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bitnova.info BitNova is Polish torrent site for TV series, films, e-books, anime & sports.

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About website

BitTorrent is a file exchange protocol between users. Its popularity is due mainly to the download speed. Unlike other P2P networks, a user who downloads a portion of a file immediately begins to share the file instead of waiting for the entire file to be downloaded.

To start downloading you need a client program and a special * .torrent file. Client programs and torrents can be downloaded directly from our site. Only free registration is required on the site.

Torrent Client is a computer program that allows you to download files from the BitTorrent network. There are many programs of this type on almost every system platform.
For Microsoft Windows we recommend uTorrent. It has very rich functionality while consuming a small amount of computer resources.
For Linux systems, we recommend Vuze (graphical version) or rTorrent (text version).

After installing the client client for the torrent and the required registration on the page, it is time to download files from the network. We search in the torrent directory of the file we are interested in and click on “Download torrent” and save it on your disk. Then run the client program, eg uTorrent. From the File menu, select “Add torrent …” and point to your previously downloaded * .torrent file. The dialog will appear in the program where you choose where you want to save the actual file, and then click the “OK” button. Downloading the actual file starts.

If any of our tips from the previous steps are unclear or not fully specified, please refer to our FAQ. We have covered more basic questions, concepts and problems with downloading torrents.
If you do not find the solution to your problem or need information, please visit our discussion forum. Certainly other, more experienced users will help you.

BitNova Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

We do our best to take care of the interests of copyright owners. Still, some of the files in the search engine may be copyrighted and require you to purchase the appropriate licenses. If you have downloaded such files and you do not want to buy a license, please delete the downloaded files. Keeping them on disk will violate the Copyright Act and may entail legal consequences. Vortal is not intended to spread piracy. The decision on what to do with illegal files is left to the users. Vortal Administrators are not responsible for the actions of users. If you own the copyright to the file that is in our search engine, let us know. You can only add files to which you have the appropriate rights to distribute.

The Wortal crew watches over its smooth and uninterrupted operation, ensuring comfortable use.
Talk in a conversational manner, explaining the problem thoroughly.
Inappropriate behavior in the Forum causes a blocked account in the Portal.
Administrators and moderators are there to help you so do not offend them, because the result will be the opposite.
They have the right to remove / edit / move / close the topic, post or comment if it conflicts with the general rules of the rules.
Before you post a PW to someone with a Crew, make sure you can not find answers in the FAQ, Rules or Forum.
Spamming is prohibited both in the Forum posts and in the ShoutBox Vortal, commenting on items and messages sent via the PW, triggering flamewar, flooding and trolling.

Registration in the BitNova.info Vortal is fully free.
Users are allowed to only have one account, except for the use of one IP by several people. You must notify the Vortal Administrator of this fact. Lack of information and localization of multiple accounts on one IP will result in immediate deletion of accounts without notification to the user.
Registered users can download torrents, read and write comments, use the Forum, insert new torrents.
You agree to receive information and advertising content sent by the Vortal Administration to the email address provided during registration.
Nick selected during registration can not contain vulgarisms and can not in any way offend members of the Crew, users of the Vortal and Forum as well as other people. It is forbidden to select logins (or similar): Admin, Administrator, Moderator, Uploader, Vip, User, as well as logins similar to those used by the Wortal Crew.
We are not liable for damages caused by third parties that use your account.
The Administration is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with GIODO rules.
Each person can only use 1 user account.
You can delete your account by contacting (PW, mail) with the Vortal Administrator giving your login. The account will be deleted in the next 48 hours.

Each registered Vortal user can comment on each torrent and the news on the site.
You can add another comment to the same item 10 minutes after the previous entry.
Comments are constantly monitored. Users can not swear, spam, or provoke other users in comments.
With the Report Comment feature (Report), you can report comments that do not conform to the rules. Take care of the order in the Vortal.
Try to write correct Polish, avoid typos, misspellings and stylistic mistakes. Post your comment, post, message PW in a careful way. Before sending, read. If you are unsure of spelling, check its correctness, for example, in Word or the spelling dictionary.
If you have nothing to say then do not write anything …
In the comments it is forbidden:
Writing spoilers (film positions, audiobooks, ebooks);
Spoiler is information that reveals important elements of the movie / series, such as the ending, who killed, who died, or, in other words, the details that could spoil the fun of those who did not see a movie / series that did not read. books.);
Writing lyrics in the style of “where is the seed”, “why does nobody seed” and so on;
Writing requests for insertion of a position;
Criticizing the Uploader, thanks to them there are so many items to download, you can always choose another or not download at all;
Writing with Caps-Lock;
Moving private matters, fix them through PW (Private Message).

WARN warnings may be given.
For a blatant or fourfold violation of the rules, the user account is blocked.
In particular, the following rules will not be tolerated:
It is forbidden to curse or use words commonly considered offensive (comments, Forum, PW, ShoutBox);
Offend other users (comments on torrents, Forum, SoutBox);
It is forbidden to post in the comments and descriptions of torrents, on the Forum and in the SoutBox site of warez, torrent, crack, reflink;
It is forbidden to insert virus-infected, trojan, or damaged (you must check the uploaded material before uploading);
Do not enter comments that have nothing to do with the releas;
Double insertion of so-called. “Fake” or inactive or damaged position; (*)
Insert a password protected item without giving it in the description; (*)
Use of several accounts in the Vortal;
Over six months of inactivity may result in deletion of the account;
Advertising other pages in descriptions of items, comments, profile, forum;
Do not adhere to the admonition of Administrators or Moderators of the Vortal.
(*) Does not affect uploader rank

The grant is a voluntary form of support that will be used to further develop the site.
Payments are made by bank transfer using CashBill.pl.
Payments are posted automatically after the transfer. If it is otherwise, the relevant information will be displayed on the payment page at the bank logo.
Payments are not a subscription service, and re-payments can only be made after a user’s informed consent.
Payments are made using CashBill.pl for.

They undertake to protect the personal data of users from unauthorized persons;
They may delete the account without giving any reason for this decision, at the request of the user, or because of too long a user’s inactivity;
They may change the rules of the Vortal at any time, if you do not agree with the content of the new rules should contact the Administrator to remove the account;
They undertake to remove copyrighted files at the request of the copyright holder.

What is this torrent?
BitTorrent is a protocol for exchanging and distributing files over the Internet, aimed at unloading the links of the file-sharing server. Its biggest advantage over HTTP is the sharing of bandwidth between people who download the file at the same time. This means that the user at the time of the download sends the file fragments to other users.

The system is integrated with the server’s Web site, and the download process itself from the user’s site looks like copying files over HTTP. On the server side, the system consists of publicly available .torrent extensions, a tracker, and a program that sends files (client).

What is a tracker?
This is a server that passes information (IP addresses) to other users downloading the file.

Who is Seeder, Peer, Leech?
A peer – a user who is currently downloading or uploading a file.

Seeder – user who has a complete file and shares it with others.

Leecher – A user who is currently downloading a file and already has its fragments available. When it finishes downloading it will become a Seeder.

How to download from BitTorrent?
To download files first, please download our site with the * .torrent file extension. Then we download and install one of the BitTorrent clients. There are many, you can download them from our vortal. Personally, I recommend uTorrent because of its popularity and the low consumption of system resources.

After installing the program we can proceed to download the correct file. Just open the downloaded * .torrent file from our BitTorrent client. The program will ask us where to ask the file and after this operation should start downloading the file.

The download speed depends mainly on the number of seeders and leechers – (theoretically, the more seeders the leechers have, the higher the transfer rate).

How to create your own torrent file?
The guide is here.

Why are torrents on the site moderated?
To maintain order on the site.

How long does it take to accept a torrent
There is no rule for this. As soon as the moderator has time it will accept your torret.

Is the torrent statistics on the site up to date?
Torrent statistics on our site are automatically updated all the time. However, updating the torrent statistics can be done by clicking on the [Update] link in the torrent details. However, it is possible that manually updating statistics will not show true value as some trackers update their torrent data very rarely. Therefore, if you want to download the torrent is best to check if there is a seeder in your BitTorrent client

I added a torrent, but it is not on the site. What is going on?
Maybe the torrent is still waiting for approval. Acceptance of the torrent should not take more than 24h. It’s also possible that the moderator has not accepted your position. You will be informed about the decision of the moderator by the system of private messages on the vortal.

What is MagnetLink?
This is a link that you can run on your Torrent client. MagnetLinks indicate exact torrent data, which allows you to bypass downloading torrent files from the vortal.

Torrent has been accepted by the moderator but not in the directory
Torrent list, search engine and many other parts of the site are updated automatically every few minutes. Wait patiently, the torrent will surely appear.

I did not receive an activation message after registration
Activation message may be delayed. If, after all, it does not happen, first make sure that the correct email address is entered in the registration form (spelling occurs). If you entered the correct address, check the “SPAM” folder on your mail. If there is no message for you, please contact us to activate your account.

Login Colors – Legend
Each rank has a different nick color:
– Administrators
– Junior Administrators
– Moderator
– Uploader
– Sponsor
– Premium
– User

How to earn points for free?
Users can earn free points by:
– adding a new torrent: the user will receive 10 points
– Registration of the invited user (full activation of the account) 15 points

Some time ago I paid the grants and the rank / points disappeared
Rank and points do not disappear on their own. As far as points are concerned, there are 2 possible reasons: You have 2 accounts on the site and you are logging in to a site that does not have points, or a third party has guessed your password and used the points.
In the case of Premium Ranks and Sponsor there is only 1 option: You have 2 accounts on the site and you sign up for it without rank.
Many users insisted that they only have 1 account and their rank “disappeared”, while after a deeper analysis, it turned out that they had 2 accounts.

Can the search engine find you precisely
Yes, just put the search phrase in quotation marks. This will only find results that include in the title exactly the string we typed in quotation marks. Searching without quotation marks returns only phrases that are similar to the search term.

How many points does it need to download a torrent?
Downloading one torrent file (no matter if it’s a torrent or MagnetLink) costs 1 point.

Rank Uploader – what is it and how to get it?
Rank Uploader is designed for people who are actively adding torrents. It gives the same privileges as the Sponsor’s rank, thus using the service without any restrictions.
Another possibility is the ability to insert torrents without moderation. This means that the inserted torrent will immediately appear in the directory, omitting the moderator panel. Important in this case for the tracker to return the correct number of seeds, torrents with the number of seeds 0 will anyway reach the moderator panel.

In order to become a sponsor, you must actively insert the torrents described in accordance with our rules. If you think you deserve this rank then you will get it.

Why do I need points?
Points are needed to download torrents.

1 point = 1 torrent download.

Points are subtracted at the time of clicking on the “Download File” or “MagnetLink” link no matter what the next file the user will do.

The idea is simple: each of the portal users gives something away. Points can be earned for FREE: inserting your own files, inviting friends or paying your donations. Details on how to earn points can be found in the FAQ section.

Full list of BitNova Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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