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The biggest torrent sites was back in use again!


Recently, a lot of people have heard that some torrent sites have been blocked. This is of course true since they distribute content that does not belong to them. In this way the producer or video player, or even music or pictures, is lost. Be aware that downloading files from such sites is also an offense and we can count on keeping our computer by the security or police. But do not worry if you do it once in a while and on a small scale.

You have to admit that such cases when the police come to us home for revisions and take the computer to investigate are incidental. So we do not have to worry about every one of us, after all, ever downloaded various types of content from the Internet for their own use even though they were subject to copyright. However, it must be said that duplication of files such as movies and games and trying to make money on them is already an offense which may cause us to be brought before the court. My friend for a very long time was downloading a lot of torrents from kickastorrents. Probably each of you knows this site.

However, I recently noticed that the page has been blocked. It was some time ago when I wanted to download a movie for a long time I was waiting for, and I did not have the opportunity to go to the cinema. So I noticed that the specified torrent service does not work. I started looking for information on this subject and learned that it was blocked and I do not know if it will ever be reinstated. I had hoped yes. Although I knew that in a few minutes I would find the equivalent of a torrent on another site of similar subject. Of course I was not wrong. I recently noticed that one of the biggest sites was back in use again. How could this happen? I do not know, however, from information provided by unofficial sources, the owner of the site was arrested in Poland and brought to custody.

The government and other organizations that attempt to combat computer piracy in the United States have launched a cyber-hacker war and have started chasing people who massively contribute to the dissemination of content that they do not own copyright. This way it has been blocked for some time, however, as we can see, after a while it started working again.

Does the fight with online criminals make any sense? I do not think because there will always be someone who said the schema and after downloading a torrent file is sometimes even several minutes, so we probably never get into a situation where it will not be possible to download anything from the Internet.

However, you can prevent the creation of various types of security measures to protect a file before copying it, but you have to bear in mind that in a few days it is likely to be broken for the person who is dealing with it. We still have not found the right way to stop piracy on the internet and it seems that nothing will change in the near future.


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