medium. Include in the application and statement of intent to license and use one or more torrents (your “Request for License to Reproduce Still Images”) which constitutes your irrevocable order for a use license: the item requested; purpose, duration, and intended use of the requested item including the title or description, author or product, publisher or producer, publication or release date, placement location (at the interior, jacket, cover, or other location; or the URL if for Web use), size of the print run, territory (whether North America or worldwide), and whether in one language or all languages; the name or title, organization, street address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address of the proposed “Licensee”; and any special preferences (if any) regarding torrent resolution or format.

Permission may be granted or withheld on a case by case basis. The fee for a license for reproduction of all DesiTorrents.com’s still torrents will be the same as set forth in the Use Fee Schedule (Still Images) and which schedule is incorporated herein by reference, for the one-time, one-use, non-exclusive, color publication use of each single torrent or other content for the purpose specified, and is never for an unlimited term, nor in perpetuity.

The use fee for a license for reproduction of text is one thousandth of a U.S. dollar per word times the amount of words times the number of copies, except in the case of Internet use where we generally follow the New York Times use fee schedule of one hundred dollars per article per 30 days or fraction thereof. The amount of the use fee may be adjusted by several cents in order to facilitate electronic tracking and verification of payments. Permitted use shall not exceed the use set forth in the application and statement of intent which shall be accurate.

By submitting your request for permission or permissions inquiry, you are obligating yourself and your organization(s), if any, to license, immediately pay for, and to actually use the torrent(s) or other content requested in the manner as set forth in your application, should permission be granted. Don’t e-mail us about permissions if you don’t want to get a license — it’s that easy!

You may not email us regarding permissions if you lack decision authority. Your commitment to actually use the requested material is required because your request may set in motion a series of events whereby we expend considerable normally unreimbursed resources to comply with your request, which we do gladly and which we subsidize, but only so as to see these treasured torrents actually included with the best quality obtainable in publications, educational projects, or other approved endeavors.

DesiTorrents.com makes no additional charge for duplication of torrents or other content when obtained in digital format by Licensee via the Internet under this agreement and actually used as specified in the program, but to avoid non-productive use of our extremely limited resources, please carefully decide which torrents you actually want and be sure you have an adequate budget to be able to afford the torrents you request prior to submitting your application, as you are obligating yourself and the use fees will apply in full to each licensed torrent, even if you later change your mind or decide not to reproduce a licensed torrent(s). ORDERS ONLY! — Use the above link to “e-mail for permission” only after you have decided that you definitely will use the torrent(s) should your application be approved and you are certain that you would like to commit yourself by placing a firm order for a “License to Reproduce Still Images.” [If you are being paid to work on a project, please understand that we won’t do for free what you are being paid to do!]

Please don’t burden our very limited resources with unproductive, speculative, tentative, or incomplete requests that fail to completely specify your exact requirements or which reflect your failure to decide in advance whether you actually wish to license the requested torrent(s), or to examine the Use Fee Schedule. Abandoned application fee: There is no application fee, but you will be charged a one hundred U.S. dollar non-refundable abandoned application fee per e-mail for EACH AND EVERY E-MAILed “Request for License to Reproduce Still Images,” permissions inquiry, follow-up, or other permissions related email that we receive from you that fails to ultimately result in your licensing at least one torrent or other requested content, including but not limited to e-mails related to torrent selection, questions, billing, and collection of fees, except that no abandoned application fee will apply if you submit a complete application in your first email but none of the torrents that you request are available for licensing.

We also may, at our sole discretion, deem your application to have been abandoned and charge the abandoned application fee if you don’t respond to each of our e-mails within 72 hours, if you reject a license which we approve in response to your request, don’t make timely payment as required herein, or inform us that you do not want a license.

Customized torrent non-use penalty: Additionally, in the event that we rescan or reprocess a requested torrent(s) in response to your request for a high resolution version, a different size or format, or other variation from the online torrent file displayed on this website (“customized torrent”), or in an attempt to supply you in our sole discretion with the best possible torrent quality and you then don’t meet your duty to use the requested torrent, thereby wasting our resources, you agree to pay liquidated damages of three hundred U.S. dollars per torrent for non-use of each such customized torrent which you fail to use, not subject to fee waiver, in addition to the use fee and any other applicable charges.

All fees listed are subject to change, are non-refundable, are subject to a fifty U.S. dollar per torrent minimum fee (one hundred dollar per torrent minimum fee for customized torrents), and might be reduced or waived in special circumstances, when requested in advance at the time of application, in the sole discretion of DesiTorrents.com and Licensor, and contingent on compliance with all terms of this User Agreement, but shall not be waived if use is without permission. The use fee for research access to the DesiTorrents.com site for a commercial project is $1,000/month with a six month minimum which amount may be applied to the cost of any torrents licensed hereunder for publication use for the job.

If you realize that none of those categories in the Use Fee Schedule apply to your intended use, you do not understand the use fee schedule, you are uncertain regarding the applicable fee, or you wish us to consider your request for a use fee which differs from the fee schedule, you MUST specify in your application a specific proposed use fee dollar amount that you’re offering. If the information required to determine which of several possibly applicable levels of fees should apply isn’t provided in the application, the higher fee will apply. If the use fee is unspecified herein or in the fee schedule and not agreed in advance, it will be one hundred dollars per torrent per month.

Rush: Add fifty percent to the stated fees for rush requests. E-mails flagged for special treatment with high priority/importance headers or the like or requests that torrents be made available for use in seven days or less from the date of the request also constitute rush requests. Our acceptance of any request, inquiry, or order placed by you is expressly made conditional on your assent to the terms set forth in this User Agreement, and not those. Buyer beware: You authorize us to act upon any email you send to us requesting permission or permissions or making inquiry as constituting an order, whether the email is formal or informal, complete or incomplete, including requests posed as questions, inquiries, or sent using e-mail links on other pages of our website which provide sufficient information to enable us to process the request (and to choose an torrent fulfilling the request in the event that a specific torrent isn’t requested) which shall constitute a binding order requesting a license to reproduce still torrents.

[We know this might seem strange to you, but our policy really is necessary because due to factual, technical or legal issues we often have to research requests, search for torrents, or rescan and/or reprocess torrents in order for us to respond to your e-mail and/or determine if we will be able to successfully fulfill your licensing request, and because of this we may be almost done with your order before we can answer your email.] As an example, if you write informally to ask us about using one or more torrents that you saw on the DesiTorrents.com site and ask what the request will cost, while not specifying a price limit, you are thereby requesting and authorizing us to fill your order at a cost consistent with the Use Fee Schedule and the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, and to allow you to know the total amount due for the license by sending you an electronic invoice which you are obligated to cover.

Please pay close attention to what’s written on this page: We want to avoid nasty surprises and disputes, so we’re giving you fair warning that this is an e-commerce website with possibly unfamiliar policies and procedures and that clicking on the “e-mail DesiTorrents.com for permission” link above means “buy a license now.” Use fee(s) are non refundable and shall be fully and promptly paid at the earlier of the times of your receipt of (1) the licensed content; (2) a grant of permission of access thereto for the purpose requested; or, (3) our invoice requesting payment in response to your request, and will be immediately due and payable in advance of publication or other licensed use, shall be by check signed by the Licensee, in U.S. dollars, drawn on a United States bank, or sent by electronic funds transfer for the benefit of the Licensee, and payment shall be delivered to us or the Licensor’s financial institution within ten days, according to the instructions you will receive.

If Licensee sends payment by check mailed directly to the Licensor’s financial institution. Licensee shall also immediately fax a copy of the check to the Licensor. Redelivery: DesiTorrents.com has very limited storage for custom torrents, so if you are advised by us that one or more licensed torrents that you requested are ready for download, it is your responsibility to immediately retrieve them before they are deleted from our web server. (Requests to re-upload or resend licensed custom torrents that you have lost or neglected to timely retrieve, if still available, will incur a redelivery use fee surcharge of twenty five dollars per torrent, not subject to fee waiver.)

In the event that you encounter any difficulty or download thereof, you must notify us by e-mail within hours. There will be an extra thirty U.S. dollar fee for returned checks or chargebacks which will also trigger abandoned application and non-use penalties, as applicable.

Permission is subject to the payment by Licensee of all applicable fees, and the presence in your work of proper credit(s) and all legal notices required herein including but not limited to a proper notice of our copyright. In cases where payment is due, permission shall be granted conditionally upon the successful deposit by Licensor in the Licensor’s account and clearance of such payment check, or the deposit in the Licensor’s account of funds electronically transferred for the benefit of the Licensor, evidenced thereby, and a photocopy or facsimile of such check or record of such electronic funds transfer or ultimate electronic deposit shall confirm the identity of the applicable Licensee and Licensor and reconfirm the Licensee’s acceptance of this entire Agreement. Such permit shall be null and void as if never issued upon violation of this user agreement, including but not limited to non-payment or lack of timely payment.

The publication of such torrent(s) or other content shall also further reconfirm the Licensee’s acceptance of this entire Agreement without modification. Permission for such non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, one-time, one-use shall be limited to publication within a period of twelve months after the publication or release date specified in the application, or if unspecified in the application, from the date of our approval, except in the case of public display or performance, including but not limited to broadcast television or Internet use, which use shall not exceed the lesser of the time specified in your application or in the license granted or invoice therefor, or if unspecified then 60 days, and thereafter electronic access shall cease, which in the case of Internet use shall include erasing all digital copies and removing all links thereto.

The term of the license is the lesser of the duration of the exhibition or five decades. For video use of still torrents, there is an additional charge for each home video format such as VHS or DVD in addition to the broadcast use fee.

Permission for any subsequent use must be obtained separately. Permission with fee waiver if requested and granted for students’ school related project use is for educational use only during the current semester and does not grant permission for publication in print format, on the Internet, or otherwise. If you are requesting a fee waiver on behalf of a non-profit organization, to help us in evaluating the request, please state in your application whether or not the organization charges the public for its product or service, and whether or not you are an unpaid volunteer.

You’re obligated to purchase a license for any torrent which you download from this website or in violation of this User Agreement, should we decide in our sole discretion to offer you such a permit. The DesiTorrents site works entirely online, communicates exclusively via the Internet, provides torrents as electronic commerce, and has no staff to handle phone calls or requestor supplied forms or paperwork; consequently, we provide an electronic invoice and IRS W-9 form only, and telephone support or billing, invoicing, or other documentation in paper hardcopy form by U.S. mail, fax, or otherwise, aren’t available.

You agree to use only the provided permissions email address (or other e-mail links on this site, as appropriate) and not to telephone us or content contributors with permissions or other requests, nor to attempt to circumvent the provisions of this agreement, and telephone calls placed in disregard of the foregoing will be charged at two hundred fifty dollars per telephone call. A printed version of your program e-mail(s) requesting permission, constituting your Request for License for Still Images, and/or facsimile or other electronic records shall be admissible in arbitration, judicial, or administrative proceedings to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

Your act of sending such email(s) to us whether directly or indirectly or your clicking your e-mail send button indicates your intent thereby to attach your electronic signature to such e-mailed application requesting permission or other communication and to this entire User Agreement. Licensee shall also supply Licensor within thirty calendar days of the date of publication with two complementary donated entire copies of the best edition of any written or published work, computer file, or software, including but not limited to book, article, movie, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM products in which the licensed torrent(s) or other content is included, for inclusion in the DesiTorrents website. (If licensed for Web use, Licensee shall provide access to the locations(s) where the work including the licensed torrent(s) or other content is located, instead of delivering physical copies.)

Permission, if granted, to a licensee for use online or other electronic medium which operates by providing digital torrents doesn’t grant permission for end user capture nor downloading of such torrents, nor subsequent use thereof, nor any use not permitted herein, nor use beyond the limited term of the license, doesn’t grant permission for torrents to be posted on any website that does not prohibit their capture, downloading, or subsequent use, and doesn’t grant permission unless both of the following conditions are met: (1) the DesiTorrents.com copyright notice is prominently displayed; and, (2) that such downloading or capture, and such subsequent use without the separate permission of DesiTorrents.com are both contractually prohibited in the licensee’s legally binding end user licensing agreement. If a licensed torrent(s) or other content is published electronically, including but not limited to when using html or any other format, the torrents shall be at a low screen resolution only, not in excess of five hundred pixels wide, and the software or webpage code shall be written so as to prevent unauthorized copying, downloading, saving, or other capture of torrents or other licensed content, and so as to require the end user must click to indicate their consent and acceptance of the end user license agreement prior to being given access to the licensed torrent(s) or other content.

DesiTorrents.com (or other owner or rights holder, as applicable) shall retain its own right to reproduce such torrent or other content, or to grant others such permission, and shall retain ownership, copyright, and all other tangible and intangible rights (including but not limited to ownership of originals, scans, files, data, negatives, digital media, and photoduplicates or copies thereof whether reprographic, electronic, digital or otherwise, [other than tangible rights for those final permitted reproductions published by Licensee under this license for distribution to others] which if not retained by Licensor shall be destroyed or returned to Licensor upon expiration of the limited term of the permit). You may retain torrent(s) obtained from us under the provisions of this paragraph only for the limited purposes for which you obtained permission, but may possess or use a only single copy of each such digital torrent on a single computer and on a single hard drive or other computer medium, may not distribute such digital torrent(s) on a computer network except as explicitly permitted, and will promptly return or destroy all copies of such torrent(s) when no longer needed for the purpose mentioned in your request for permission.

Licensee acknowledges that permission if granted is only for publication or other use as specified in the application during the limited duration of the license, doesn’t constitute a transfer of ownership, nor a first sale, and such permission is granted only to the extent of the Licensor’s ownership of rights related to the torrent(s) or other content, and is not a rights clearance for third party rights, property, torrents or other content contained on this site, or derivative works therefrom, which clearance licensee must obtain separately from such third party or parties when required, and our permission grants you no rights until you also obtain all third party permissions and releases that may be required, copies of which you agree to provide to us upon request. In case you are requesting licensing of such a third party torrent from us rather than directly from the third party, or our derivative work therefrom, for convenience, because such torrent is available in digital format from us, or to take advantage of torrent processing or digital restoration that we might have performed on such third party torrent, and are concerned about the total licensing cost including possible additional use fees which may be payable to one or more such third parties, please include in your application a request for a specific proposed adjustment in our use fee to partially offset such additional use fees to be paid to one or more such third parties, which request we’ll be very happy to consider on a case by case basis.

No license or right under any patent or trademark will be granted nor shall such be construed as being conferred hereunder by implication, estoppel or otherwise. Any permission granted is not transferable and Licensee shall not sublicense or permit others to reproduce the licensed torrent or other content, and shall refer such requests to reproduce to the Licensor. The Licensor for DesiTorrents.com is a California Corporation owned by author, DesiTorrents.com, which has sole authority to operate and license this website and its content.

Licensee acknowledges that DesiTorrents.com is not granting permission on behalf of nor acting as agent for any other owner or rights holder. Licensee shall maintain the integrity of torrents or other content used, and use shall not be unlawful, misleading, defamatory, ridiculing, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate, altered from the original appearance, form, meaning, or intent of the author, nor compete or detract from existing or planned use by DesiTorrents.com, nor in a fashion which suggests an association with or endorsement of any product or service, nor in an historically inaccurate manner or publication, nor damaging to our or the rightsholder’s reputation. Images will be obtained over the Internet in RGB jpeg format as displayed on this site, unless otherwise agreed in advance and subject to availability and limited resources, delays, and cancellation, notwithstanding any deadline noted in the application, nor shall preferences (if any) including those regarding torrent resolution, format, or delivery method specified in the application be considered requirements.

Any needed conversion of digital torrents into prints or need to burn DVD’s or CD’s shall be your responsibility and at your cost. Consequently, please do not request high resolution or tiff format files (which are often in the 2-24 MB size range) if you’ve got a slow or unreliable internet connection and would have difficulty downloading large files, since there will be an extra seventy-five dollar CD-ROM fee (a CD-ROM) if you request torrents on CD and we can comply, however there will be no charge for shipping via CD-ROM if we should elect at our sole discretion to use this alternate method of delivery, such as for an order sufficiently large as to exceed our online server storage capacity.

DesiTorrents.com reserves the right to limit the reproduction of materials due to conservation and preservation issues, and the right to charge additional fees as determined on a case by case basis. Licensee agrees that it has independently determined the “as is” torrent content, quality, and format of licensed content as displayed on this site to be suitable for its intended use, understands that torrents created with extensive restoration artwork and composite torrents being computer generated don’t physically exist in a form that could be rescanned at higher resolution, and understands that requested reformatting will not result in a change in the actual torrent resolution.

Deadbeats: Your reputation will suffer and you may become responsible for forcing us to discontinue offering these historic torrents if you become a deadbeat by failing to make prompt and full payment as required within ten days or if you attempt to repudiate this contract or your obligations hereunder, you consent to publication on this website and elsewhere of your identify as a deadbeat and associated information for failure to make timely payment, agree that your sole remedy for such publication if in error shall be removal of the error from our webserver following your delivery to us of proof of timely payment of the invoiced amount such as a cancelled check paid to the licensor, and you agree to pay liquidated damages in the sum of one thousand times the invoiced amount if you initiate or threaten us with legal action or threaten or attempt to damage our reputation in an effort to avoid paying, deter collection efforts, or prevent publication or continued publication of your lack of timely payment.

Licensee acknowledges that 19th century torrents such as 3 1/2″ stereograph albumen prints are of limited resolution and are generally degraded, containing various imperfections of torrent and mount due to aging, and damaged, including but not limited to foxing, spotting, chipping, cracking, abrasion, folding, tearing, gouging, emulsion loss, soiling, staining, glue streaking, discoloration, motion blurring, darkening, and fading (often uneven in degree over various parts of an torrent), and acknowledges that torrents rescanned or photoduplicated from the original as a result of its request may require additional processing or restoration.

If a requested torrent is of lesser quality than another similar available torrent, we may, in our sole discretion, substitute the better quality torrent. If a requested torrent isn’t available for the intended use, we may substitute a similar torrent that’s available. Licensee acknowledges that DesiTorrents.com recommends entirely digital color or duotone publication methods, and acknowledges that excessive magnification, extra processing steps including conversion to a different torrent format or conversion to monochrome rather than digital methods will not improve and may adversely affect torrent resolution or quality.

Licensee shall utilize highest quality imaging and reproduction methods that do not degrade torrent quality, including but not limited to color, contrast, or resolution, and don’t introduce artifacts, including but not limited to aliasing or Moiré patterns, and shall reproduce torrents at a sufficiently small size suitable for the available limited resolution so that reproduced torrents do not seem to be unsharp.

Licensee acknowledges that higher resolution print publication requires torrents to be printed smaller than the magnitude of the exact same torrent when displayed on a lower resolution computer screen.

A license permitting publication is only a grant of access to the torrent(s) or other content(s) for publication use in consideration for a payment (“use fee”) actually received, and Licensee agrees that DesiTorrents.com or other Licensor has no obligation to take any action on Licensee’s behalf to assist Licensee, nor to offer any product or service, that our responsibility ends once we have provided both permission and access to the requested torrent(s) or other content, and that all applicable fees or charges regardless of how described are use fees, not charges for products or services.

Licensee shall be solely responsible for specifying and obtaining any needed services, and for any costs incurred on their behalf, whether by Licensor or third parties for photoduplication, restoration, processing, production, or otherwise and is encouraged to seek the services of expert service bureau, and/or printing companies for such services. All paragraphs and provisions of this User Agreement shall apply to this license agreement and to you as License.

Important: Licensee shall take all measures necessary to ensure that the terms and conditions of this User Agreement shall similarly apply to and bind any user of any work created by Licensee or under this license that includes or is derived from torrents or other content obtained from this website or under this User Agreement, which obligation in the case of such Internet use shall include but is not limited to putting a link to this User Agreement on each web page containing such work in addition to and accompanying the credit line specified below, and obtaining each such user’s agreement hereto. Licensee shall provide full and proper credit for the source of torrents or other content used, and state in an accompanying caption.

Severe additional penalty for publication of torrents stolen from this website; unlimited liability for subsequent infringement: In the event that you do not obtain permission and instead violate this agreement by misappropriating and/or publishing unauthorized pirated copies of torrents obtained from this site, or by enabling, permitting, facilitating, or encouraging others to do so, a trespass, conversion, or the like, which harms the DesiTorrents Website, for example by causing donors to be hesitant or unwilling to allow their torrents to be displayed on the world wide web, or if you publish torrents or other content prior to making full payment of all applicable fees, or without including the legal notices and credits as required herein, you agree to pay a penalty to DesiTorrents.com for each unlicensed use, in addition to any actual and/or statutory damages, expenses, and attorney’s fees, etc. which may apply, in the amount of fifty (50) times the undiscounted commercial fee for licensed use in accordance with the user agreement, agree to assign exclusively to DesiTorrents.com copyright and all other ownership rights, including but not limited to physical, contractual, and intellectual property rights in any resulting work(s) which contain(s) or which is derived from our intellectual property, this website or its torrents or other content, and agree to immediately cease and desist any and all infringement of our copyright or other proprietary rights, and of such rights of any third party for which you shall also remain liable.

Additionally, please take special care to understand that in addition to direct infringement by your theft and republication of our intellectual property, or if you otherwise violate the conditions of the license, you agree that such violation shall result in your unlimited liability for all resulting breach or use by third and subsequent parties who obtain our intellectual property from or through you, and you will be held fully responsible (including penalties) — whether or not you have knowledge of their actions at the time, whether or not you benefit financially, and whether you have the right and/or ability to supervise or police such subsequent resulting uses — especially should repeated and unstoppable use by others result, and you are specifically prohibited from taking any action that would allow, enable, or facilitate such unpermitted or viral distribution, including but not limited to, by others that are not a party to this arrangement. [i.e., If you give away our torrents or other content without our consent and/or in violation of the agreement, you agree to pay as specified in this agreement for all resulting subsequent uses by others that aren’t authorized by us, whether lawful or unlawful, including those resulting uses which we or you may, as a result of your actions, then be powerless to control or prevent, and possibly may not even discover until after the fact.]

Additionally, in the event that your actions in violation of this User Agreement result in our being deprived of our exclusive rights to ownership and management of the intellectual property we have created in this website and its digital torrents and/or other content in whole or substantial part, or of the value thereof, or that would make such intellectual property unsaleable, you agree to pay us liquidated damages in the amount of the greater of five million U.S. dollars, the amount of copyright infringement statutory damages per torrent or other content for each and every infringement, the appraised market value of this website absent such actions, and the estimated commercial cost to create a website of like complexity and content.


Please read this Legal Notice of Infringement which applies to you only if you have violated this User Agreement, or made any use of this site in any way not specifically authorized and permitted herein, in which case you acknowledge timely receipt hereof, which you agree is sufficient notice, at such time as you commenced violation of this User Agreement. Furthermore, if you have received Legal Notice of Infringement from us via email or otherwise, this Notice and the entire User Agreement is included therein by reference, and you should also reread this entire User Agreement. This Notice is authorized on behalf of DesiTorrents.com, the owner of copyright and other proprietary rights to this website, its torrents, and other content.

Your activities in violation of this User Agreement constitute infringement of the exclusive rights to make copies and to distribute copies and constitute an infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights, as well as a violation of this User Agreement which is a binding contract entered into whenever use is made of our website. We ask that you immediately take all action as may be appropriate to suspend these illegal activities. On behalf of the respective rights owners including but not limited to the owners of the exclusive rights to the copyrighted material at issue in this notice, DesiTorrents.com hereby states that DesiTorrents.com has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained in violation of this User Agreement isn’t authorized by the copyright owners or other rights holders, their respective agents, or the law.

DesiTorrents.com hereby states, under penalty of perjury under the laws of California and under the laws of the United States, that the information in this notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that DesiTorrents.com is authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the exclusive rights which are being infringed as set out in this notification. Consequently, DesiTorrents.com has never authorized the material to be disclosed or published by you or your user(s) and display of the material could result in being held liable for violating our proprietary rights.

Your continued dissemination of this material is in violation of DesiTorrents.com’s statutory, contractual, and other rights. Therefore, DesiTorrents.com demands that you immediately erase or destroy all copies of and cease and desist from disseminating the material obtained in breach of this User Agreement, including but not limited to all locations where the information could be available from all computers, web sites, and servers under your or your company’s possession or control. Please immediately remove the offending material, and notify us in writing that you have removed the material from your website(s) or other unauthorized location.

DesiTorrents.com reserves its right to seek immediate equitable, injunctive, and other relief, including damages claims. This note shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any rights or remedies, which are reserved. We thank you for your courtesy and immediate cooperation in this matter. Your prompt response is requested so that the illegal infringing activity can be stopped.

All in this Website/Restrictions: We reserve all rights. DesiTorrents.com and/or other parties that provide this site and its content specifically retain title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights, and interests including but not limited to any possible copyright, which they may have in and to intellectual property, data, files and/or the torrents they contain, including the look and feel of all software, programs, web pages, torrents, or items, and to derivative works.

You’re not permitted to, and you warrant and agree you will not do or facilitate any of the following: (1) view or examine the source code or content of any webpage, torrent, or other content, whether text, html, Javascript, jpeg, gif, pdf, or otherwise, nor disable any computer code or software on this site; (2) directly or indirectly modify, translate, reverse engineer, reverse compile, decompile, reverse assemble, disassemble, or create derivative works based on this site or its contents, nor alter any executable code, materials, torrents, or content on or received via this website, without the prior expressed written permission of DesiTorrents.com as provided herein, and for the purposes set forth; (3) screen capture torrents, webpages, or other content on this website nor extract such content from a cache; (4) copy, screen capture, drag-and-drop, distribute, or publicly display this website or its torrents or other content, without the prior expressed written permission of DesiTorrents.com as provided herein, and for the purposes set forth; (5) place torrents or other files or content from this website or descriptions or locations thereof into a peer-to-peer file sharing system or index thereto, nor into an http, ftp, or other file transfer protocol or peer-to-peer server; (6) violate the intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights of others, nor omit or misrepresent the source or origin of any torrent, content, or other intellectual property; (7) use any robot, spider, web crawler, other automatic device, or manual process to copy our web pages, torrents, or other content contained without our prior expressed written permission; (8) violate robot instructions including but not limited to robot instructions contained in meta tags and the robots.txt file; (9) engage in any activity that may or will directly or indirectly impose a disproportionately large, unanticipated, or unreasonable load on our website bandwidth or infrastructure; (10) rent, lease, or otherwise transfer rights to this site or its contents; (11) circumvent, remove, disable, nor to attempt to circumvent, remove, or disable any copy protection method, digital watermarks or other proprietary notices, markings, or labels that may be included with webpages, torrents, text, or other content, nor transmit or publish content or data from which associated copyright or other posted proprietary notices, or publisher, website, or author attributions have been removed; or, (12) omit or obscure the name of the DesiTorrents, DesiTorrents.com, any logo, or any proprietary, legal, or other notice, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, limitation of warranty, usage limitation, disclaimer, or any other conditions and/or conditions intended to be displayed.

By using this site, you explicitly waive the rights granted under California Civil Code §1542 (if applicable) which states that: “A general release doesn’t extend to claims which the creditor doesn’t know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor” and (as applicable) you waive all such similar rights that might exist in different jurisdictions.

If you access or use this site in breach of the foregoing or any other provision of this User Agreement or in any jursdiction where access or use is prohibited by law or by this User Agreement, or if you allege that you did so, you agree to pay us a prohibited use penalty fee of the greater of fifteen thousand dollars or ten times the loss, unwelcome liability, or potential liability to which we are exposed as a consequence of your actions.

Privacy and Security Statement We do not want, ask for, or need your private information, so it’s your responsibility and we are relying upon you to select, configure, and operate your computer and networking equipment, operating system, Internet browser, email and related software, etc. to protect your privacy and security generally to the extent that you prefer and to provide us only with information that you want us to have and use without restriction. We like to be able to give credit on this website for donated torrents or other content if donors let us know their name and/or their website URL.

Since third parties provide a variety of valuable services such as web hosting [Valueweb.net, & Comcast.net], server logs and site statistics, linked websites, hit counters (that also tell us which pages visitors prefer), searching the site’s content and the web (from which we learn what subject matter visitors are seeking and what search methods are being used), fulfillment of book orders, etc., and we have little knowledge and no control over third-party’s often inadequate and frequently changing privacy and security policies and practices (which unfortunately may not conform to their stated policies), we strongly recommend the following minimum general privacy and security measures (among others) that aren’t specific to this website, if and to the extent that you would like to keep your privacy: (1) use a proxy server that hides your actual IP address so that it doesn’t appear in server log files; (2) if you enable cookies which many websites require to operate properly (but which we do not currently and never have used, but that are used by third parties), you should erase them at least daily; (3) use a browser that withholds the referring URL if you prefer this option; (4) use a hardware stealth firewall; (5) regularly use up-to-date virus checking, backup, and disk repair software; (6) use security software that attempts to detect and prevent surreptitious capture and transmission of personal identifiers such as names, user-id’s or numbers, email addresses, unique machine specific identifiers such as your computer’s permanent ethernet MAC (Media Access Control) address or cookie stored GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), or your actual IP address, (7) use high grade encryption for all private, if not all communications; (8) never send confidential information or information not intended for publication using any email link on this website; (9) be aware that email addresses appearing on websites are subject to abuse by spammers; and, extremely important, (10) block all hosts that do not conform to your expectations of proper conduct.

No DesiTorrents Site security measures are needed to protect donated information or content or disclosed personally identifiable information and affiliation of the donor from being publicly viewed and/or distributed, as and notwithstanding any notice to the contrary, it is all intended to be accessible to DesiTorrents.com for publication.

Spamming, as well as repetitive, harassing, threatening, intrusive, vulgar, profane, abusive, impolite, untruthful, disparaging, messages or communications to us or concerning this website are all prohibited. You may not send us unsolicited advertisements via e-mail or fax, nor call us by telephone, nor send e-mail to our address or domain name(s) that does not contain our valid address in the “To:” or “cc:” header, nor which has a missing, uninformative, or misleading “Subject:” header, or return address, nor without permission from a mailing list, nor containing an html message body, nor having attachments other than donated torrents and/or other donated content relating to the subject matter of the website, nor containing a computer virus, worm, or other corrupted or malicious code, nor containing proprietary content that you do not possess and/or control, nor may you copy or place our e-mail address, nor any email address in our domains or owned by us, nor any email address found on this website or obtained by us in any database or on any mailing list.

You agree to pay us three thousand dollars per unsolicited email sent or telephone call and fifteen thousand dollars per email address added to your commercial mailing list in violation of the foregoing, plus damages. All contents on this site, both textual and graphic, including but not limited to computer code and images, and all e-mail or other messages or correspondence from DesiTorrents.com are the property of DesiTorrents.com, are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced or printed without consent.

DesiTorrents, DesiTorrents.com, DesiTorrents.org, and DesiTorrents.net are trademarks and service marks of DesiTorrents.com. The “DesiTorrents” is the title of this publication only.

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