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animetosho.org AnimeTosho aka AT is an automated service that mirrors torrents posted on Tokyo Tosho and AniDex onto various file hosting services. AnimeTosho.org provides torrent files, magnet links and DDL for all anime releases. For uploading anime torrents the site refers to anime trackers such as AniDex, Tokyo Toshokan, AniRena and AcgnX.

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Onto different file hosting (otherwise called ‘DDL’) services, in addition to Usenet. The script running the service performs some other tasks, like taking screenshots of movies, extracting embedded subtitles and trying to discover a source article/blog article and supplying primitive classification of information.

What special search operators are supported? Search relies on partly matching words. If more than 1 term is specified, results have to match against all words. Notice that keywords are ignored. Search behavior can altered with some specific operators:

Partial word matching can be accomplished by placing a star in the beginning or end of a word, such as poke* Ensure words are at least 4 characters in length.
Words may be redeemed by prefixing them with a dash, example: horriblesubs -480de (outcomes should contain horriblesubs although not 480p)
Phrases can be surrounded by double quotes, which forces words to appear together, such as “one bit”

AnimeTosho Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

What hosts does AnimeTosho upload to? This changes from time to time… So only find some recent documents for an idea of what hosts are being uploaded to.How long do uploads require to appear?AnimeTosho attempts to mirror the documents as fast as you can, however, occasionally things will take more. I find that typically, popular ~300MB files normally have mirrored to at least one server in a couple of minutes, though this may vary significantly (a couple of hours isn’t unusual). The largest factor affecting speed is likely how quickly the document may be pulled from the torrent source, followed by the number/size of documents recently posted (because a great deal of files being posted can increase the size of the processing queue). Occasionally, hosts, or the updates server itself, have issues which may cause delays.Is there a feed available? RSS2 (torrents just), Newznab/Torznab and ATOMIs there a donate link?We do not accept donations. We recommend committing to fansub groups, document hosts or buy relevant products to help keep the anime scene alive.Is there any way I can help out?For Anime Tosho’s core purpose of mirroring and processing torrents, it’s 100% automatic, which means low maintenace. But for those willing to volunteer themselves, there are always a variety of ways one can help out, a few thoughts:

supplying helpful/useful comments, or responding to queries
supplying feedback/ideas/suggestions, such as reporting and viewing mistakes
if you would like to contribute code, gifts are welcome to our open source resources (and these are not specific to Anime Tosho’s requirements, which means you will be helping others also!)
If there is something you would like to see/have (e.g. new website design?)

Are there some ads/tracking? There are no advertisements or monitoring (outside normal web-server logging) employed in Anime Tosho. There shouldn’t be any requests made to some non-AT controlled server on webpages here. This is a zero sales service, so your details are not being sold to anybody else.
Note that this might not be the case for external sites that we link to, which we ultimately don’t have any control over.Will AnimeTosho’s bot script be made openly available?I have no plans of doing so at the moment, and moreover, the script wasn’t designed to be used by other people. (it is very configuration specific, and requires someone who actually understands the script to handle it) However, a number of our custom tools are accessible at Github and may be used freely in any manner. Daily database exports are also available for downloading here. How do I upload torrents to AnimeTosho?We don’t take torrent uploads as we are a mirror service. Please submit torrents to our resources TokyoTosho or AniDex in the right class, and Anime Tosho will add them automatically.
I can not access Anime Tosho without having a proxy/TorConnectivity problems can arise from a variety of causes and might require diagnosis to locate the issue (and possibly fix it, even though it might not be likely). If you don’t want to diagnose the reason, some tips you can try:

Use a proxy/VPN or accessibility via Tor
Attempt routing via CloudFlare: cf.animetosho.org
Try our mirror site: mirror.animetosho.org

Otherwise, things to check:

If obtaining animetosho.org through the browser fails, what error does it exhibit? When it’s something along the lines of ‘connection timed out’, odds are that connectivity into Anime Tosho is not working
Could you ping animetosho.org? To try this out, start a control terminal (in Windows, it is Start -> Run -> cmd) and then input ping animetosho.org – if the outcome is something along the lines of ‘Request timed out’, then connectivity is not working, but if you’re getting answers, then connectivity is fine
If connectivity is not working, try doing a traceroute from the control terminal. In Windows, the control is tracert animetosho.org , for different OSes, it is traceroute animetosho.org . The output of the command should show the path that packets are taking to achieve Anime Tosho and you should see that answers stop coming back beyond a certain point:
if this stage is within the first couple of lines, there is a connectivity issue near you – check that your router or network is not falling traffic
if this stage is later, by way of instance, beyond the initial 5 numbered lines, connectivity is broken somewhere else down the trail. [This document] has been submitted to TokyoTosho/Nyaa/AniDex but is greyed out hereA gray background means that the document has been fetched. If the text is gray, it means that the document has been skipped.What files does AnimeTosho skip?Due to bandwidth constraints of the host, AnimeTosho skips the following:
Many torrents over 16GB in size, some exceptions are made for torrents up to 32GB in size
Some very specific exceptions
But if there is something you want, you can elect to post a comment in the skipped torrent to determine if anybody is willing to assist. [some file] has not been uploaded to [some server]! Please be aware that uploading isn’t instant and requires time to process. This is particularly a problem during busy periods when plenty of documents get filed, because the queue for uploading may grow rather large.
Another thing to notice are some restrictions on some hosts – typically this is a size limitation if uploading to it would require splitting into several components.
Aside from that, it is possible that the automatic script has broken, the host is having problems or any other bizarre anomaly has occurred.Why is [some host] no more being uploaded to?Usually the explicit motive will probably be mentioned at the peak of the home page, but otherwise, it is often because the host has changed coverages that makes it impossible or difficult for an automated script to upload to.I have found a dead link, is it reuploaded?Unfortunately no, as always reuploading old documents would ultimately require an increasing amount of bandwidth. Also, when the script has processed the file, it’s deleted off our hard disk to make space for other files. You’ll have to attempt and download the documents from the host before they’re eliminated, or find another source.Why so many dead links? (for a recent document)It appears that lots of multi file hosters accessible nowadays are quite unreliable, so this can cause files to simply not be uploaded to various hosts. Additionally, files are always uploaded anonymously, and so often will die quicker because of inactivity. Finally, they may just be eliminated by the server (either through direct reporting of this connection, or hash game with another report). We’re taking a look at ways to attempt and mitigate some of these difficulties. [some document]’s defined series/episode/group is incorrect!The anime name, episode number and category name cited by AnimeTosho (not the filename) are now automatically guessed by a script, and NOT manually set by people. Because of the constraints of the heuristics used in the script, it will sometimes mis-classify items, occasionally with great funny value. Currently there’s absolutely no manual inspection process in place, but I find that the script is true most of the time. Xz files?I strongly advise using 7-Zip 9.20 (or later) because it manages everything. If the document is broken into multiple parts (has .001, .002 etc on the end), then get 7-Zip to extract in the .001 file and it’ll automatically search for the rest. Non-Windows users can try out the p7zip command line tool, as well as the control 7zr x some_file.7z.001. some_file. Ext will operate.
Can AnimeTosho support uploading to [some file title]? You may suggest it on the comments page, though, being realistic, the typical answer will be no. The main limitation here is the amount of server bandwidth needed to upload to each additional server, however, if there is overwhelming support for a specific host, it is going to be considered.Will AnimeTosho ever be mirroring non-anime documents (e.g. manga)? Maybe. The main limitation here, again, is server bandwidth needed for such things. Mirroring different categories will almost certainly require more servers to deal with the load, something I am not inclined to pay for.Can you upload [some random file]? AnimeTosho only mirrors new documents posted to TokyoTosho/Nyaa/AniDex’s anime group and doesn’t accept random mirror requests.

A vague/rough list – sorry if I left out anyone:
All the numerous fansubbers or people who release stuff for everybody else to enjoy, in addition to the studios etc for really making the material
People who’ve provided helpful feedback and suggestions to me (and I really do love the different “thanks” comments, although I do not respond to them all the time (it gets repetitive) – just bear in mind that I really do appreciate them!)
And of course all of the visitors to this website for making my attempts have significance
Oh, and others involved with the community for helping to make it… a community!

Full list of AnimeTosho Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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