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Can you imagine what the future would look like without torrents?


On the Internet more and more websites that mediate file sharing via torrent. You have probably noticed that there are more and more torrent sites in the past. The truth is that many sites have recently been blocked. Each of us probably used to use torrents to download a movie or something else. On this type of pages we will find everything. In my youth, I was involved in downloading games of all kinds. Thanks to that I did not have to spend money on the original versions. This is a good way to save money. This is an attractive way especially for children and young people.

It can be seen that old pages with rich database and different quality movies and games are no longer available to internet users, but new sites appear in their place. I have friends who are still using torrents. Sometimes they tell me that they will not even get used to the site yet, and after a while it is blocked and has no access to it. This is because game and movie publishers are increasingly trying to keep their content free for others on the Internet. This is understandable because in such a situation, money does not go to their soles.

Recently organizations have been established in many European countries to limit the activity of torent.

Can you imagine what the future would look like without torrents?

Will there be any other method for duplicating content to which we do not have copyright? This is a very good question, I suspect that there are already such ways already. Probably they are not popular because torrent has dominated every other download method because it is very simple, easy and fun. We do not have to look long for things that interest us.

If the source is good enough then we can download the files to our computer at an express rate. The torrent method as we all know is to transfer files from one user’s computer to another. In order to completely eliminate piracy, many internet users who exchange files should be eliminated. This is much more difficult than, for example, blocking the server on which the files are located. Internet users who use the torrent is tens of millions. It is impossible to capture them all. So maybe this is the way that is available so long? Probably so.

However, we have to be aware that we can be caught by the security services, because in each country torrents are prohibited. This is because copyright compliance is a problem that everyone is facing. Wondering is the fact of earnings. I am more interested in making more money from game and movie producers, or more intermediaries who first have to break the collateral and then resell for a small percentage of the acquired material.

Times when the bazaar was bought and bought a counterfeit game for $ 10 instead of $ 40 in a certified store has passed. However, probably then was the most fruitful period for hackers who broke the security and reproduced by burning another disc with copies of the game. It is impossible to hide that torrents are the biggest problem in computer piracy. And nothing indicates that in the near future it will end. The only thing that could change is changing the law and more severe penalties for distributing materials that are not copyrighted. No security will be so effective because there will always be someone who will break the security and use it for profit, without fear. You will not be scared of low penalties for this offense.


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