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asiandvdclub.org AsianDVDClub is a great tracker for Asian DVDs and BDs. The site has great collection and the tracker has been there for like 9 and half years. They have more than 77,800 torrents out of which almost 16,600 are Blu-Ray. The content is great, speed is ok, maintaing ratio isn’t a big deal. It has open applications, but the chances are almost none of getting in by applications.

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About website

The users of ADCshare a enormous number of DVDs and Blu-ray disks: yakuza, pinku, kung-fu, kaiju, anime, you name it. This tracker has a rather high number of torrents (82,796) from which 11,247 torrents are from the Blu-ray format. ADC has 2629 freeleech torrents(which are known as gold) and 160 silver torrents(50 percent freeleech) at the time of this review. Users can boost their ratio by snatching new torrents once they’re uploaded, seedboxes makes it even easier to build ratio. Failure to satisfy your required ratio will lead to a warning. If you download too much as you’re warned, you’ll have your download privileges removed, and you’ll then only have the ability to download gold torrents. Seeding and uploading fresh torrents will still be possible nonetheless. ADCnever bans members for only having a bad ratio. If you’re interested in BD/DVD using subs then this tracker is the ideal place for you.

People who try to control their ratio or to cheat will be banned automatically by our cheat tracking script. So for your own sake, don’t attempt and cheat. ‘Cause you’ll get caught, and you’ll be banned. Not only from ADC but also from other websites, as we discuss cheaters’ IPs with other BitTorrent sites. As soon as you are out, you’re out for good.

Breaking rules or dismissing staff instructions will earn you a warning (). A warning means you have to be in your absolute best behaviour while the warning remains in effect.

Duplicate accounts are prohibited and will lead to the banning of all related accounts. Two accounts are considered duplicates if the same person made them or they share the exact same IP. If you share an Internet connection with somebody who would like to get their very own ADC account, you have to talk to a staff member of it; differently, we’ll be forced to assume that both accounts belong to you and that you’re intentionally breaking the rules.

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Whether or not you share an Internet connection with anybody, you’re permitted to share your account with someone that you trust. Bear in mind that ultimately you’re responsible for anything done with your accounts, so be smart about whom you allow use your own account.

Torrents with a gold chest () are considered “free leech”, which means downloading them won’t affect your download stats, but uploading on a gold torrent will still count towards your upload stats. This means that your ratio can only get better when downloading gold torrents. They are a terrific place to begin for new users concerned about their ratio.
Note: Golden torrents don’t give you the right to hit-and-run, you have to seed on them just like any other torrent.

All users of the website must read and agree with the user agreement.
As an Asian DVD Club member, you’re expected to keep at least a minimal share ratio. It’s solely your responsibility to keep yourself over your minimum required ratio. Nobody is needed to keep a higher ratio than 0.5, irrespective of how much they’ve downloaded.
If you have downloaded less than 15 GB, then you don’t yet have any ratio requirements to meet.
Failure to satisfy your required ratio will produce a warning (). If you download too much as you’re warned, you’ll have your download privileges removed, and you’ll then only have the ability to download gold torrents. Seeding and uploading fresh torrents will still be possible nonetheless.
Warned users that upload enough to reach their minimum required ratio will have their caution mechanically removed in due time. If their download privileges were eliminated, those privileges will automatically be restored.
You may never be banned for just having a bad ratio. Not even if it takes you months to get over your minimum required ratio.
For help on increasing your ratio, please read the very useful Advice on How to increase your Ratio thread. The only place which enables discussion in different languages is the International forum.
All majorly anti-social behaviour has to be restricted to the Sandbox sub-forum. Keep the remaining forums and torrent comments clean.
Pornography Isn’t allowed on ADC. No exceptions.
Suggestive pictures (for instance, Pinku DVD covers) should not be exhibited on the forums (such as a thumbnail) but connected to using a text link. And you must warn folks about the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) character of your own images.
Absolutely no racist remarks allowed anywhere.
No heavy images; maintain it web-optimised. If you would like to post again, and yours is the final article from the thread, use the EDIT function as opposed to posting twice in a row.
All torrents requests and reseed requests must enter the proper Request threads at the Movies and Anime sub-forums.
No spoilers when talking movies – use the supplied spoiler tag.
Last, please see the FAQ before asking any questions!

Tracker Name – AsianDVDClub
Tracker Genre – DVD
Tracker URL – asiandvdclub.org
Tracker Signup – Closed/Invites Only
Bonus System – Yes
Banned Countries –
Seeding Difficulty – Medium
Tracker IRC Server – irc://irc.rizon.net/asiandvdclub, Channel: #asiandvdclub

Full list of Asian DVD Club Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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