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cinemageddon.net Cinemageddon is the home of the rare, obscure and trashy horror, martial arts, gore, exploitation and action flicks.There are lot of B-Movies on this tracker which you have never heard about before. It’s a great tracker to discover gems from the past you have missed out on. The best thing there is the community. They have a very active community with a lot of forum posts everyday. Cinemageddon.net collects mostly bad-rated and obscure movies. Movies that meet any of the following criteria is allowed – No IMDb Page – Fewer than 1000 votes on IMDb – A rating of less than 3 on IMDb There is no better place if you are looking for such movies. Maintaining a good ratio on CG isn’t any more difficult than on any other trackers. Regular bonuses, freeleech picks as well as occasional sitewide freeleech helps users a lot.

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About website

Cinemageddon is a really distinctive tracker the very best tracker for staff hard-to-find b-movies and films from all over the world. All date ranges are found here, if it’s something rare, there is a good chance you’ll realize that movie here. Kind of hard to seed if you don’t jump on torrents the bonus system is different from trackers and when they first appear, I would say more challenging to earn bonus points.

Freeleech is offered on occasions though.They have 22k+ users and 134k+ torrents. Tracker Description Cinemageddon (CG) is a dedicated movie tracker.Its specialization is older and rare movies.

There are plenty of B-Movies on this tracker you likely never heard of before.CG its a great tracker to discover gems from the past you missed out on and a great way to discover movies movies which are fun to watch.Also have very active community and you may find a good deal of jokes everywhere.

Tracker Features: Rare content-A lot of movies are ripped and uploaded by CG members Very active and friendly community. Category: The cinemageddon community prides itself on being the best Cult, Trash, Schlock, Cheese, Vintage Porn, Extreme Gore, Uber Low-Budget (we are talking movies made with cheap digital cameras and edited on windows movie maker here…) and B-Movie tracker on the net! Total Torrents: 101,884 Total Registered Users: 23,096 Max Users: Not displayed. Following the mysterious disappearance of the head honcho, a few of the websites wiki, links, faqs and guides are still in the process of being updated. Seed Difficultly: Fairly easy if you try.

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There are 3 featured torrents each day, downloading them (especially the moment they are featured) will boost your ratio drastically. And of course a plethora of other coloured “coins”, these give you a download reduction and seeding bonus, usually 40%. New users that dive into downloading pictures right will have no chance at CG and will be banned before they get to download the good things the film.

Download speeds are very fast on torrents with more than 5 or users. There are a few with 2 or 1 seeders that you’ll download for a day or two due to slow speeds. Statistics: Torrents 101,884 Peers 270,070 Connectable 201,606 Unconnectable 68,464 Seeders 266,873 Leechers 3,197 Total Uploaded 22,624.993 TB Total Downloaded 6,343.442 TB Global Ratio 3.567 Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only after users are pruned. Other Features and What Makes CG Great: CG is fairly laid back and the staff and users don’t take themselves to seriously.

There’s fun to be had from the forum as long as you treat others you expect to be treated with. Asking for invites to other trackers, not posting in the forums or acting douchey will get you banned while the others sit around and crack jokes at your expense. But generally a few of the people on any private tracker.

Name – Cinemageddon
Category – Movies
URL – cinemageddon.net
Signup – Invites Only
Type – Ratio Based
Maintaining – Ratio Medium
IRC Server – irc.cinemageddon.net
Channel – #cinemageddon
Banned Countries – None

Full list of Cinemageddon Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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