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acgnx.se AcgnX Torrent is a big anime torrents library. The anime websites’ purpose is to establish the world’s largest anime torrents resource. AcgnX Torrent decided to provide all animations as torrent files to prevent the lost of data in case of a natural disaster.

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About website

AcgnX Torrent imposed to do the best to protect as many torrent seeds for this anime resource. It’s not just another Nyaa mirror but provides a torrent tracker, let users upload anime torrents and has an active moderation team.

AcgnX Categories:

  • anime
  • audio
  • literature
  • live action
  • software
  • pictures

Acgnx.se Tags:

AcgnX anime, Nyaa mirror, anime, animations, anime RSS

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The principle of fairness

The freedom of speech of the user is going to be protected.

Content published by the user If we violate the terms of service we have the right to delete or block.

The user has the right to appeal, the appeal time is 3 months, please contact the official management group email: service#acgnx. se(Replace # with @).

1. Please observe compliance with the relevant laws of the Kingdom of Sweden with local laws in your area.

2. It’s forbidden to publish sensitive topics in important areas such as politics.

3. Prohibit the release of resources, resource posters and resource debut (such as suspected) contains political, live pornography, virus Trojans, make money, advertisements, content is vague, obviously copyright infringement, source content and introduction does not match.

4. Prohibited resource name contains [18 ban] [adult] [18X] and other words.

5. Please respect others, prohibit any way to abuse, slander, threaten others, management team or website.

6. This website is for content that originates from and/or is specific to China, Japan, or Korea. Other content isn’t allowed without exceptions.

7. If you have five or more releases of the same type to release in one go, create a batch torrent containing all of them. Prohibit Flooding!

8. We do not advocate copying the copyright animation content of any online site on the world. This website reserves the right to block or remove such resources at any time.

9. Prohibit any method of traffic cheating.

10. Do not publish non-BT / emule-based resources.

11. It is strictly forbidden to publish any compressed package with encrypted password but not set the password in the resource posts or to market the resources in the kind of fees.

12. We will endeavor to make certain that your information privacy and usage of security, we promise not to any organization or organization to provide any privacy or affect the user’s security content.

13. Any user should know about the protection of the privacy and the use of security, such as any non-site causes their own problems we aren’t responsible.

If the above terms are in breach, we will be able to prohibit you from using authority.

We will have all the resources in breach of the prohibitions of conduct, managing notify the submitter by email (if you have to fill it), three-month appeal rights reserved.

The resources themselves aren’t violated, the title poster or the description of the controversial and criticism resources, the resources will be hidden by the submitter to correct the contents of their own, to restart display.

Shielding resources

For resources that are in violation of the prohibited rules, they’ll be shielded.

Limit the right to utilize

Two or more violations of the prohibition of the principles, or a poor violation, will give the user part or all of the consent to punish.

General User Terms of Service

Strictly illegal to use any type of collection of the contents of the website.

Prohibit malicious attacks on this website. Attack forms include but aren’t limited to DDOS attacks, CC attacks, scanning attacks, penetration testing, speech attacks and so forth. If you find any BUG or vulnerability, please contact our official management staff immediately. We will express our gratitude for this, or provide additional incentives to the supplier to show thanks.

Such as spider, assault, a high number of meaningless queries in a short time.

We will endeavor to make certain that your information privacy and use of security, we guarantee not to any company or organization to offer any privacy or affect the user’s safety content.

Any user should be aware of the protection of the privacy and the use of security, such as any non-site causes their own problems we aren’t responsible.

Full list of AcgnX Torrent Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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