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what.cd In December of 2010, What.CD’s torrents collection hit the one million mark, a record for a private BitTorrent tracker at these days.

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About website

Launched 2007, What.CD sprang up from the ash of famed tracker OiNK’s Pink Palace and has become a well-respected music torrent tracker. The neighborhood around What.CD has build an impressive choice of music, comic books, software, audiobooks and e-books. Fast download speeds, well-seeded torrents and a broad choice of music files encoded in an assortment of formats makes What.CD a paradise for music fans.

What.CD is an invitation only tracker searching for members that are active in the area, interested in music and ready to share with other people by seeding and uploading songs. To pass the interview, you have to understand general BitTorrent language (ratio, seeding), basics in ripping and transcoding music, sound formats and at least understanding What.CD’s site rules. Trading, selling and purchasing invites is strictly prohibited.

Visitors in many countries are prohibited from What.CD IRC interviews. WCD prohibits certain countries from the interview process because an above-average amount of misbehaving users.

An alternate way to find an What.CD invitation is to combine another torrent tracker and build a good reputation there and determine if there are WCD invite or recruiting threads.

Called Gazelle, the lightweight open source framework not only forces What.CD but also a few other private torrent trackers. Although obviously focusing on audio, it can be modified for many needs. A new Javascript-based frame called meteor-gazelle is now in development.

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What.cd’s farewell

Shortly after What.cd’s closed down the website released a comprehensive farewell message on Twitter:

We’re confident that our employees and users are secure. It’s with tremendous sorrow in our hearts which we must now proceed with our lives.

Please join us at a last round of thanks to all staff and users, present and past, who worked tirelessly to create What.CD among the most extraordinary places in the history of the internet. To the administrators, programmers, moderators, team members, interviewers, uploaders, downloaders, seeders, musicians, designers, archivists, and historians who led hundreds of thousands of hours of voluntary effort: our library couldn’t have existed had you never been willing to build it piece by piece. And to everyone who participated in our vibrant neighborhood: you made our extraordinary location an extraordinary home.

To OiNK: Thank you for paving the way. One residual hope for What.CD’s heritage is that it, too, will act as a model for whatever comes next. We have always avoided politics; our position ought to be clear. If our memory is to achieve anything, let it function as a sort of proof. You shared an experience with thousands and thousands of kindred explorers. Do not forget that there are those that are prepared to work to make sure that works of cultural value can be shared and preserved. Granted, we worked within the constraints of the time, location, and version, but the aim supersedes the specifics.
Saying goodbye isn’t straightforward. We can’t measure what you mean to us. Scarcely has there been a truer labour of love.

We can provide no guarantee of additional communication right now. What happens next is on your hands. Having said that, we are not worried. You have given us a deep cause for hope. Serving you through the years has left us sure of two simple truths. The first is that our species is full of ability, endurance, and fire — more so than we give ourselves credit for.

We have seen what happens when thousands of individuals work together to create a tribute to human civilization free from concern over gain or acclaim. The results are amazing. And now it is time to move along with that in mind.

Tracker URL – what.cd
Tracker Genre – Music
Tracker type – Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio – Hard
Getting In – Hard to Get in
Sign up – invite only
Bonus System – no
Tracker IRC – irc.what-network.net
(+6697 #what.cd, #what.cd-help, #what.cd-disabled, #what.cd-invites)
IRC Bonus Brazil
Banned Countries IRC Banned – Brazil, China, Egypt, Georgia, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine

Complete Ban – Hungary, Saudi Arabia
Tracker Birthday – OCT 2007
Tracker’s Twitter – Account N/a
Tracker’s FaceBook – Account Here

Full list of What.CD Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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