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anidex.info AniDex (AD) aka Anime Index is a torrent tracker and indexer, primarily for English fansub groups of anime, but also caters for other languages. In addition to torrent files and magnet links, AniDex allows XDCC downloads through IRC.

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About website

AniDex Categories:

  • anime
  • drama
  • games
  • ln
  • manga
  • music
  • other

Anidex.info Tags:

anime torrents, anidex.info, fansub, Nyaa alternative, anidex moe, anidex anime down

Anidex is a torrent tracker and indexer, primarily for English fansub groups of anime, but also caters to different languages and media.

We don’t allow content unrelated to anime, such as warez, Hollywood films, American TV shows, animations, etc..

If you discover any bugs, please report it by emailing me at [email protected]

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We currently don’t use advertisements, and are financed by sdbx.moe. If you’re thinking of a seedbox for seeding torrents, think about buying it there as this will help to keep AniDex running. Alternatively, in case you’ve got a seedbox elsewhere, why don’t you change to us? Where possible, we’ll attempt to match your budget.
Anything else will be removed on sight and you might be warned or banned.
Hentai and Adult Videos are allowed, provided that they’re tagged and categorised properly.

Banned content

“Extreme” real life visual content is prohibited, such as (but not restricted to) scat, gore, bestiality, etc..
Absolutely no real-life child pornography of any sort.
Warez, for example (but not restricted to) Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Windows, etc..
“Troll” torrents aren’t allowed. These can be removed on sight.

Troll torrents

Torrent name falsely represents the contents of its documents. Rar) that are password protected, and the password isn’t clearly mentioned in the torrent description or at the torrent.

Torrent guidelines

All torrents need to contain our tracker (anidex.moe:6969/announce), rather as the principal tracker for optimum statistics tracking.
Torrent title should be as descriptive as you can.
If the document comprises video/audio, the format/resolution/codecs must be mentioned.
For instance: [Group] Series title – ep (resolution video sound). Ext
If it’s not a widely used archive file (zip, rar, 7z, etc), then the tools for decompression ought to be mentioned.

Video based content tips

DVD source video is restricted to 576p.
Web source video is restricted to 1080p or origin resolution, whichever is lower.
Blu-ray source video is restricted to 1080p.
UHD source video is restricted to 3840x2160p.
Obviously, untouched sources aren’t bound by these limits.
Shitposting and trolling may result in warnings and/or bans.
This is so that you can see at a glance if or not a release tagged with a group genuinely came from this group.
Groups will be able to choose whether they would like to allow non-group members to upload torrents comprising their label in future.

Reputable members

Members that have contributed a substantial number of great content to AniDex will be promoted to a “Trusted member”.
Torrents uploaded by trusted associates will be marked as trusted ().
This only applies to torrents which can not be categorized into a group.
The authorised marker takes precedence over the trusted marker if a torrent happens to be labeled with both.


Use [spoiler] tags in torrent descriptions where appropriate, like placing mediainfo dumps.
Don’t use tags that aren’t your own or at least make it extremely clear to everybody that you’re the one responsible for the upload unless you’re reuploading an original launch.
Don’t add your own tags when reuploading a first launch.
If these rules aren’t obeyed, these torrents will be removed if reported from the group/person commonly viewed as the owner of the label(s). This particularly applies to vampire torrents. Always add your own tag unless you’re reuploading an original launch.
Although only hinted at above, we will of course remove any troll torrents labeled with “A-sucks”, “B-is-slow”, or like reported by “A” or “B”.
Remakes for the sake of adding watermarks or these are prohibited.
Remakes of JPG/PNG-based releases aren’t allowed without exceptions because there is most often no point in making such.
Uploaders are invited to render a complete description of this release on the torrent data page. This is particularly true for batches.


We are available at #[email protected] rizon.net. Contact the staff for assistance with any difficulties.

Full list of AniDex Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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