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BlueBird-HD Proxy List


bluebird-hd.org BlueBird-HD aka BB is a Russian torrent tracker providing almost exclusively full Blu-ray discs with most of the Blu-ray audio tracks available in Russian and English language.

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About website

BLUEBIRD is one of the finest Russian HD trackers.Most of the torrents on the tracker are internals published by the encode group BLUEBIRD.They specialize in releasing FULL Blurays/Remuxes/1080p bluray/720p bluray/ HDtvs.

Sometimes they are the first to release a complete bluray or remux, beating the chinese trackers such as MTeam and HDArea.Ratio is easy to maintain thanks to the bonus system and the 100%/50%/25% free torrents + the torrents with a diamond in front that counts 200 percent to upload and 0 percent to download.

The speeds are okay, considering they restrict speeds on most Full blurays the same as the chinese trackers.One thing than could be an inconviniance is that they usualy put the russian audio track as the most important track on the majority of their encodes.


Project BLUEBIRD-HD.ORG – Russian-speaking private P2P tracker, created by connoisseurs for connoisseurs of high-quality audio and video content. This project is not commercial and all materials published by us are freely available. All releases published on our portal are distinguished by the quality and compliance with Blu-ray specifications and encoding profiles for correct playback on soft and hardware players.

BlueBird-HD Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<


What is a torrent (bittorrent)?

BitTorrent is a protocol designed for file sharing. In fact, it is a peer-to-peer protocol, where each user connects to another directly, to receive or transmit pieces of information. To work with this protocol, we recommend using the program μTorrent, BitComet or Azureus. A more detailed description can be found here.

I was sent an invitation to register and I registered an account, but I did not receive a confirmation letter by e-mail!

Try to re-register. Pay attention, if for the first time the confirmation on e-mail does not come, then, probably, the second time it also does not come. Try using another e-mail address, the most efficient services of gmail.com, ukr.net.

What are the advantages of inviting someone?

Inviting you to someone – “pay off” a hundredfold – now, if the user you invited is respectable and sits – you will receive 15% of bonuses for his sidration. The invitee himself does not lose bonuses and the accrual takes place according to the general rules. If you have invited a cheater / violator of rules – if you disable it, you will automatically receive a warning. Please be selective to the invitations.

I forgot my account name or password! Could you send them to me?

Please use the password recovery form to send the registration details to your E-mail.

Could you make changes to my account?

Renaming of accounts, as well as making corrections to personal information we do not. Please carefully select the data when registering. An exception can only be in the case of a donation equivalent to “+100 GB an” without crediting the profile that was handed out (because you constantly waste time and manually make edits in the MySQL database “for beautiful eyes” – there is not the slightest desire).

Help! It is impossible to authorize!

This problem often occurs in the case of cookies disabled or incorrectly stored (as a result of browser errors), delete them and try to log in again.

My IP address is dynamic. Is it critical?

No. This is not critical. All you need to do is to make sure that you are logged in with the current IP address when you start a new torrent session (start a new download / distribution). After that, even if your IP changes during the session, downloading or distributing will continue, and the statistics will be updated automatically.

How is confidentiality? Why is my IP displayed on the details page?

Only you and the moderators can watch your IP and email. Ordinary users can not see this information. The tracker administration does not distribute this information.

Why is it written that I can not connect? (In the Port column, my port is red, what should I do?)

The tracker found that you have a firewall or NAT, and you can not receive connections. This means that other participants will not be able to connect to you, only you to them. To solve this problem, open the ports used for incoming connections (same as in your client’s settings) in the firewall and / or configure your NAT server. (Refer to the documentation for your router or the manufacturer’s forum).

Why can not my friends register?

This means that the user limit has been exceeded. Accounts that are inactive for more than 120 days are automatically deleted, so let them try later. (We do not have a reservation system or queue, do not ask us about it!) At the moment, the number of visitors is limited to 50,000 places on the tracker, when this number of users is reached, free registration stops, but inactive accounts are regularly deleted. If you / your friends want to register, you need to regularly go to the tracker to check availability. Registration in regular time (except for holidays, special events / events) – is available by invitation.

Where and how can I receive an invitation (invite)?

In case of registration for invites, you can ask for an invite from registered participants (or in any other way, as will be reported additionally by the Administration).

How can I increase my download speed?

Go to a higher rate / change provider
In most cases, the slow download speed primarily depends on the service provider to the worldwide Internet network. If you have a speed limited to TP 128 Kbit / s, then it’s a sin to wonder why the download process is slow – go to a more expensive TP!

It is also very likely that your provider limits the exchange of p2p traffic (otherwise – simply “shapipit”). If so, try configuring your client’s torrent to “encrypt the connection protocol”. For example, in μTorrent: settings -> configuration -> Bittorrent -> encrypt the “Enable / Enable” protocol and also do not forget to set permission to receive unencrypted connections (ibid.).

Do not “pounce” on the new torrents
Especially if you have a slow speed. Give download first of all to people with broad channels, who will then distribute it, including you. The best time to download is closer to the middle of the distribution of the torrent, it is at this point that the SLR reaches its apogee, and you can swing at maximum speed. (However, in this case, you will not be able to give out as long as if you downloaded the file from the very beginning.) So you need to balance between these 2 criteria.

Set up your equipment for a normal connection
As a rule, if before the download of torrent files, the speed of reception and return was high, then with enough siders and the download speed will be high.

Wait a bit
The other participants try first of all to share with those who distribute them. When you just start downloading a new file, you have nothing to offer to other members, and they will ignore you. This will cause the speed to be low at the start of the download, especially if not connected to any or very few siders. The download speed should increase as soon as you have several parts to distribute.

Can I use any torrent clients?

Yes, but at your own peril and risk. The administration of the tracker strongly recommends the use of only the following torrent clients:

It is strongly recommended not to use the following torrent clients:
BitTorrent ++,
Nova Torrent,

These clients incorrectly handle the cancellation / stop of the torrent session. If you use them, there may be situations in which torrents will be listed in detail even after the download is completed, or the client is closed. It is also possible to display incorrect statistics when using torrent clients not recommended by us. Also, it is not recommended to use clients of alpha (alpha) or beta (beta) versions.

Why does the torrent that I download / distribute appear several times in my profile?

If for some reason (for example, an emergency restart of the computer, or a client hangs up) your client did not work correctly and you restarted it, you will be given a new “peer_id”, so your download will be recognized as a new (another) torrent. And the old torrent server will never get “event = completed” or “event = stopped”, and will display it for a while in the list of your active torrents. Do not pay attention to it, eventually the glitch will disappear.

I finished or canceled the torrent. Why is it still displayed in my profile?

Some clients do not send a message to the server about termination or cancellation of the torrent. In such cases, the tracker will wait for a message from your client, and display what you are downloading or distributing for a while.

Why sometimes in my profile there are torrents, which I never shook !?

When a torrent session is started, the tracker uses the passkey to identify the user. Perhaps someone stole / recognized your pass. Be sure to change it in your profile if you suddenly find this. After changing the Passkey, all active torrents should be transferred.

Multiple IP (Can I login from different computers)?

Yes, the tracker supports several sessions (up to 2x) from different IP for one user. Torrent is associated with the user at the moment when it starts downloading, and only at this point IP is important. Thus, if you want to download / distribute from computer A and computer B using the same account, you need to login to the site from computer A, start the torrent, and then do the same from computer B. You do not need to re-log again , When you close the client. Downloading a torrent and / or distributing it from more than 2 IP addresses is prohibited.

How can NAT / ICS “spoil raspberries”?

In the case of NAT, you need to configure different ranges for torrent clients on different computers, and create NAT rules in the router. (Details of setting up routers are beyond the scope of this FAQ, so refer to the documentation for your device and / or the technical support forum). For errors related to working with NAT, the administration does not bear responsibility.

What is “IOError – [Errno13] Permission denied”?

If you just want to solve this problem – restart the computer, this should help. Curious to read further. IOError means an I / O error, and this is the error of your system (computer), not the tracker. It pops up when the client for some reason can not open the downloaded files. The most likely reason is two clients running simultaneously: this can happen, for example, if you closed the client, but in fact it did not close, and continued to work in the background, then you launched the second copy of the client, but the first one still blocks the files, the second one does not Can access them, and throws you this error. The most rare case is a violation of the FAT-table of your file system, which can lead to unreadability of the downloaded files. Accordingly, such an error will pop up. (This can happen if you use FAT.) NTFS is a more reliable file system, and should not lead to such errors).

Tracker Name – BlueBird-HD
Tracker Genre – HD
Tracker Type – Ratio Base
Bonus System – Yes
Maintaining Ratio – Easy
Tracker Signup – Closed/Invite Only
Tracker URL – bluebird-hd.org

Full list of BlueBird-HD Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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