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bakabt.me Anime torrent community which specializes in serving completed anime materials. BakaBT is a private torrent tracker focused on hq anime and manga, hard to find find stuff and only completed series.

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About website

BakaBT Categories:

  • anime series
  • manga
  • artbook
  • ova
  • anime movie
  • music video
  • soundtrack
  • live action
  • light nove

Bakabt.me Tags:

BakaBT down, anime torrents, BakaBT me

BakaBT Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

BakaBT (Japanese word for a fool) is currently a personal BitTorrent tracker, focused on East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) material. BakaBT was closed on April the 12th in 2017 and it’s now among the biggest anime-dedicated personal trackers around.
Starting around 2004, initially called Boxtorrents, its employees founded BakaBT in 2009 after finding that the creator Box was profiting from website contributions. It’s been described as a semi-private tracker website befor it shifted into a private tracker.

BakaBT is monitoring 18,153 Torrents, and 0 Torrents are unseeded, there are lots of active members always trying to find the highest quality material in order to record animes at the best possible quality over several years and possibly many decades in the future. BakaBT has an extremely long ‘Blacklist’ for torrents that are not permitted, but the entries expire over time.
The members are active in the Forums, so they’re for analyzing source materiel for producing the best encodes. You can find a massive amount oftracker banners made by the BBT members, 210 banners are curently used on BakaBT, they also have banner competitions each yeat for holiday seasons.

Why is BakaBT different?
There are lots of anime torrent sites but BakaBT is exceptional in the quality of articles. The goal is to give torrents only for finished anime or anime-related substance and just the best versions. Public submissions aren’t accepted, only Power Users and Power Uploaders can do this and have the ability to generate an upload offer.
The mantra in brief: quality over quantity, and ease-of-use.
BakaBT exists due to its users; old content is still accessible due to the many dedicated seeders that supply the members with good download speeds, so returning the favour is vital.

Sign up
Sign ups are currently closed, so if you’re now without an account or your account has been pruned, you’ll be not able to utilize BakaBT from now on.
There’ll be a system set in its location, either invite or software or something similar a little farther down the line.

There are not as much classes as it could be found on other (arcade) trackers, but it gives a good overview and its easy to imagine which categorie will match for the material you are looking for, you can Select from the following classes:

If these categories are not enough, more choices are available by choosing the Searchcloud tags containing the hottest anime series or other common tags.

What’s Freeleech?

Important: Warned members can’t benefit from Freeleech, since they’re not allowed to leech.
Note: This behaviour is controlled by the BakaBT tracker, this means so long as the torrent is flagged with [F], you may benefit from this feature during leeching even in the event that you’ve downloaded the torrent file until it’s flagged.
How frequently does global freeleech occur?
Almost never. Don’t ask when it’ll be happening because you’ll be ignored.

Bonus Torrents

Bonus torrents are torrents with few seeders or few leechers, the concept of the bonus system would be to maintain older torrents alive. Bonus torrents are indicated with bonus torrent icon . When you seed a bonus torrent (and have 100% complete file) you’ll earn 1 bonus point per hour each bonus torrent. You can’t earn over 10 bonus points per hour even when you’re seeding more than 10 bonus torrents at a time.
Bonus points can be exchanged for upload charge on the bonus page (that means that you can add an amount onto your ‘uploaded’ stat in your user page).
Bonus status depends upon the amount of seeders in addition to the seeder-to-leecher ratio, and some other factors. And since the amount of seedersand leechers on a torrent can alter, a torrent can gain or eliminate bonus status also.
Bonus status is checked and updated each hour.

Bonus Points
It is possible to swap bonus points for upload, though you are able to receive max.
Note: you receive a greater ‘discount’ if you trade more bonus points.

User Classes

Course DescriptionUser Normal user, can opt to look at hentai, can embrace torrents, can enroll in our forum. Can’t make torrent offers. These individuals are appointed by employees if deemed a trusted member of the BakaBT community. Don’t ask about getting one. Don’t ask about getting one.

Both seed and leech at least 25GB and have a ratio equal to or more than 0.5 to keep it. User status upgrades daily.

Maintaining Ratio
With a high number of freeleech [F] torrents for specific categories, you’ll see that it’s pretty easy to keep your ratio, getting on some bous torrents can help you only marginally, the total amount of upload credits is not that much unless you’ve got a very low upload connection. But over time it still makes sense to get some Bonus Torrents running, but these can change, likely you’ll have to abide by some less desired torrents.
Even if it takes some time until the torrents are accepted, you may see enough uploads each day to discover a acceptable torrent for more upload visitors on the 1080p torrents and the other types that are included.

After 11 weeks of disuse accounts will be pruned (i.e. not logging to the tracker accounts). Accounts with 0 download and 0 upload are pruned earlier.
Donator accounts (people who have donated to BakaBT and obtained a donator status) have the option of disabling inactivity pruning, and safeguarding their accounts for as long as they hoose. The option is disabled by default, and may be seen in the settings page.

Who will make offers?
Only Power Users may make new torrent offers, which is allowed or rejected by employees. Torrents provided by team members and Ability Uploaders are added into the torrent pool directly without going through the approval process. Non-Power Users can’t make offers.
As a Power User you are able to provide a maximum of 5 torrents. When that limit was reached you will have to wait for staff to inspect one of your pending offers.

You embrace since the (faulty) description of a torrent doesn’t sit right with you, and you’ve got the irresistible urge to repair it, place it right and provide accurate information for prospective users of BakaBT who’ll chance upon stated torrent.
Therefore, he/she is expected to perform the typical responsibilities of this torrent owner. They will be responsible for re-seeding the torrent if it expires (so adopters should have the torrent files), keep descriptions current, and make torrent swaps where necessary. Torrent adopting isn’t stamp-collecting.

BakaBT looks really nice, not only the general desing, uploaded torrents are presented in a very enjoyable way, with a great deal of art and screenshots of this content, anime fans will most likely enjoy searching throught the different torrents. The 210 banners which are produced by the community members are providing BakaBT an intriguing look.
While hunting through the BakaBT website, you’ll see there are also some slightly random segments to find, such as BakaSHOTS, the Forum, the Wiki Page, a shop and while searching through those components, you’ll be directed to other segments over and over again, so it may be the case that you will feel a little bit lost. Stillt he port fells accessable.

BakaBT Wiki
The Wiki Page for BakaBT is accessable for people views, you’ll discover a massive library of BakaBT infos around exactly all you may want to know. You will find entries for all sort of questions and informations about BakaBT and everything that’s related.

Category – Anime
Tracker Type – Ratio-Based
URL – bakabt.me
Initial Year – 2004 | 2009
Getting In – Hard
Signup – Closed
Bonus Points – Yes
Torrents – 18,153
Registered Users – 113,885
Maintaining Ratio – Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries – No
IRC Channel – #BakaBT
IRC Support – #bakabt-support
Facebook – facebook.com/BakaBT.me
Twitter – twitter.com/bakabt

Full list of BakaBT Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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