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ahashare.com AhaShare is a general torrent site that offer all kinds of content. In January, Torrentfreak reported that AhaShares domain is suspended by its provider. The site’s admins have remained silent on the issue, and it’s unclear if the site will return anytime soon.

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About website

Tracker Namec – AhaShare
Genre – General
Sign-up link – ahashare.com/account-signup.php
Closing date – N/A
Review: Categories – Anime – Apps – Books – Cartoons – Games – Movies – Music – Other – Sports – TV

The popular torrent site Ahashare has been unreachable for at least a week now. The site’s domain name is now listed as “suspended” by the registrar, hinting at possible legal issues. The operators of the site have remained silent on the issue, and it’s unclear if the site will return anytime soon. AhasharelogoWith tens of thousands of visitors per day site Ahashare has assembled a decent community in the past few years.

The site has an active group of uploaders and several visitors, or if we say had? For the last few days, the site was unreachable on its regular Ahashare.com domainname. A week vanished without a trace. After some digging, it seems that the website’s domain name has been suspended by Public Domain Registry (PDR), using a “clienthold” status. We have seen this standing on domains . According to ICANN the clienthold tag is rare and “usually enacted during legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion.” TorrentFreak contacted the team through the listed address hoping to discover more of the site, but we have yet to hear back. The site’s operators are silent on social media .

The Twitter account posted the last website update . Two weeks ago a new tweet was posted linking to what seems to be a counterfeit sunglasses site, suggesting that it’s compromised. If sites switch to a new domain generally speaking, domain name suspensions can easily be countered. Thus far it seems like the Ahashare team hasn’t done this yet, so it is possible that more is going on. Ahashare registered its domain through the Indian domain registrar PDR, which is no stranger when it comes to suspensions.

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The company previously seized the domain names of ExtraTorrent and other torrent websites. However there could have been less compliance. The MPAA currently lists PDR as a non-cooperative registrar in a recommendation to the Government, but it is possible this does not apply. In the meantime, the users of the site will need to look elsewhere for their daily torrent fix, although whether Ahashare will return in the future is unknown.

With Ahashare down piracy users may head like ExtraTorrent and The Pirate Bay to other leading websites. People who want to browse popular torrent site Ahashare to (illegally) download their favourite music, movies, and other articles found the site inaccessible. The website receives thousands of visitors per day. Yet, for several days the site has been unreachable. The website disappeared about a week ago without a trace. The Public Domain Registry (PDR) lists the site’s domain name as “suspended” with a “clienthold” status. The ICANN states that sites with the uncommon clienthold tag tend to signal “legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion.”

Image by TorrentFreak The Twitter accounts of Ahashare, while not very active, show that hackers might have entered into the domain. The account sent tweets that were strange to followers promoting a fake glasses website. Posting “80th Anniversary Promotion! Up to 20% off!” Also, Archive.org last registered a snapshot of the website on January 15. The torrents included USA Hot Top Singles 40 chart for January 21.

Visitors could also download I Spit On Your Grave 3, as well as the Sweet Smell of Success of 1957. Individuals who browsed to the music section may find the The Book of Love, among other torrents of Justin Timberlake. Indian domain registrar PDR previously cooperated to police to hand over website information. Back in 2013, PDR suspended and seized ExtraTorrent domains. TorrentFreak was told by ExtraTorrent, “After contacting PDR [following the suspension] they kept giving us funny replies but finally gave us a copy of the PDF file delivered by the London Police.

“This was even more funny than the remaining communications we had with PDR Ltd because it turned out that the suspension was solely and willfully under the discretion of the registrar and without a legal basis.” However the Indian domain registrar has shown less willingness to work with authorities. In reality, the MPAA lists PDR as a registrar. According to the MPAA, PDR has repeatedly refused to take action. By changing to a new domain according TorrentFreak, domain name suspensions can be easily countered by website owners.

Yet, the Ahashare team has yet to do so. The Ahashare team has yet to give any information about what happened, while the website remains down. Users will have to look elsewhere.

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