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demonoid.pw Demonoid is a semi-private torrent tracker and one of the oldest torrent sites. Demonoid has run into quite a few problems over the years and turned off the lights for weeks or even months. In 2014 the torrent site returned under the new domain demonoid.pw. Since May 2015 the site requires adblockers to be disabled to access the website. In February 2017 Demonoid went offline when the team behind the site ran into hosting issues and internal issues. It came back online in March 2017.

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About website

Demonoid (DMN) is my first & quite old private General Tracker. Awesome in every sense. Always filled with Seeders and Leechers so NO (nearly zero) low speed and dead torrents problems. The website has undergone periods of extended downtime because of the occasional need to move the server caused by cancellation of ISP service as a result of local pressure. Under the hands of an unidentified party, the Demonoid domains came in late 2013, who in early 2014 started operating a tracker servicing the Demonoid torrents, and who launched a placeholder website soliciting donations and promising the return of Demonoid.

On March 29, 2014, the original Demonoid torrent archive returned through the website demonoid.ph. On December 3, 2014 Demonoid changed its domain name again to demonoid.pw. You will find everything here, just name it. This General Tracker have a Wide Assortment of Stuff. Generally all of the users come Under “Regular User” Class , some are selected from these and are encouraged to VIP class. The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid resurfaced online this weekend. Barring a few bugs, it ‘s back in action, although the website had to endure some inner struggles as well and was pulled offline due to hosting problems.

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Demonoid-logoWe’ve written the phrase “Demonoid is Back” quite a few times on TorrentFreak. The site has established a reputation as the “comeback kid” due to its ‘habit’ of going offline for weeks or even months, and then reappearing in its entire glory as if nothing ever happened. Within the last several weeks, the website has been offline. The site went down due to hosting and some difficulties and was forced to stay offline anticipated. In accordance with Deimos, the website’s creator, there was some disagreement with the man who handled most of the tracker’s technical aspects. He saw no other option than to take control again, after both sides failed to reach an agreement.

“I gave control to the wrong men while the problems began, but it is time to control things again,” Deimos told us sooner. This weekend the site came back online and it’s currently accessible through Demonoid.pw as well as the Dnoid.me domain name. The website is running on hardware that is new, and there may be a few bugs, but otherwise it is fully operational. TorrentFreak achieved to Deimos this weekend, who informed us that the site was restored from a recent database backup. So, everybody should be able to access their previous account. In an update the operator of Demonoid is amazingly open about what happened, mentioning issues and the internal problems .

“After some long downtime caused mainly due to some issues with some of the individuals we made the mistake of trusting, and some private problems about the health of a family member that drained the time and money destined to move the website elsewhere, we’re finally back with you,” the upgrade reads. Now that the website is back, it is clear that one of the earliest BitTorrent communities will live on. But who would have expected anything different?

Site Information

Terms & Conditions

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions of the site Back to top What is this “IRC” everyone keeps talking about? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It’s a place for ‘ noiders to gather and chat outside of the sites. It’s a great place for asking questions. There is always at least one site staff member on IRC so it is a fantastic place. To get in Demonoid’s channel, all you have to do is click on the link “Chat” in the top frame of the website. This will take you to a page with directions on how best to access the chat room.

Do you have an RSS feed? Yes we do. For a list of those feeds that are currently available, please see this link. Back to top How can I contact the site staff? Our contact addresses can be found by clicking here.

Do you have a banner I could use to link to you?

We do. Banners’ list is available by clicking here.

How do I sort the listing by seeds etc?

To type search for a keyword, the torrent list. The choices will appear on the corner of this list.

User Information Is the registration closed?

Registrations only open when our resources allow. A tracker/site of a large scale like this, should close registration for intervals. The only way is to be encouraged. Consider asking some of your friends, it’s likely that some of these have a Demonoid account. Back to top I registered my account, how come I didn’t get the confirmation E-Mail?

Have you enrolled with the right E-Mail address?

Did you checked your SPAM folder, if you have? Sometimes, the registration E-Mail was filtered from your inbox and ends up in your spam folder. If you don’t receive the confirmation E-Mail, please try registering again, using a different E-Mail address

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

There is no need. There’s a link called ” Lost Pass” right near the text box where you log in. Click that and confirm some information. A link will be.

Can I invite my friend?

You can! You can get into the “invite” feature under your control panel. The link is on the top right corner of each page . . This will generate a code that the receiver will need to input when they register. There’s a set number of invites so use them wisely.

Can you delete my account?

No. But you can stop using it and the site will automatically set it as inactive after some time.

I really don’t like my user name, can you change it for me?

We apologize, but we do not change user names.

I can’t seem to log in, what do I do?

(Also known as the Log-In of Death) If you can’t log in and your sign in information is correct, try restarting your browser and deleting your cookies. You should now have the ability to log in correctly.When dealing with Microsoft Internet Explorer this is usually an error

What is an avatar and signature, and how do I add one?

An avatar is. There is no limitation to. Adding an avatar is simple. You must first host it on an internet image hosting site and place the image URL from the “Avatar URL” section of “Account Settings”. A signature is the equivalent to a “signature” of a letter. It’s something that will be posted. It can be text (like a quote) or a picture (as long as it is in the range of the site rules). Pictures in the signature is somewhat different than the avatar. These must be place in between [ img]image URL here[ / img] BB tags.

I have been warned, can you tell me the reason?

The users are not notified by us or provide the reason of their warnings to avoid giving that the work of contending with the warned users to the moderators. If you received a warning, it means you broke the website rules in one of the comment posts, private messages or in one. All the site rules are found on this page.


What is BitTorrent? BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol which allows users to connect directly to each other to send and receive parts of a file through a central server called a “tracker”. The tracker itself doesn’t contain or transmit any information pertaining to the content. It manages and only coordinates connections between peers.

What is the necessary software and where can I get it?

In order to connect to the tracker and get the files the . Torrent file points to, you’ll need to have installed a BitTorrent Client. Please do not use BitLord, BitComet and its derivatives. They cause your ratio. Windows Clients ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client) BitBuddy (Formerly Called BTvampire) BitTornado (TheShad0w’s Experimental) The First BitTorrent Client (By Bram Cohen) uTorrent Linux Clients ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client) BitTornado (TheShad0w’s Experimental) The First BitTorrent Client (By Bram Cohen) Macintosh Clients Bits on Wheels The First BitTorrent Client (By Bram Cohen) Tomato Torrent Java Clients Azureus BT Queue There are many clients available, but it’s suggested to use one.

Seed( er)? Leech( er)? Peer? What are you talking about?

(Terminology) These words are terminology that is BitTorrent. A seed or seeder is someone that has a full copy of the content in this torrent. They are the first distributor or someone who has completed the download and is currently uploading. There is A leecher a person that does not have a full backup as of yet and has begun downloading this torrent. Also Called a peer. A hit-and-runner is a leecher who completes the download, but doesn’t seed until they reach a ratio of 1.0. That is frowned upon. These hit-and-run users are called leechers, as in the parasite. It is used as a derogatory term, although precisely the word is used as somebody who has not finished downloading.

What is this “*. torrent” file?

A . Torrent file is a small text file containing. Necessary information would include, file sizes, file names, comments, tracker URLs etc

Downloading / Using Torrents

How do I begin downloading files?

After choosing a suitable customer read the FAQ on the customer homepage for any configuration tips, install (restarting your browser may be required), then locate files you’re interested in, click on the link and start downloading.

My client says I downloaded X but the file is?

Unless otherwise configured clients pre-allocated the file size of the torrent which is “filled” with the data as it’s downloaded.

Is the torrent offered as a txt file too?

There are internet filters and some firewalls which disallow the download of torrent files. Because of that, we also offer the torrent files using a . Txt extension for downloading. If you are having trouble getting the torrent, try downloading it with the “download as text file” link, change the extension from . txt to . Torrent, and open it.

Why is my download stuck at 99.9%?

There are really. Though 99.9percent is the most frequent, it really happens with proportions in the high 90s (96%, 97 percent, 98% and anything in between). There might be an protection in effect limiting transfers. Customers does have this feature. The final piece(s) may be something changeable. Check to see what is left on the download. If the document(s) in question are “. DS_Store,” ” Thumbs.db,” or “desktop.ini,” you may select these files and choose to omit them from the download. If the seeder’s version of those files changed, then they will fail the hash check, preventing anyone from getting the original. Similarly, if on your side, these [hidden] files are “read only” and/or protected, your customer will keep downloading and discarding that which cannot be replaced. There could be a problem preventing you. Try run scandisk, quitting the torrent, and restarting the torrent. This will correct any mistakes on your harddrive. The more pieces you have, the harder it becomes to find people who have. That’s why downloads sometimes slow down or even stop completely. Just be patient and you’ll find the remaining pieces.

Why am I getting ” Urlopen mistake – (7, ‘ getaddrinfo failed’)” error?

The tracker is overloaded, just leave it and it will be fine. Why am I getting “Problem connecting to tracker: HTTP Error -1” error? Leave your client running it should resume as normal and as it keeps checking the tracker.

Why am I getting “Problem connecting with tracker – (10054,’Connection reset by peer’)” error?

The link to a tracker or a different computer is prematurely terminated, very similar to a error, again just wait.

Why am I getting “Problem connecting with tracker – (10060, ‘Operation timed out’)” error?

There was no response to a request sent to tracker or a peer normally due to the tracker/server being to busy to process your request at that time, just leave it open.

Why am I getting ” urlopen error (10061, ‘Connection refused’)” error?

This could be a symptom for a selection of problems resulting in you being unable to connect to the tracker, you internet connection going down, firewall/router interfering with your connection, server/tracker being occupied or even being banned from a tracker, most commonly this mistake will solve itself or you may try restarting your customer.

Why am I getting “Problem connecting to tracker – urlopen error (10065,’no route to host’)” error?

Normally the result of a blocklist application ( PeerGuardian/Protowall/SafePeer) or firewall with specific IP blocking function, in the case of a blocklist application try updating the blocklist or in the event of a firewall confirm your exemption configurations.

Why am I getting “Problem getting response info – [ Errno 2]” mistake?

This error is is caused . Torrent file correctly in its temporary directory when the download link is left clicked, try right clicking on the link and select “Save As” directing the path to a directory specifically for . Torrent simply use another browser or files.

Why am I getting “Problem connecting to tracker. HTTP error 503: service unavailable” error ?

The tracker is down. Please try again later. Why am I getting “connecting to peers” error? There might be no peers or there is a firewall/router interfering with the connection.

Why am I getting “windows cannot find ” c :documents and settings/owner/local settings/temporaryinternet/filescontent. ie5…” error?

Right click and save the . Torrent file to your HD and start the torrent from there.

Why am I getting “No space left on device” error?

Unless configured no to do so Bit Torrent client allocate the space required to store files on the hard drive when the torrent is started, this error occurs if there is inadequate space or when the hard drive is in FAT32 format and the document exceeds the 4GB limit in this case convert your hard drive to NTFS. Why am I getting “temporary internet files content 1.5 xxx don’t exist” error? XP compresses the temporary internet files after a certain point which causes this error, either clear your temp files or save the . Torrent directly to you hard drive and launch it from there.

Why am I getting “( IOError – [Errno13] Permission denied)” error?

Sometime bittorrent still runs in the background, and if you start more than 1 gui (the identical torrent) it will provide you permission denied, go to Task manager and close down all bt-gui processes. Why am I getting “Piece XXX failed hash check” error? This message can be ignored it means a piece that you have downloaded didn’t check out and will be redownloaded that.

Why am I getting ” urlopen error unknown url type: udp” mistake?

You doesn’t support the UDP protocol, some torrents are multitracker torrents which might have a UDP tracker declare.

Why am I getting “Problem Connecting to tracker – [ errno http error ]403 ‘Forbidden (customer banned)” error?

The tracker for the torrent has banned the client that you are currently using try a different one.

Why am I getting ” Errno 24 (Too many open files)” error?

Unless configured otherwise some clients will keep all the files in a torrent open during the downloading process. This error occurs with some of the bigger torrents, which may have thousands or hundreds of part files. The OS will not allow them to be opened, preventing the customer, when the OS limit is exceeded by the number. To solve the problem Limit the amount of files the client will have open at any particular time or increase the OS limit for the amount of open files. My torrent is 100MB does my client say I have downloaded 120MB?

See “Why am I getting “Piece XXX failed hash check” error?” ( above), the extra info is the redownloaded data from the failed hash check. Can I resume a broken torrent? Yes you can. To restart open the . As you would to download and choose the location as where you have the finished files torrent file.

Why did an active torrent suddenly disappear?

The main reasons for this are: 1. The torrent may have been. 2. The torrent was not seeded. Torrents expire after 5 days with no seed. 3. It was a launch that is bad. A replacement will be uploaded to take its place. 4. The torrent expired. Older torrents are sometimes automatically deleted when the peer count gets high to avoid killing the server and running out of RAM. Why am I downloading slowly? There are many factors which may affect your transfer speeds.

There are. Most believe seeds are sufficient for a fast download, but leechers affect transfer rates. You may download the pieces they’ve already acquired. However, in case there are too many leechers, they may already be taking all of the speed. You are behind a firewall. If you are behind a firewall, then this will limit the number of peers you have the ability to connect to. They can not make any links, although you can make outgoing connections to peers.

Forward the ports your client is using and you also noticed you’ll receive more connections. You’re currently saturating your bandwith. Although uploading is a good thing, if you are maxing out your upload stream, you’ll saturate your bandwith, thus lowering your download speed, in addition to slowing down any other online action(s). Functions, when a packet is downloaded by you is, you must reply saying it was received by you. This will prompt the sender to send another packet. If you’re at max on uploads, it may take a while for your reply to get to the destination, which stops you from getting the next packet of it. The best way to battle this, is to limit your uploads.

IE: limit that, If you have a maximum upload rate of 40 kilobytes per second. The 8 kilobytes is buffer for replies and even browsing the web. You are not uploading enough. Bear in mind, bittorrent is a sharing protocol. If you’re being stingy with the uploads, other customers won’t transfer to you. Many clients inform you that your download speed is proportional to your upload rate. Occasionally, although this does seem to be the case in swarms that are small to moderate does not apply to large swarms. In any case, make sure you upload as much as possible. Whatever the problem may be, be sure to give some time to it. Sometimes it just takes time to connect to the right peers. Bittorrent is the ideal sharing protocol out there and is intended to more often than not, max out your speed. H

ow can I fix this NAT error?

Nearly all NAT errors are a consequence of incorrectly configured firewalls or routers, open the listening port that your client is using on your firewall and/or router, if your customer uses a port range attempt to limit this to around 10 interfaces any longer is unnecessary and might pose a safety risk. If you don’t know how to open ports check any documentation that you may have or the “makers” support/help. Portforward.com is extremely informative on this topic and rememberGoogle is your friend.

Which port should I use?

Some ISP’s throttle the link on the default Bit Torrent ports 6881 – changing your client’s listening port will help avoid the impacts of the traffic limitation, some care should be taken when selecting a port see Here for port nasties that are known. What is this ” Go to demonoid” error I keep getting? It means the torrent is not being tracked by Demonoid because it was deleted by its owner of by a site moderator. Please try using the torrent search to discover a torrent that is similar.

What is this “Torrent Rating System” and how does it work?

The torrent rating goes from 1 to 10, 1 being 10 the best, and the worst rating. When a torrent hasn’t yet been rated yet, it is going to have a “n/a” instead of the score. Please remember this is a rating system on the quality Of the content, not how much you liked it or disliked it. Creating / Uploading Torrents I wish to share my things, how do I make a torrent? Making a torrent is not difficult one would think. All that the torrent making software does is hash the documents of content (making the torrent identifiable), add the announce URL (so those who download it can connect to the tracker) and insert the a variety of file information (such as file names, size, etc.). There are. Torrent production tutorial (uTorrent)

Are there any guidelines when uploading a torrent I must follow?

Yes, there are guidelines. Before you upload torrents displayed, are the list of rules you must abide by. These rules are: Include this file in the torrent This is a text file which says this torrent is tracked by demonoid. Then it will be rejected by the site, if you fail to bring this to your torrent. No adult material allowed Demonoid has a strict policy against material that is pornographic. Any content depicting a sexual act will be deleted. There are countless sources to distribute this type of material and Demonoid isn’t one of them. No spam (make fast cash / Win an iPod / online poker / pyramid schemes, etc..) Get rich quick schemes, free stuff money pyramids and the likes do not benefit anyone. Torrents such as these will be deleted on sight. No hate inducing substance of any kind. No passworded archives. Passworded archives (. rar, . zip, . ace, . Tar, .7z, etc.) are not allowed. Forcing people to go to other site to acquire a password is a hassle on the community. For violating this rule torrents which are reported are deleted. No torrents from trackers Torrents out of trackers that require registration on a site are not allowed. No duplicate material Please search before uploading to assess if the material is already on the site No trojans or virus infected archives No torrents are allowed. Torrents infected with trojans, virii, spyware, adware, malware, etc. will be deleted. No hacking tools (reading material related to the subject is ok) Try to make sure that your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours or until there are a few seeds. Why is? The website updates the torrent list every few minutes.If over ten minutes passes since you uploaded it, and it’s still not there, try uploading it again. You want the torrent for it to apper on the list. A non-seeded torrent is instantly labled as a “dead” or inactive torrent. You may search for your torrent applying the filter [torrents] or [dead and active torrents]. The website will makes visible it, as soon as you begin seeding your torrent.

I uploaded a torrent, why does it appear to have been deleted?

Are you sure your torrent was in sync with all the rules? The torrent Moderators are constantly browsing the website, looking for torrents that break the rules. It will be deleted, if it receives complaints if your torrent barely remains within the scope of the rules.

What is this ” Torrent not in pool yet” error I keep getting?

This means the tracker has not had the opportunity to read the database. The tracker then adds it’s torrent pool and the torrents, and reads the database every 3 minutes or so. You need to wait for the torrent to be on the pool in order to seed it. If you get this error, stop the transfer, wait 3 minutes (usually it takes less, but make it to be sure), and then restart it.

Am I allowed to upload my torrent?

Yes you are. So long as the torrent is in sync with the site rules, you may do whatever you want, it is your torrent. It may actually be wise to add your torrent to other websites. This will increase your traffic. More traffic means a distribution of this torrent.

What’s “normal seeding mode” and what’s “super-seeding mode”?

Seeding mode is the regular way a client seeds. A peer who asks a piece will find that piece. Mode is slightly different. In super-seed manner, you may transfer a single piece . This means that you will not transfer any piece more than once. This speeds the initial Supply by ensuring that when you’ve uploaded 100 percent of your torrent, there will be one complete of this torrent distributed copy among your peers. However, please remember that mode is only useful for the initial distribution. Afterwards, seeding will be quicker.


What is this “ratio”?

The ratio is just that: a ratio. BitTorrent is a sharing protocol. So obviously, sharing is anticipated. The ratio system was introduced to permit you to monitor your transfer amount. A ratio of 1.0 means you’ve uploaded as much as you’ve downloaded, but it is encouraged to give more than you take

What is a good ratio?

1.0 or above. This means you have upload more than you have downloaded. This mentality is vital to the sharing community. Please try to try although sometimes it is hard to seed what you’ve downloaded.

How is the ratio calculated?

Every member starts off with 0 kilobytes downloaded and 0 kilobytes uploaded, giving them a ratio of 1.0. Each transfered begins to effect your ratio. The equation for the ratio calculation is uploaded/downloaded. In example: You have uploaded 50 megabytes and downloaded 150 megabytes, your ratio will be: 50/150=0.33. Or if you have uploaded 200 megabytes and downloaded 150 megabytes, your ratio will be: 200/150=1.33. Obviously, the latter is the preferrable ratio. Please listen to seed accordingly and your ratio. Only data will count toward your ratio.

My ratio is getting low, am I going to be banned?

The ratio method is purely statistical and somewhat innacurate for those with shared or dynamic ips. Besides what other users may think of you for not discussing, there is no punishment for having a ratio.

Why isn’t my ratio being reported?

There are a couple of reasons your ratio isn’t updating properly. If the server is unresponsive, slow, or overloaded, the “event=stopped” message that’s required to update your stats may become lost. A faulty, testing a client, or experimental, may also cause your stats to be misreported. Another possibility is the website may have a different IP associated with your account than the one you sent the “event=stopped” message with. It’s enabled any data transfered via these means and if your client supports DHT don’t count toward your ratio.

What are the best practices for ensuring my ratio is updated correctly?

There are some things you may attempt to ensure a ratio update.

Why doesn’t Demonoid utilize a “live tracker”?

Too many peers are tracked by demonoid, and live-tracking would put much strain on our server.


What am I not allowed to say in a comment?

There are some simple rules that you must follow: Use your common sense Any form of jokes are despise inducing whatsoever, or attacks or Illness against faith or another member’s race, will not be tolerated. This rule is strictly enforced. Any member will be banned, no questions asked. Flaming is NOT tolerated.

You will be warned if violated in excess and you’ll be banned if you persist. Although profanity is not In moderation, please use against site rules. We have many members, many of which are underage. Please keep this in mind when posting. Torrent comments are for talks on the torrent. Please stay on topic. Comments are disrespectful and rude towards the torrent owner. Whether it has already been mentioned please do not replicate any complaints. Take it, if the issue has yet to be solved. Do not ask for or post in the comments, keygens, hacks, cracks, serials, patches, passwords, etc. Comments containing advice or requests on where to adquire things will get you a warning from a moderator. No rapidshare or links Please use a torrent, if you want to share something

How do I report a torrent?

On the details page above the torrent comments there is a “Report this torrent” box, fill in the text area with the reason for reporting the torrent and submit. Note: If you are reporting a torrent please include a link to the torrent.

Full list of Demonoid Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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