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animesuki.com AnimeSuki aka AS tries to provide a complete and convenient overview of torrent links to all unlicensed English anime fansubs. It does not list XXX or series that have been licensed in North America. Created in 2002, AnimeSuki was once considered the biggest database of BitTorrent anime shows.

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About website

In the recent years AnimeSuki has experienced a decline in new fansub entries due to the popularity of anime sites and other anime torrent indexes. Anyhow the AnimeSuki forum is still known for anime focused discussion.

Forum rules:

The next General Rules apply to ALL facets of the forum. Including forum threads, articles, links, user profiles, avatars, private messages, standing comments, signatures, etc..

Please Note: because this is an English forum we request that all communication be in English. Ideally this means using proper English, with proper punctuation and capitalization, constantly. Excessive abbreviations, meme graphics, and “l33t speak” are especially unwelcome. We appreciate that English isn’t the first language of many of our members but ask that they try their best never-the-less; however in fairness, it’s the native English speakers who misuse these guidelines most often.

Any content found in breach of the General Rules will just be deleted. Please don’t complain if your article is eliminated because the content is deemed inappropriate. Staff decisions on such matters are final.

These rules are just a guideline. If the situation arises where we believe the spirit of these rules are being abused or broken, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s).

AnimeSuki Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

1.1 Unlicensed anime-related works just

AnimeSuki does not want to be connected with unlawful and ethically improper activities (e.g. piracy). Because of this all messages asking, providing, or otherwise discussing information regarding using illegally obtained media, or some other service that assists in the illegal purchase of these media, is expressly prohibited. The following is a list of websites considered “banned” in The Forum since its acquisition is always considered illegal and unethical:
Ask a member of staff if you’re not sure about posting content.

In some instances, AnimeSuki permits links to fan translation jobs for unlicensed works, even though these jobs are technically illegal (they’re in breach of copyright law). This position may seem illogical and even hypocritical especially given that Raws are prohibited. But we rationalise the principle by the comparative ethical acceptability; we just consider fan translations of unlicensed functions to be ethically more acceptable than other “pirated” media.

* – Pictures with important text, that simplifies translation, will be permitted on a case by case basis.
1.2 Don’t insult or harass others

Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar violent behavior towards other members of this Forum won’t be tolerated. Including the use of “retort pictures”. Pictures used to convey a “return” message (i.e. to “retort”) are prohibited in every area of The Forum, they are usually offensive and just serve to ignite flame wars.
1.3 Do not Offer inappropriate content

Any material (e.g. pictures, text, video, etc.) which is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or upsetting nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly prohibited.

As you are strongly discouraged from posting possibly offensive or risque content, that could be considered unsuitable for viewing at school and work, we know that in some instances it is of significance to The Forum. The inline-image attribute (IMG tag) should NOT be used for such content.
1.4 Don’t use more than 1 account

Using multiple accounts or allowing more than 1 person access to an account is expressly prohibited. If you prefer a different username, please see this thread to find out more. If you’re having trouble accessing your accounts, please contact a team member. If you find your account was banned, don’t make things worse by creating a brand new one to ask why. Instead, contact a staff member (through a personal message) using your initial account.

1.5 Don’t solicit our members

This includes, but isn’t limited to referrals, subscriptions, registrations and signatures (digital or otherwise). Generally this means:

You shouldn’t post links that contain referrer tracking ids
You Shouldn’t post links to websites where remuneration is offered for referrals
You Shouldn’t post links where our associates are asked to register for something
You Shouldn’t post petitions of any kind

Examples include “military building” games such as “Outwar” and “Kings of Chaos”, promotional websites like “free iPods” and petitions like those found in “Petition Online”.

These rules govern what threads and posts members are permitted to make on The Forum. They apply to ALL forums but don’t apply to signatures or user profiles. The team may allow exceptions to those rules or impose additional rules for specific forums and threads.

Messages that violate the Posting Rules will be edited, deleted or closed.
2.1 Don’t post nonsense

You’re not required to answer to each and every thread and post in a forum. Please only answer if you have something helpful to increase the thread. If you don’t have anything useful to say in a thread or you don’t know the response to a question, please don’t post simply to say that you don’t have anything to say or that you don’t know the answer the question. Posting just to “bump” a thread (i.e. move it to the peak of the forum) can also be considered crap.
2.2 Don’t start topics that lack purpose

We require that all threads serve a purpose; pointless threads won’t be tolerated. The objective of this General Chat forum is to talk about topics not related to AnimeSuki’s most important intention of anime and BitTorrent. This does not mean you could post absolutely anything there; even at the General Chat forum threads must serve some function. Below you will find some tips to help you avoid threads that we almost always consider “pointless”:

No greeting or farewell threads
Threads made to present yourself or to say that you’ll be leaving The Forum are “greeting” and “farewell” threads. If you’re leaving or you’ve just arrived, we don’t have to be told in a completely new thread. The Forum already has a thread dedicated to introductions and in the event that you must inform friends that you’re leaving you can send them a personal message. They are usually substantial volume threads with hardly any content of worth; i.e. mostly sound or one word answers that we don’t need.
No “speed that…” or “place your…” threads
These threads ask individuals to post or speed avatars, signatures, desktops, etc.. We already have quite a few of those threads; e.g. “Rate that avatar”, “Speed that touch” and “Post your desktop”. No longer are allowed and the recent threads may be closed from time to time if a member of staff believes they’ve strayed from their appointed purpose.
No trivial polls or “what kind…” threads
“What kind…” threads are the ones which request insignificant information from members of The Forum. Examples would include “what’s your height?” And “what’s your age?” The “What kind…” thread becomes a “trivial poll” when a survey is added. Contrary to popular belief these threads don’t serve a practical purpose.

If you would like to make a thread from the above mentioned types, which you think may serve a helpful function, please send a personal message to a member of staff. If you obtain permission to produce the thread state who from on your article; it will avoid confusion later. Anime related surveys are exempt from the “No trivial polls” principle, which means that you can feel free to create surveys such as “Who’s your favorite girl in Maburaho?” Such surveys might not be marvels of brilliance but they’re at least topical.
2.3 Don’t ask when episodes will be published

You’re not allowed to inquire when episodes will be released. Shows are released when the fansub group is finished with them. That will mean much slower releases or none whatsoever.

We don’t create or host the fansubs and we can’t help you find them via direct download or other p2p networks.
2.4 Don’t make picture heavy posts

This is a discussion forum not a picture board; articles must contain more than just images or links to images. Moreover, please don’t make posts with large images unless it is especially applicable to the thread in question. If you would like to add screenshots, wallpapers, artwork etc, please join them by way of the URL tag. Small thumbnails, which relate to the larger images, are an acceptable choice.

Please Note: “Hiding” pictures in spoiler tags does NOT save on bandwidth. Even if the spoiler is never opened the whole image is downloaded each time the article is displayed. Rather, post thumbnail images that link to the big picture, or put the image inside “pictures” tags to ensure not to distort the page layout or cause undue loading delays for different members.
2.5 Don’t “cross post”

You’re not allowed to post the exact same message in more than 1 forum or more than once in exactly the exact same forum. Please be careful to post your message from the thread or forum for which it is best suited. Don’t post your message to an existing thread when it’s not pertinent to the topic. Reading the description below each forum name, and cautious use of the search features, should assist you in finding the appropriate place for your message. If you post in the incorrect location please send a personal message to a member of staff that will move your article for you. Please don’t make the mistake worse by posting the same message again in another location.
2.6 Don’t market your products, services or events

You’re not allowed to post the URL of, or information about any website, product, service or event with which you’re affiliated unless it forms a significant part of an on-topic answer to a previous article, where supplying the URL or advice would be of specific interest to the subject. In keeping with the General Rules, this includes soliciting other members to send you email or personal messages in exchange for such advice. AnimeSuki won’t tolerate the use of its facilities to ship or in any way distribute unsolicited advertisements. All advertising must be authorised by a member of staff before its publication within The Forum; either by explicit exclusion in The Rules or with a personal message from a member of staff.

2.7 No public private conversations

If you wish to talk with another member of this Forum please use the private message feature, join our IRC channel (#animesuki) on synIRC or contact the member directly with email or through IM.

Please be aware that religious and political discussions often cause quite heated discussions with small give or take on each side. They normally start out sensible and interesting but degrade rapidly. This produces the very same arguments repeatedly for webpages and causes many members to begin “flaming” each other. Such topics will probably be shut unless care is required to maintain the thread equally interesting and polite. Similar discussions, regarding the illegality of fansubs and licensing arguments, may also be handled in this way.

Discussions tend to attract a huge number of different views; all opinions are welcome on AnimeSuki provided that they contribute constructively to the conversation at hand. Concentrate on providing the reasons why you think what you do, and encourage your opinions with signs and explanations so that others can understand where you are coming from. If your apparent objective is just to strike a series, its staff/cast, or other posters for not agreeing with your tastes and opinions (whether negative or positive), or to lord your opinions over others in this manner that antagonizes other posters (if fans, critics, or anybody else), this doesn’t contribute constructively to the on-topic dialog, and typically results in derailed threads. Ad hominem attacks, poisoned-well arguments, smear campaigns (contrary to a series, genre, trait, personality, individual, group, or otherwise), and similar comments that provoke and inflame the dialogue aren’t acceptable. Posts that lack objectivity or constructive function, for any of the aforementioned reasons or others, may be deleted or edited. Offending posters might be cautioned, infracted, temporarily prohibited, or prohibited from accessing and/or posting in certain areas of the forum, in the entire discretion of the Forum Staff. Repeated infractions for this or any other kind of prohibited Forum behaviour can also cause a permanent ban from the website.

These principles apply only to member signatures. Users who do not want to see member signatures can disable them in their User Profiles via the User Control Panel.

Nevertheless, signatures which violate them will be eliminated and/or replaced with a warning. Members who ignore warnings and keep violating the Signature Rules will get infractions that might lead to temporary or permanent bans. Annoying signatures, or the ones that violate any part of this Forum Rules, may be removed or edited at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the team.

To maintain The Forum loading fast for users who Want to see labels, and also to preserve The Forum’s visual aesthetic, your signature must conform to the following size limitations:

A “Size Constrained Preview” instrument can be found on the Edit Signature page in the Control Panel that will assist you make certain that your signature fits in the available space.

Signature File Size:
If your signature comprises one or more pictures, the total file size of all included images shouldn’t exceed 100 KiB (102,400 bytes).

Please note that the File Size limits apply even if you’re hosting the image on an outside image host.

To decrease bandwidth consumption and to guarantee compliance with the above constraints, we explicitly forbid any kind of dynamic image that must be reloaded each time it’s shown, which includes “Signature Rotators”.

Signatures are excluded from the advertising restrictions found in the Posting Rules; supplied the website, product, service or event being promoted along with the content of the advertising complies with the remaining Rules.
3.3 Content Limits

Please refrain from including any text or image in a signature which could be thought of as a spoiler, or is otherwise in breach of any other section of the Forum Rules.

Full list of AnimeSuki Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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