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blackcats-games.net Established in 2003, Blackcats Games aka BCG is one of the oldest private torrent community focused on games. Site tracks several thousand PC and console games, including games for DS, iPhone, Playstation, Wii & Xbox.

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About website

Blackcats Games runs a seed stage system to prevent ‘Hit-and-run’ mode (downloading a file when seeding as little as possible). Based on that seeding system every torrents’ ratio is vital, global ratio doesn’t mean allot. That attribute is the most important that separates BCG from other gambling trackers.

BCG doesn’t only monitors games but audio-books, comics, e-books and game guides.
BlackCats-Games is one of the earliest dedicated gaming personal trackers where all sort of games from various platforms uploaded. It was not that famous tracker once the first BitGamer was still up but now it’s considered the most important and best dedicated gaming personal tracker. They do not have many freeleech torrents but they have great bonus system which helps to keep decent ratio. Speeds and pre-times aren’t so good even if you compare into any fantastic general tracker. BlackCats-Games suffered from some issues last year such as the being hacked and the flow of their entire database. It’s good tracker for people who need games for rare platforms.

They were detained on suspicion of copyright infringement and money laundering offences.

After being down for many hours, yesterday the domain of personal tracker BlackCats-Games was captured from the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

The domain used to point to an IP address in Canada, but was later switched to a host known to be under the management of PIPCU, the UK’s leading anti-piracy force.

Following a few hours of rumors, last evening sources near the site started to affirm that the situation was severe. Reddit user Farow went public with specific details, noting that the owner of BlackCats-Games was arrested and the website would be shutting down.

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A former website staff member added that there had actually been two arrests and it was the site’s sysops that was taken into custody.

While both are plausible sources, there was no formal confirmation in PIPCU. That came a couple of moments ago and it is pretty bad news for fans of the website and its operators.

Both were detained on suspicion of copyright infringement and money laundering offenses.

Detectives say they also captured digital media and computer hardware.

PIPCU report that the investigation into the website was launched in collaboration with UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). A former staff member indicated that a PayPal account run by the website in 2013 seems to have played an significant part in the arrests.

Detective Sergeant Gary Brownfrom the City of London Police Intellectual Property Unit reported that their aim was to disrupt the work of “content burglars”

“With the ever-growing customer appetite for gambling driving the threat of piracy to the business, our action today is vital in disrupting criminal activity and the money that drives it,” Brownfrom stated.

“People who steal copyrighted material exploit the highly skilled work and tasks supported by the gambling industry. We’re working hard to handle digital intellectual property crime and we will continue to target our enforcement action towards those identified as content thieves whatever scale they’re operating at.”

“UKIE applauds the actions taken by PIPCU from the operators of the website. Sites such as this are bad for the hard work of game creators around the world. PIPCU’s actions confirm that these websites won’t be tolerated, and are subject to criminal authorities,” a spokesman said.

“ESA commends PIPCU because of its commitment to taking action against websites that ease the illegal copying and distribution of exceptionally advanced works of electronic art.

Tracker Name – BlackCats-Games
Tracker Genre – Games
Tracker Type – Ratio Based
Tracker URL – blackcats-games.net
Tracker Signup – Closed / Invites Only
Bonus System – Yes / Good
Maintaining Ratio – Easy
Tracker IRC Server – irc.blackcats-games.net Channel : #blackcats, #helpPort : +6667
Banned Countries – Brazil, China, Pakistan,Turkey
Total Torrents – 16655
Total Members – 28397

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