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tracker.cztorrent.net Download torrents without registration.

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About website

The owner is the master of creation. He does not contradict himself, and he’s crawling over it, and a little more.

The administrator spends most of the day chatting on the IRC, drinking coffee, and occasionally checking out the tracker as it grows in torrents. He’s a pretty good guy.

Global Moderator
The Global Moderator also spends most of the day on the IRC, only when a member joins a member and starts asking for a torrent approval, so he goes to watch the tracker and occasionally looks at the forum. Otherwise, comfort.

Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator, as the name suggests, is being watched by the forum. He is careful that the forum does not show inappropriate behavior or something forbidden on the tracker. Otherwise, a lot of comfort.

Half Moderator
HalfModerator approves the torrents left over. He does not have to do anything else because he does not see anything. Mainly, it was rumbling.

VIP is a solidarist with a tracker, he understands the meaning of money and their need to keep the tracker running. It’s nice of him, but now he will not even have the red name.

How to get or lose VIP:
– It is automatically assigned to anyone with a member or uploader who has an account activated for 3000+ days.
– When the activation time falls below 3000 days, the previous rank will be returned to the account and the SSL settings will be canceled.
– Those who did not get a VIP thanks to the activation time (for example, the created tutorial) can not automatically come up with this rank.

– The ability to use SSL site security
– Possibility to use SSL security announce
– Right to have your ratio reset
– All benefits of members

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The uploader threw a lot of shit and was a bit spoiled. If it’s not his, it’s boring.

How to get or lose a uploader:
– Only Members or validating with a ratio of at least 0.95 can be ranked
– Automatic promotion will take place if there are at least 4 recorded torrents with a total size above 4GB
– Automatic rank removal will take place if the uploaded torrent size is below 4GB
– Uploaded torrents are counted in the last 30 days. Those that have a download below 50 or are in XXX are discarded.

– All the benefits of a member
– Can use SSL
– It does not apply to activation time

Member (enabled)
Member torrents downloads and seeds. For a moderate fee, download the latest torrents, to which God help him.

How to get or lose a member:
– To get it, just activate the validating account for any number of days.
– The rank will be automatically degraded to validating after the activation time expires.

– Can download the latest torrents if they keep at least a minimum ratio of 0.2.
– Has the option to display the number of assets in the torrent list.
– Can send reissue requests.
– Possibility of collecting seedbods.
– The ability to create your own upload.
– In torrent detail, you can view torrent rate statistics.

Validating (not activated)
Validating torrents usually download, but sometimes they do not. It does not have access to new torrents for it and for its greed.

How to get validating rank:
– Just register.

– After downloading 10GB and adhering to the minimum ration of 0.7, it can download torrents up to half the waiting time.
– The ability to collect seedbods for which you can activate your account.
– The ability to create your own upload.

Guest is a person lazy and registered, only see the opening page. He does not stand or stand, basically he’s not even here.


It is responsible for the legality of the data offered.
It undertakes to insert a torrent on the CZT to allow interested parties to download the data in the shortest possible time.

Also, consider whether its connection speed will allow for quality download when multiple torrents are added at one time.

(If you have a slow connection, do not upload more than 1 torrent, and the quantity does not guarantee quality.)
The seed time should be noted at the end of the torrent description, especially if it is limited by you (eg from 22:00 to 6:00)

Any unexpected complications regarding seedlings are recommended to be announced in a timely manner with a comment on your torrent.


They do not hurt him … .. Thank you and it’s free.
They note that if the torrent is new and 1 seed on xy candidates, the download speed is significantly smaller and unnecessarily uncritical.

It sets the speed of sharing according to its options so that it does not unnecessarily slow the download speed.

If there is a problem with a torrent (if it is not explained by the Uploader), please report it with a good comment.
If you are not interested in the given torrent – DO NOT DELIVER !!!

It is decency to send at least as much data as you download.
If you have to delete the downloaded torrents for any reason (low HDD), delete the torrent that has the most seedlings and leave the one that has less.

Remember that the ratio is your “business card of mercy” and, according to her, will treat you and meet you.

For any of your comments, queries, or requests, first try to find the topic your issue is concerned with.
If it is not in the forum, create a theme in the appropriate category.

Links: “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” “Tutorials”

Type comments:

It’s me here **, you’re all gone ** ** etc …

They do not solve the problem, and instead of answering, everyone will send you somewhere.

Be aware that the forum is willing to act with you and solve your problems and questions only decent users. Those rude your questions and comments are not interested. We can not follow the behavior of others and we are ready to help you to the maximum.

Therefore, express yourself as follows:

I have a problem, do not you know someone …?
I’ve become this … what should I do about it?
Can you help me with … ..?
I would … … and I do not know how to do it

In that case, we will be happy to help you with your problem. Do not apologize for your questions (everyone can not know everything), but do not forget to thank. If you still need to be spoiled, send me a PM

If someone asks a good question, answer and do not examine his ratio. A comment in the style “Improve the ratio and then ask” is not the answer. If you do not know the answer, do not write anything.

Additional behavior on CPT

I do not want to force anyone to adhere to good behavior. Let everyone act according to their conscience, but at the same time realize that you will have consequences for your actions.

This recommendation how to behave in the beginning and can be retrofitted. Please send your comments and suggestions to the PM.

Prohibitions for uploading

Strict upload ban:
– promoting fascism, racism, drugs, pedophilia, zoophilia, disgusting, abortions, autopsy, torture (eg XXX or video).
– Ban on publishing links / ads to other trackers!
– For uploading fake torrents, the uploader is punished!
– It is forbidden to pack a torrent file!
– It is forbidden to upload only a text file with www.adreso

Movies and videos of all kinds:
– Prohibited uploading DVDs created from compressed formats divx, xvid, wmv, etc! If for any reason you want to upload DVDs created from compressed files, first contact a moderator or admin.
– Prohibition of uploading Czech and Slovak films before the official premiere and date of the cinematography!
– Forbidding uploading in archives such as rar, zip, iso, … etc (for dvd, movies, music, hdtv, xxx, video clips, serials)!
– Forbidding to upload a DVD movie only in: / VIDEO_TS /! Only: / /film_name / VIDEO_TS / or only: /film_name /.
– Prohibition of uploading multiple movies at one time, more parts can be in the same movie, just a sequel, but cast more different movies in the torrent that have nothing in common NO!

For music:
– Songs must be named. Track name “Track 01” and the like is not allowed!
– Avoid using diacritics in song titles!
– Forbidding uploading in archives such as rar, zip, iso, … etc (for this category)!

For games and software:
– Prohibition of “product key” in both the description and the post!
– Prohibition of actively linking the official website of the manufacturer!

For documents:
– Prohibited uploading text files where the www address is only!

Bans for download

Disabled clients:
The following clients can not download:
Azureus – lower version than
UTorrent – lower version than 1.7.7


Account not validated:
Downloading XXX up to ration 1 and higher with downloads higher than 10GB
The torrent wait time depends on the ration:

Under 0.7 => 14 days
Over 1.5 => 7 days
Between 0.7 and 1.5 => the higher the ratio, the shorter

Full list of CzTorrent Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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