Are the torrents ending?


    Drops of torrent sites are a fact – worldwide, like flies, are more and more websites offering this way of downloading illegal games, movies or series, but that does not mean that the size of the piracy is suddenly reduced. Only the means leading to the goal are changing, as the latest Gadgets 360 report says.

    Google Drive will be an ideal alternative to torrents.

    As it turns out, the highest place for the highest number of frauds reported by publishers and manufacturers is at Google Drive. Yes, it is true – the popular service of the American tycoon is a great opportunity to keep pirate movies and series on such a scale that controlling this process turns out to be very heavy to control. Interestingly, in many cases we are dealing with situations in which a specific entry only contains a link to YouTube. And while this service is known for its quick response and removal of pirated content, it turns out that there is a way to circumvent these obstructions.

    How is the new method for downloading pirated movies and serials?

    Links lead to videos that have “unlisted” status – then the video is unreachable from the search engine, and only people with a specific email address can access it. As a result, it is not the easiest to detect, and the scale is really good. In the end, practically all of us have an account with Google, and links can be easily found on Facebook, popular forums or on torrents.

    Pirates often also use other online storage services, such as Dropbox and OneDrive, but they are less popular due to their lesser availability and a small free account capacity compared to Google Drive or the torrent network. YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion are the least popular.

    Hide links in maps?
    When we use torrents, we download torrents or videos, which are available on internet forums – how does a torrent work, and how is it for a new method? Interestingly enough, also popular with My Maps from Google – this service allows you to create your own map has become a real pile of pirated links. After creating their own map in its description very often direct links to the film. This is probably the best confirmation of pirates creativity.

    The fall of several huge torrent sites has not yet revealed the end of this download method.

    There are indications that there is no retreat from this path – many popular sites such as KickAssTorrents, ExtraTorrent and Shaanig have fallen out over the past two years, cumulatively up to 500 million unique users. This is a big blow, and while there is still the Pirate Bay, it is fair to say that the times of unrestricted use of torrents have gone forever. It’s too easy to detect a mechanism to be effective.


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