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appzuniverse.org AppzUniverse is a good software tracker and very well organized, which opens registrations on the first day of the month, there ain’t much members, bad info: speed is slow most of the time, thus it’s hard too seed.

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About website

AppzUniverse Categories:

  • 0day
  • 3d / cad/ cam
  • 3d/cad/cam-training
  • appz dev tools
  • appz dev training
  • appz training
  • certification courses
  • ebooks / mags
  • game dev tools
  • graphics training
  • hybrid appz
  • mac apps
  • mac graphics
  • mac updates
  • misc / other
  • mobility appz
  • other op sys appz
  • pc apps
  • pc game iso
  • pc graphics
  • pc updates
  • photo / video appz
  • photo / video training
  • web dev training
  • web templates/addons

AppzUniverse Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<


You’re required to seed each individual torrent to a minimum 1.0 ratio or for a minimum of 36 hours directly after you complete the download. Keep your total ratio at or above 0.7 at all times! To avoid a warning. A ratio of atleast 1.0 is the best as it shows you share what you leech. Torrents posted must meet the upload rules


Anyone caught using ratio tweaking programs will be prohibited !!! (and we’ll catch you)

With More Then One Account

Each member is only allowed to have one account per IP address. Members caught with more than 1 account will lose total access to the site through that IP.This is not permitted and is grounds for deletion of all accounts.


No asking for, or coping of invites to other sites. (This is AppzUniverse incase your lost)

Posting of . Exe file can directly be posted in torrent form, if you will need to for example post a key gen, pack it and put it in a folder, lable it properly then post it. No posting of links in the discussion, the Shoutbox or the conversation to direct . exe files. This is for yours and other members security.

Other trackers

No posting hyperlinks to other trackers and there torrents. This is a private tracker.

Why can not I download?

Those who haven’t set their Password Recovery Question and Answer yet will not be able to download any torrents until they fill in the details to the appropriate areas in their profiles,so please take some time to fill in these details.

No posting of dupe files

DUPES ARE JUST LAZY, SO LOOK BEFORE YOU UPLOAD DOUBLES. Use the torrent search to examine the website.

Seeding of new torrents


All torrents have to have a usefull description. The prefered way is to attach the first NFO. If you cannot do this, then go to the developers website and replicate a description from there. Post it in the description section on the upload torrent page.

The file name must contain the file version and release crew name. If the package is a “scene launch”, do not tamper with the first file name. (Respect the crew that released it).


Always choose the correct category types when uploading.

If it is a scene release, don’t alter the original file format at all. (Respect the orininal crews release, dont unpack and post as ISO)

What if I don’t have a scene release to upload?

If you are making your own release stick to the following, CDs and or DVDs must be converted into an ISO image (toast or dmg for Mac). Do not change the original format in any way. Make sure every ISO is named appropriately. They should then be packed using WinRar or Stuffit for Mac at best compression.

Applications and related materials,Virtual Software Trainings…

Applications and related materials,Virtual Software Trainings… see below for classes; AppDev,Appz Pc ISO,Appz Mac ISO, CBT,Ebooks,3D,Keystone,Learnkey,Lynda.com,Mac Apps,Mac Updates,Misc/Other,PC Apps,PC Updates, Total Training,VTC

Files should be packaged

All documents being uploaded need to be packaged by using winrar or win zip, for MAC attempt stuffit. If they are very large files use the multiple archive option rather than one large rar or zip file.Anything over 200MB must be multi packed.

No Keygen only uploads

No “keygen only” uploads unless asked, these tend to junk up the place, when you have issues with a keygen and need an updated one place a request.

No demos or restricted time trials allowed

No demos or limited time trials allowed

No uploading . exe files directly

No . Exe file can directly be posted in torrent form, if you need to for example post a key gen, pack it… put it inside a folder lable it correctly then post it.

No Movies or MP3″s of any kind

No Movies or MP3’s of any type…This is Appz Universe incase your missing.

No Audio Apps

Please don’t upload Professional Audio Apps here, save those for Pro Audio Torrents . Org – Our Professional Sound Tracker.


Don’t contain any referance of other torrent sites on your upload or any other SPAM files.


When filling a request, you need to offer a link to either the Forum Post where the torrent petition is discussed or the Request itself in the Requests section.

Full list of AppzUniverse Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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