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Language: Bulgarian

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About website

ArenaBG.com is a virtual community of its users.

Operational site management: design, membership, rankings, categories, sharing rules, etc. Has been provided to its users who, through direct participation and discussion in the ArenaBG.com forum, select the site’s administrators.

Site administrators determine the required number of moderators and their specific tasks. The site’s operating rules are determined by users after a direct discussion of what has been done. The decisions taken in the forum are assigned to the implementation and control of the administrators and moderators in the order determined by them.

The domain owner defines the basic rules and guidelines for site development that can not be compromised by the site’s operational management by its users. Please carefully read these terms and adhere to them.

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1.1. By using the services of ArenaBG.com you agree to these Terms of Use. Should you disagree with their requirements and regulations, please do not use the services of ArenaBG.com

1.2. With a view to periodically supplementing, modifying, and improving the work of ArenaBG.com, and in connection with possible legislative changes that affect the performance of the website, these conditions may be changed unilaterally by ArenaBG.com. Upon modifying these terms, changes will be posted prominently on the ArenaBG.com website

1.3. Any changes will take effect and you agree that you have agreed with them if within 5 calendar days of their publication you do not expressly state in writing that you do not agree with them.

1.4. In the event that the user declares disagreement with the changed or new general terms, the contract with him is deemed to have been automatically changed and ArenaBG.com is entitled to immediately cease the provision of the service.
2. Rules

2.1. By using the services of ArenaBG.com, you agree not to do the following:

2.1.1. Do not post, distribute or provide in any way data, messages, text, computer files or other materials that conflict with Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, current conditions, Internet ethics or morality and which violate the rights of third parties :

– copyright or related rights, trademarks, patent or other intellectual property rights, property rights, and any other proprietary or non-material rights or legitimate interests of third parties.

– representing a trade, business or personal secret or other confidential information.

2.1.2. Publish, distribute or provide software or other computer files that contain viruses or other risky programs or their components.

2.1.3. Publishing or transferring pornographic and other illegal materials.

2.1.4. Publishing of data, messages, text, computer files or other material that pose a threat to the life and physical integrity of a person promoting discrimination, preaching fascist, racist or other undemocratic ideology whose content violates human rights or freedoms under the Constitution and the laws of the Republic Bulgaria or international acts calling for a violent change of the constitutionally established order to commit a crime, etc.

2.2. ArenaBG.com provides storage only for data that meet the above requirements and are not inconsistent with these Rules or with the imperative requirements of applicable law. If we know that your published information does not meet these requirements or the imperative requirements of the applicable legislation, the link to that information will be removed from our database, and you will need to go through a procedure to re-activate it. Prove that it meets the requirements of our site and does not contradict the imperative requirements of the applicable legislation.

2.3. Although the site team does not undertake to verify the information you have published, we reserve the right to remove without notice published information when we are notified by rightholders or by a competent governmental authority that it does not comply with the Site Rules or the applicable legislation , As well as if, in our judgment, the information endangers the security of our servers.

2.4. Pursuant to Art. 17 of the ZEO website is not required to track or search the site for infringing, copyright or applicable laws. Removal of content and / or electronic links to content infringing copyright or related rights is done within 24 hours of filing a written signal from a rightholder, a person authorized by him or a competent governmental authority. The content removal request or e-referral should contain sufficient information and attached documents certifying the applicant’s rights. Queries are executed for those links. Requests for a certain title are not executed because they conflict with our right to mean under Art. 17 of the ZEO. Queries must contain links to the claimed content. Requests containing links to search results or screenshots of such results are not executed because this requires the site team to search and analyze the results and make a subjective decision for each open result from which the obligation is released in Article 17 of ZET.

2.5. ArenaBG.com is not responsible for the information you publish.

2.6. By agreeing to these rules, you declare that you will not use the services of ArenaBG.com and the related sites to activate junk mail or send unsolicited commercial messages.

2.7. We reserve the right to remove any information you publish which, in our judgment, does not comply with the legal provisions and the requirements of these Rules.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. All ArenaBG.com services are based on “as is” and the information on it is published by third parties. We only provide free space for electronic information storage by our users and do not check the content of the information they store that is strictly for personal use by the relevant users. Therefore we do not assume or assume any responsibility for the content of any data and information stored on ArenaBG.com servers nor for the data and information contained in ArenaBG.com to contain viruses and that it will operate Uninterrupted and uninterrupted. The use of data, messages, text, computer files or other materials located on ArenaBG.com is entirely at your own risk.

3.2. ArenaBG.com shall not be liable for damages and lost profits resulting from the suspension, modification, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available via ArenaBG.com

3.3. We are not responsible for damages and lost profits resulting from third party access to the information you have posted.

3.4. We are not responsible for damages arising from the misuse of the information posted on the site.

3.5. The user is liable to indemnify ArenaBG.com and any third party for any loss or damage suffered, including any fines paid, for any costs incurred and lawyers’ fees incurred as a result of actions brought by and / or paid to third parties in connection with Use of ArenaBG.com services in violation of Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, present terms, good morals or Internet ethics.
3. Service rules

4.1. All ArenaBG.com services are free for its users. The available site information can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.

4.2. When using the content sharing service, the user is required to provide sufficient information about his / her origin and licensing terms. If this information is on the PC of the user who shares it, it is necessary to publish a .nfo file showing who the author is and under what conditions he has provided it for distribution to the Web. It is strictly forbidden to share proprietary edits of protected products when a copyrighted or copyright-protected medium is used as the source. It is strictly forbidden to “make available” information, unless the sharing user is at the same time a copyright holder. If an original .nfo file is not available for a given edition, the user is required to specify an existing source of the same edition on the Web where it originated. The ArenaBG.com website does not collect or store any personal data for its users, nor does it store a log of their actions.

1. Writing Cyrillic in Bulgarian is compulsory.

2. It is allowed to write other languages ​​as long as the relevant alphabet is used.

3. It is forbidden to abuser on any basis, as well as any other obscene language in communication with other users, when writing comments on torrents, posting to the forum or sending private messages.

4. It is prohibited to advertise commercial products and services.

5. It is prohibited to hunt for organizations, meetings, sects, rallies, protests and political assemblies and organizations. It is possible to discuss similar topics in the respective sections or in torrents with similar content.

6. Spam in any form is prohibited.

7. “flood” with comments and / or emoticons is undesirable and is considered spam.

8. The use of pornographic material in comments or avatars is not allowed. Posting photos and texts with such direction is inadmissible except in the “XXX” section.

9. For any violation beyond the described, the team reserves the right to edit and delete comments, opinions or topics without notice.

10. Asking for subtitles in any way is considered spam and is forbidden!
Comments to torrents

1. For comments on torrents, the general rules of the tracker apply.

2. When posting a new comment in order to ask a question, please read all previous comments, which may contain an answer to your question.

3. Comments containing no emotion or only quote are allowed.

1. For failure to comply with the above rules, users are penalized with a yellow card at the discretion of moderator or administrator.

2. After receiving three warnings, the user account is deactivated.

3. All penalties are subject to appeal. The appeal is to an administrator.

How do I watch online via ArenaPLAY?

1.1) Download ArenaPLAY from here

1.2) Install ArenaPLAY (if you need help – please visit this link

1.3) Open ArenaPLAY on your desktop (Desktop)

1.4) Watch movies and listen to music 🙂
2. When are ArenaPLAY subtitles coming out?

2.1) ArenaBG is not a subtitle translation site. Our team does not translate any languages ​​into Bulgarian.

2.2) Once a subtitle version has been released in Bulgarian or another language, it will be added to the corresponding torrent.

2.3) Once the subtitles have been added by a member of our team, they become available in ArenaPLAY
How do I become part of the ArenaBG team?

3.1) Write to us through our contact form and we will contact you.
If a torrent has no segments, what should I do?

4.1) ArenaBG does not come to torrents and does not help to distribute content.

4.2) If a torrent has no segments, try to download it via DHT, then let your client sink some time so someone else can download it.
How to make and upload a torrent?

5.1) To upload a torrent you must be part of the ArenaBG team. For more information, see How do I become part of the ArenaBG team?

5.2) Before uploading a torrent, check if the uploader has not been uploaded by another uploader.

Full list of ArenaBG Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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