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Can ad campaigns help stop mass torrent downloads?


As we all know, the most popular way to watch a movie or game is to download it from the internet. Many of us probably already used their torrents in their lives. However, this is not entirely legal. We will try to say today what threatens users who distribute copyrighted content. And we will also tell you what dangers are downloading such files.

Copying copyrighted content is of course a problem not only in United Kingdom. They are struggling creators in every world. The reason they seek to give severe penalties to internet users are primarily money. This is very easy since most often you do not have to pay for downloads from the internet, so the creators do not get any income from producing movies, photos or games. We must admit that the first thought that comes to us is to get something in the cheapest way.

Therefore, very popular torrents are one of the most common ways to download the latest movies and games. Most often they use this way of a younger person whose parents do not want to give money to the cinema or to the latest computer games. Many of us probably once in such a situation. Not many people, however, were aware of the possession of the file illegally. It has only been a few years since state authorities have banned the downloading of content online. Advertising campaigns were also created for this reason. Of course, they are sponsored by the state budget, which is why our taxes, that is, from your pickle.

Can ad campaigns help stop mass torrent downloads? Probably yes, but this is a very ineffective method, and if you ever succeeded in getting someone to take possession of the desired product and did not have to pay for it, he will probably take the risk and do it again. Especially since it is very rare to hear that someone has been stopped because of downloading files on the internet. People are not afraid of this, so they will continue to do so.

There are also organizations that are calling for you to stop using this method of something that does not belong to you. It is known that if it is possible to download from the Internet by torrent method first someone had to buy the way to buy this product to later spread it. This is a poor consolation because when it is good the number of downloads from a given torrent can amount to several thousands. In that case, the manufacturer loses most of the money he could get if the internet users went to the store and bought the game or movie. A very popular way to save money on a movie is to download this torrent video. A lot of people prefer to do so because they can later watch this movie without leaving home and save some money.

However, you should not be surprised later that movie ticket prices are so high because movie producers are thus reducing the losses associated with online piracy. Ordinary users who watch videos downloaded by torrent or who play games downloaded from other users in practice are not at risk. The most exposed to punishment are people who have internet forums that they are encouraging them to download from. There is some logic in this because if it were not for torrent sites people would not have so easy access to the material that is available in computer stores at no cost.


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