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Checking the speed of the internet – what do the test parameters mean?


Today almost everyone uses us at home from the internet. If we find that pages or videos load much longer, and downloading files takes longer than usual, we can easily see what speed our internet has. With the development of network technology, the speed of the internet is also increasing. A few years ago, we waited a long time for the entire movie to be buffed (and not the highest quality) on YouTube. Today we are increasingly meeting with materials that can be viewed at 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second, and resolution of 720p or 1080p is basically a standard that would be difficult to distinguish. The speed and overall efficiency of the internet depends on many factors, even from the browser. If we use wireless internet, such as mobile, we may sometimes have problems with weather coverage or interference. A home Wi-Fi network may also work worse if it is in close proximity to other Wi-Fi networks. It is also important to know how many people are using the network at a given moment. Popular servers are often heavily burdened, especially in the afternoons when people have already returned from work and school and decided to take a break from the computer.

Let’s keep in mind that we will not reach the full potential of our internet, because everything depends on a number of external factors. In addition, providers, giving us the speed of the Internet, use the words “up to 6 Mbps”, so nothing really is guaranteed.
Before we start checking the speed of our internet, we should disable any applications that run in the background and which may affect the speed of the internet, including the anti-virus. Also disable unnecessary, unnecessary bookmarks in the browser, close the mail, and – first of all – do not download anything.

Checking the speed of the internet through a website.

One of the most famous websites to check the speed of the internet is speedtest.pl. To start the test, just click on the “Start” box and wait for the test to complete and the results will be displayed. In addition, this website offers additional tests, such as speed for global servers or delays to global servers.

Checking the speed of the internet – what do the test parameters mean?

After performing the internet speed test, you will see results for each ping, download, upload, for example, if you want to send the file to the server or download it when you want to download from the server or from the p2p network using torrent. Ping – otherwise the response time from the server after the query sent by the browser. Im ping is lower, this delay is shorter. Download – shows the maximum download speed of the internet and the speed of loading web pages. Sending – This parameter specifies the maximum rate of upload to the server (ie, upload a video to YouTube or upload movie files or games to other p2p network users, for example via torrents).


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