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btarg.com.ar BitTorrent Argentina – BTARG is an Argentinian general private tracker. It has been online since 2002. It’s nearly the oldest and biggest tracker in Latin America. It has lots of torrents but mainly in this tracker you can find a tons of music, movies and series from Latin America not seen in other places. Site has no bonus system but you can find many freeleech torrents mainly educational, historical or deserve to be spread massively. Interface is in Argentinian and can be translated using Google translator.

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About website

– This site is not public access, to be able to log in you must be registered.

– In this site there are not hosted files with intellectual property or copyright.

– This website is against any kind of piracy or criminal act.

– Anyone with an original disk has the right to make a backup copy of it for personal use, in no case infringe the law if you make a backup copy of your original.

– All the marks mentioned herein and symbols are registered by their rightful owners, and are only used in reference to them and with an end quote or comment.

– To enter the site you have to agree with the above and respect the rules of the site.

This website is solely responsible for the proper functioning of the website and undertakes to delete messages that do not comply with the norms established in our Forum or clearly infringe the legality, in accordance with the copyright granted in the current Laws.

BTARG Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

– What is BitTorrent?
Bit Torrent is an open source P2P (peer to peer) program, which makes it easy for many developers to make clients with the code and is considered unique by the way they work. It should be noted that BT (Bittorrent) is completely free of spyware and one of its main advantages is that there are no waiting queues as in the e2k network (lease emule, edonkey and overnet), just that the online file has available seed’s or Seeds (users who have the complete file and are sharing it) and some peer’s or leechers (users who are downloading the file at the same time as you). It should be noted that the tracker where the torrent file is hosted, must also be online. This way we can achieve great transfer rates in a very short time and what makes it excellent to this program is the stability and the continuity of descent that it takes.

– What is a Tracker?
A tracker is an Internet server that acts to coordinate the action of BitTorrent clients. When we open a torrent, your machine connects to the tracker and asks for a list of peers and seeds to contact. Periodically during the transfer, your machine will contact you again with the tracker telling you how much you have downloaded and uploaded, how long you have left the file sharing once downloaded and the state you are in (starting, finishing, lowering, stopping). If a tracker is down and you try to open a torrent, you will not be able to connect. If the tracker drops while you are using the torrent (for example, you have already connected and you are asking for peers) you will be allowed to continue transferring with those peers, but the new peers will not be able to contact you or you with them. Usually tracker errors are temporary so the best thing to do is wait and leave the client open trying to connect.

– What is a Torrent for?
It is a small file containing metadata that is received from the web server (the one ending in .torrent). Metadata implies that the torrent contains information about the file to download, not the file itself. A torrent file is downloaded from the tracker and must be saved while downloading the file or share it as it is the one we use and open with our client.

– What is a Seed?
A seed is a PC that has a full copy of a certain torrent and is responsible for distributing parts to the peers that will become seed only when they complete the file. Leaving an open torrent after completion is called a seed or seeding. You can also open a BT client with a complete file and once the BT has checked the file will connect and offer the file to others. When a new torrent is posted on a tracker, someone must seed that file to make it available to others. Remember, the tracker does not know anything about the contents of the files, so it is important to follow and share a file if you upload the torrent to a tracker.

– What is a Peer?
A peer is a user with another PC connected to the Internet to which one connects and exchanges data, it should be noted that a peer does not have the complete file and if it had it would be called seed. However, with the super seeding method, many connected peers can have all the integrity of the file to download. Some people refer to peers as leechers and the difference is based on that a leecher finishes the download and does not even share until it takes its Share Ratio to 1, (read, a barbarian piola that the only thing that does is shit to the others ).

– What is a Reseed?
When there are zero seeds for a given torrent (and there are not enough peers to have a complete copy), then normally all peers will encounter an incomplete file, if no one in the swarm has the missing parts. When this occurs, someone with the complete file (a seed) must connect to the swarm so that the missing parts are transferred. This is called reseeding. Normally a reseed request comes with an implicit promise that the reseed requester (currently peer) will leave their client open for a period of time after completing it (to give longevity to the torrent) by returning the favor to the reseed.

– What is the Share Ratio?
The share ratio (commonly known as ratio) is simply the amount of MB (Mega Bytes) that you have uploaded divided the amount of MB you have downloaded. If you get a share ratio of 1.0 it means that you have gone up as much as you have gone down. The higher the number, the more you have contributed. If you see a share ratio of oo or Inf., It means infinity, which will happen when you open the BT client with a complete file (for example making a file seed). In this case do not download anything (you already have it complete) so everything you send will cause the ratio to go up to infinity.

– What is the Passkey?
It is an access key to download / upload for each torrent and for each user, that is to say that each user has his own passkey for each torrent generated in his own announce, this makes it cleaner the take of the ratio and prevents fraud on the part of Other trackers / users. This prohibits the distribution of each .torrent file that is not downloaded by each user (the .torrents can not be passed).

– What is a Firewall?
Is a program that prevents unwanted connections from malicious users. Many times if we do not understand well how to use it can hurt us instead of helping us.

I lost my password and / or username! Could you send it to me?
Please use this form to have your login information emailed to you and in case the mail does not arrive, contact a staff administrator.

Can I change the name of the account?
No, this is not possible, we do not change the name of the accounts.

Can you delete my account already activated?
We do not delete accounts already activated.
If you want we can disable the account, disassociate it from your IP and e-mail address, for that, contact a staff administrator.

Can I create a second account to seedear at work and at my house?
No, you can not create two accounts under any circumstances, in case someone on the site of the page detects something like that, your accounts may become disabled. However, if you need to connect from more than one IP, the current system allows you to seeder from up to 3 different IPs and leech from 1 (at the same time).

Why is my IP and my Email displayed on the details page?
Only you and the moderators can see that information. The rest of the users do not have access to that data.

I can not log in!
This problem usually occurs with IE. Close all Internet Explorer windows, open internet options in the control panel and delete cookies. Surely you can log in again, if not, contact a staff administrator.

I have dynamic IP. How do I stay logged in?
The IP address associated with your account is that of the last PC from where you are logged in. But the torrents you are downloading have a passkey, which associates your user with the tracker. So if your IP changes, you will not have problems in continuing the download and therefore you will not need to log in again.

Why does my port number appear as “—“? Do I have to worry?
The tracker determined that you are behind a firewall and can not receive incoming connections.
This means that other users will not be able to connect with you, only you to them. But it is even worse if you try to connect two users with this problem, none can exchange data with the other, this will negatively influence the overall speed.
The way to fix this is to open the ports for the incoming connections (usually 6881-6999) in the firewall. If you want to know more about ports and how to change them, you can check the following link in our forum.

What are the different types of users?
The default user type. You can have invitations but you are not allowed to invite.
Super user
Same as user. You have permission to make invitations.
The same privileges of the Super User and is considered VIP user of our community. It is immune to the automatic BAN.
Trained to help and support other users in the community.
Check and enable the offered ones. You can upload, edit or delete offered only in its category.
It is dedicated to making rips and you can upload your own torrents.
It moderates the forum and controls the performance of users. You can edit or delete, torrents, comments and topics.
You can do almost everything. They control user accounts.
They are the operators of the system, they direct the staff and they make the main decisions.
They are in charge of modifying the PHP code of the tracker and have range of Sysop.
Bacan, main creator of the page

How does the promotion system work?
Super user
You must have at least 6 weeks of membership, have been uploaded at least 20GB and a ratio equal to or greater than 1.05. The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Also in case your ratio goes down from 0.95 to “User”.
Assigned by the moderators, whom we believe are bringing something special to the tracker.
(Do not ask to be VIP, just do it and you are outside, if you try hard we will keep it in mind).
Designated by a Sysop.
Designated by a Sysop seen and considering the work done.
Designated by a Sysop or WebMaster. Do not ask us, we will ask you if you need us !!!

How does the invitation system work?
We currently have an invitation system which you can use from this Link.
The invitations will be renewed from time to time, when this happens it will be notified in the home of the site.
Not everyone has invitations. The beneficiaries can use them only if they have superuser or higher category and have no active warning. If so, when you regulate your situation you can access the invitations.

In your particular case you have invitations

Parking Account
What is it and what is it for?
You can park your account to prevent it from being deactivated after 60 days without activity (logueo on the site).
The user who is parked will have limited use of the site, will not be able to download / upload, or access certain pages. (Example: forums, torrents, etc.)
The limit of time that can leave your account parked is 120 days, after that period the user will be disabled.

Torrents FREE
What are they?
They are torrents where the downloaded is not computed, but it is uploaded.

By what criteria do they decide whether it will be free or not?
They are FREE all torrents that are educational, historical or deserve to be spread massively. They will be at the discretion of the staff.
Asking for a torrent to be FREE is a cause for concern.

About us
Most common reasons why your stats are not updated.
The client is not connected to the tracker for reasons other than the tracker (eg server problems).
You can share because your client saves the IP’s that are connected to you. NOTE: With the new passkey system, cheating is history. The tracker takes the ratio well.
You are cheating of some kind.
Tips for a correct update of statistics.
If a .Torrent you are downloading is not listed on your profile, wait a bit or force the manual update.
Be sure to close the BT client well, so the tracker receives “event = completed”.
If the tracker falls, do not stop seeder, as soon as the tracker is working again, before closing the client the statistics will be updated correctly.

Do I have to use any special clients?
No. The tracker correctly updates the statistics of all current customers. Anyway, we recommend avoiding the following customers:
• BitTorrent ++,
• New Torrent,
• TorrentStorm.

These clients do not fully report session closures or cancellations to the tracker. If you use them, some of the last MB will not be counted in your statistics, and the .Torrent will continue to be listed in your profile for a while after you have closed your client.

On the other hand there are several clients who have been banned from Btarg for malfunctioning or else allow to “lie” the ratio.
Take a tour of Aca to read about it

Why is a .Torrent that I’m drying up or leeching on my profile several times?
If for some reason (ie hang from the PC or the system) your client closes badly and it starts again, this will have a new peer identifier, so it looks to show as a new .Torrent. The old one will never receive an “event = completed” or “event = stopped” and will be listed until the time out of the tracker. Ignore it, one moment to another is eliminated alone.
This can be solved by checking the option “Delete ghost peers” in the user configuration.

For those who are interested …
Some info. On “Anatomy of a .Torrent session”.

Most common mistakes and their meaning
Problem getting response info – [Errno 2] No such file or directory: “C: \\ Documents and Sett …”:
For some reason, Intenet Explorer does not save the torrent in Temporary Internet Files. The solution seems clear … you have to right-click the torrent link in the tracker, select “Save as …”, save the torrent to the hard disk and then need to open it with the client. Sometimes, clearing the IE cache also fixes the problem. These problems are usually associated with torrents with [] in their file name.

Too many args – 0 max. :
This error is indicative of an erroneous command line. Make sure the command line arguments appear –responsefile “% 1”.

A failed failed check, re-downloading it:
It is a benign message, perfectly can be ignored. It means that you have received a part of the wrong file so it will be downloaded again. The most likely cause is that someone who has deactivated the Hashing option has sent you the wrong part.

Bad data from tracker:
It can usually be ignored. It usually happens when the tracker is overloaded.

Problem connecting to tracker – Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 503: Connect failed – Problem connecting to tracker – [Connection error] (10061, “Connection refused”) Refused ‘):
There was a problem connecting to the tracker. Trackers are often very crowded and sometimes connections fail. The best thing to do is be patient and leave the client open. If you see that this lasts a lot, you can try increasing the http request time by adding the parameter “–http_timeout 120” (default is 60 seconds).

Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 400: Not Authorized:
This means that the administrators of the tracker do not allow access to it at this time or that you need to have a user in the tracker and be logged in to be able to download.

Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 404: Not Found:
It is probably an old torrent and is no longer on the tracker or the tracker is down.

Error: Tracker Response Error: Your client has been banned. Error # 1 in Tracker:
The version that you are using of the client is not valid, you must replace it, for more information you can visit this link

Problem connecting to tracker – HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required:
You need to configure a username and password for your proxy server to be able to contact the tracker.

How do I create a torrent file?
You can check the following link in our forum to find out more about it.

What is the tracker announce?
The tracker’s announce address is as follows: http://announce.btarg.org/announce.php

How do I use the file I downloaded?
Read this guide.

I downloaded a movie and I do not know what CAM / TS / TC / SCR stands for
Read this guide.

Why do active .Torrents disappear?
There are three possible reasons:
(1) The Torrent was out of our rules.
(2) Who uploaded it could have deleted it because the release was wrong. Probably a corrected one has been uploaded instead.
(3) Older .Torrents are sometimes automatically disabled when there are no more peers.

How do I continue a download or reseedeo something?
I opened the .Torrent, when the client asks you where to save it, I chose the folder where the file (s) are / and so the download will resume or the .Torrent will be reset.

Why do my downloads sometimes stop at 99%?
The more parts of the file you have, the more difficult it is to find peers that have the missing data, that is why download speeds are lowered or even stopped when there are only a few parts to download, be patient, sooner or later it goes To finish lower everything.

What ratio should I keep to stay in the community? The minimum ratio required is 0.5 with more than 5GB lowered and being with a warning. In case of no warning (since the ratio never under 0.5, the minimum ratio with more than 5GB lowered is 0.5

The speed of descent depends mostly on the average seeder / leecher. It is normal for new releases (especially the most popular ones) where the average seeder / leecher is low, the initial download speed is poor.
(Note: Always remember how ugly it is to go down so slow.), So others do not go through the same thing.

There are a couple of things you can try to improve speed:
Do not quickly change .Torrent.
Less if you have a “slow” ADSL connection, the best speed is reached in the middle of the “life” of the .Torrent, when the average seeders / leechers is at maximum.

Limit your upload speed.
The climb speed affects the descent speed in two ways:
Bittorrent peers tend to favor those who “upload” data. This means that if A and B are sharing the same .Torrent and A are sending data to B at high speed, then B is going to try to make it mutual. Having good upload speed you will have good download speed.
Due to the way the TCP protocol works, when A is descending something from B, A has to tell B that it received the data that was sent to it (these notices are called acknowledgments – ACKs -). If A can not do this, then B stops sending you data and waits. If A is sharing at the maximum upload rate, there is probably no bandwidth left to send the ACKs, and these are lost. Having excessive speed of rise you will have poor speed of discharge.

The ideal is to get an average between the two cases. The upload speed should be kept as high as possible, but leaving some bandwidth in order to send the ACKs without delays. The ideal is to keep the speed up to 80% of the total theoretical speed. For example, for a 256KbD / 128KbU connection: 128Kb = 16KB minus the 20% that is reserved for Windows = 13KB, 80% of 13KB = 10.5KB would be the right thing. You will have to adjust the settings until you find the ideal one for your case, but always remember that the higher you maintain the rate of increase, the more you will benefit your ratio.

Limit the maximum number of simultaneous connections.
Some operating systems (such as windows9x) can not handle a large number of simultaneous connections and in some cases they hang. Even some routers tend to become slow and unstable when they have to deal with multiple connections at the same time. There is no set value for these cases, you have to test with 60 or 100 for example and go changing these values. Keep in mind that if you open several sessions of your client these values ​​are for each of them.

Limit the number of simultaneous uploads.
Is not it the same as it says above? No. The number of simultaneous connections limits the number of peers your client connects to and from which you download data. The number of simultaneous uploads limits the number of peers to which you are sending information, the ideal number is much smaller than the number of connections, and depends on the type of ADSL you have (256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb, etc.).

I have a little patience.
As explained above, peers favor peers who are uploading information. When you start sharing a .Torrent you do not have parts to offer to other peers, and usually you are going to ignore them. This causes the download speed at the beginning to be low. Your download speed depends, at the beginning, on peers downloading information from the seeders. The download speed is going to increase as you have more parts to share.

Why does my browsing speed decrease while I share with BT?
Your download speed is limited. If you are a peer in a fast .Torrent you will probably saturate your bandwidth, and finish navigating very slowly. There are some clients that let you limit the download speed. You can also use some specific software for that, like NetLimiter.
Browsing is just an example, the same applies to OnLine games, receiving E-Mail, etc.

What BitTorrent client do you recommend?
Always the best is that you decide for yourself, about tastes there is nothing written.
However, to orient yourself a little more, you can check the following link in our forum and surely it will be very helpful to make a decision.


Read the FAQs carefully, they are for your benefit and that of the whole community.
Do not violate the rules expressed here.
Do not upload our torrents to other trackers under any circumstances (see details in the FAQ).
Do not have more than one account per user.
Do not pay the bill. Each one is responsible for the use of the same and the consequences that this attracts.
Maintain a minimum ratio of 0.5
Having a low ratio can have serious consequences, including lowering in extreme cases.
Express yourself politely and correctly to the rest of the community.
It is strictly forbidden to make any reference or direct and / or indirect reference to Cracks, Keygens, Serials, Activators or similar, both in Torrents and in the Forum.
Users with a ratio lower than 0.5, who are down or are inactive and have dropped something and are not sharing, will be warned for 5 days. If it does not improve at that time, the account () will be automatically disabled.
Users with a ratio lower than 0.5 that are lowering something but in turn are going up, will be warned for 10 days, if it does not improve in that time, it will automatically deactivate the account ().

The warning will not be removed until the user reaches 0.5 of ratio.
The accumulation of 3 warnings will lead to greater penalties, and may even lead to the deactivation of the account.
The “Hit & Run” (being the first to finish a download and stop the torrent without raising enough) will be a warning. In case of a repeat of this behavior the account will be subject to a higher penalty.
It is forbidden to request votes for Offered or Reseeds by PM or in the forum.
Those new accounts that do not register transfer or have movement in the forum after 4 weeks, will be disabled.
Users who are unduly expressed in the forum or in the tracker will be sanctioned with a warning for mistreatment () for a time determined by the staff. You must apologize for it to be removed, otherwise, or if the apology does not convince you, the account will be automatically deactivated.
No advertising of other sites is allowed, except with the consent of the Staff.
The purchase / sale in the forums is not allowed except for sponsors and those authorized by the Staff.
All services provided are privileges and can not in any way be considered as rights.
BTARG reserves the right of admission.

The allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg and .png.
Be considerate. Resize your image to a width of 150 px, a length of 300 px and a size no larger than 300 KB. (Browsers will re-scale them anyway: small images will be enlarged and will not look good; large images will only create a loss of bandwidth and CPU cycles).
Do not use potentially offensive material including pornography, images loaded with religious material, animal-human-ideological cruelty. Moderators have broad criteria in that it is acceptable. If in doubt send PM to one of them.
Limit the number of torrents to 6 simultaneously.
Limit to 8 the number of torrents uploading simultaneously, except those authorized by the staff for having very high upstream.
Only designated UPLOADERS can upload torrents.
The Seeder / s / s / s should seeder 1 single torrent at a time, until there are at least 3 additional seeders. This also involves that you will not be able to download anything either, since downloading is also uploading data.
To upload a torrent the material must go through the process of posting on offered and be enabled by a uploader. In case of need any modification will be followed up for a week to be corrected, notifying the user through a message “system” corrections to do.
Normally to be uploaded, the torrent must get a vote of at least 35 votes. At the moment this vote is only required in torrents category XXX.
Once the material is accepted, the poster will receive a PM that gives a link to enable its offered, clicking the offered will be automatically uploaded. (You should download the torrent from that page to start uploading the offered. Do not activate the torrent until you are not willing to seedear).
The initial seed agrees to keep your torrent well seared for a minimum of 10 days or to complete 3 additional seeds, whichever comes first. Material information should be concise and relevant to the material (do not include number of strings, braces, or the like in the description).
The Uploaders use their criteria to upload, do not judge, that is the responsibility of the Admins and Sysop’s.
The material to be offered may NOT have a size less than 15 Mb.
The user must test the .torrent files before uploading them.
All material offered will be reviewed and uploaded by a uploader as long as you meet the requirements. In case you need any modification, it will be followed up for a week to be corrected.
Only the XXX category is governed by a voting system, the one offered will be visible but will not be able to vote until a uploader enables it. After being enabled, it will take 1 week to reach the votes.
The offered ones are only enabled when the uploader considers it correct and complete, being thus, it is necessary to provide the corrections or information that the same request.
It will not be possible to offer material that has previously been uploaded in the tracker, it is the responsibility of the offerer to check that the material has not been uploaded previously by calling the inactive option in the search of torrents.
Do not include in the torrent structure additional files that are not specific to the offered, such as images or txt / nfo files (Example: in case of a movie, only the .avi file and the corresponding subtitles will be allowed).
Packs of films, or dvds armed with several films, will not be allowed.
The staff is authorized to refuse offered that are in other places with a good amount of seeds, or that it considers that it is not suitable for the community of Btarg.
No user with a ratio lower than 0.75 can vote.
Votes will be at the rate of 5 per week. Votes will be renewed from 5 to 7 days, only if the user remains active (enters the page) and will not be cumulative, except for categories above user, up to a maximum of 10.
The audio of any foreign language film or similar must be:

A) bent to Latin American Spanish. B) with original audio plus subtitles.

Films that are presented with the audio separately, or with the original audio option with subtitles, plus the audio dubbed to Spanish will also be supported.
DVD-R, DVD-Rip or HDtv-Rip, other formats such as R5, DVD-SCR, TC, TS or others of lower quality will not be allowed, except that they do not exist and You do not plan to edit them in those formats.
Only final versions of the programs will be allowed, and beta versions are prohibited.
Disc images of any type, CD’s or DVD’s are prohibited, except in games or utilities. Only the VIDEO_TS folder will be accepted, uncompressed and inside another folder with an identifying name.

The following relay data must be provided:
Films or similar (Categories: Cinema Arg., Int. Cinema, DVD-R, T.V. Arg., Int.T.V., Video Clips, Sports, XXX and Animé)
– Duration.

– Format.

– Codecs used

– Synopsis of the film (short story, cast, release year)

– Cover of the CD or DVD.

– Poster

– At least 3 (three) catches. (Actual captures taken from the video being uploaded). In case of a DVD, one of the captures MUST be on the menu.

Music (Categories: Music Arg. And Int. Music)
– No compressed files (zip, rar, 7z, etc.)

– Format (mp3, ogg, etc., note that music is not allowed in .wav format)

– Songs list.

– Total length.

– Author and interpreter (if it is the same person or band only the author).

– Bitrate (the minimum acceptable is 128 kb / s, only lower quality is accepted in case of exclusivity or unpublished material)

– Year of publication.

– Movies


– FLAC WEB-DL (Accepted without LOG or CUE).

– FLAC CD ripping requires LOG and CUE.

– The / artworks, are not accepted within the torrent, either in MP3 or FLAC uploads.

– Size of the same.

– Operating system that supports it.

– Minimum requirements and advisable.

– Home of the game

– At least 3 (three) screenshots of the same one running on your PC.

– Compressed formats (rar, zip, etc) are only allowed in images or folders, for PC platform.

– Clarify in the name of the torrent if it is Rip

Software and Miscellaneous.
– Size of the same.

– Operating system that supports it.

– Description of the same.

– At least 3 (three) catches of the same, if applicable.

– Miscellaneous.

– Size of the same

– Description and / or information.

Rule about titles follow these tips to avoid non-acceptance of those offered
They will not be able to have any type of comments, or dedications other than the same.
They should be stated in the following order:
– Original name (program, movie, album, etc.)

– Artist or band (for music)

– Type of rip (in movies: DVD-Rip, Ts-screen, etc.)

– Year of release or publication

– Bitrate (for mp3)

– Codecs

* Examples:

The Shark Scares – DVDRip – XviD – 2.003

Testosterone – Bersuit Vergarabat – 2005 – 192Kbps

Do not put Spoilers in titles or description of torrents.
In the case of XXX offered, THE IMAGE RISE IS FINALLY PROHIBITED, only links to the captures will be placed.
Do not make comments that are not exclusively offered.
Specify in the description of the offered any defect or inconvenience that the same present.
.torrents will have a life of 744 Hs. (31 days)
After that time will not be able to download the .torrent files, although the download will be able to continue if there are seeds
The reseeds will be effective if they achieve at least 20 votes in 168 Hs. (1 week).
The votes for reseeds will be unlimited, allowing only one vote per user per torrent.
It should be used as announce, only the following address: btarg.com.ar:82/announce.php
Not allowing multiple tracker torrents.

The reseeds can be requested when a torrent has expired its TR and who requests it will be registered.
The user who will receive the donation must comply with the following conditions:
– Have at least 8 weeks in the tracker

– Have at least 1 torrent based

– Not to be warned about bad behavior at the time of transfer

– Maximum monthly transfer limit: 100 GB

Full list of BTARG Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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