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8club.org 8club is a private tracker – invite only – signups closed. Keywords: Tracker, tracker, 8club.org, www.8club.org, Files, files, torenti, torrents, Seeder, Upload, software, Download, Forum, forum, video, XXX, torrent, scene, ratio, leechers, soft

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About website

Site rules:
Do not ignore the views expressed by moderators!
You can not upload this tracer torrents to other tracers! (See FAQ for details.)
Incorrect control in the forum may lead to a warning ().
You will only receive one alert! If you still misbehave, you will be banished / deleted!
Download Terms – In violation of these Terms you may lose the right to download!
Access to the latest torrents is conditioned if you have a good ratio! (Read the FAQ in more detail.)
Due to low ratios, there can be severe consequences, including prohibitions in extreme cases.
Forum rules. – Please follow these rules, otherwise you can be banished!
Do not behave aggressively, do not get involved in the forum.
Do not apply other people’s entries to articles that do not match the topic. (SPAM).
Do not use a language forum other than Latvian, English, Russian.
No foreign languages ​​(nowhere, even in the headlines).
Under no circumstances should you write serial and crack as in nfo!
You should not be required to write serial numbers, CD keys, password forums and chatting.
Photos can not be placed at 800×600 pixels.
Do not hit double balls. If you want to correct your mistake then use the ‘edit’ function. Exceptions can be made if no one has responded to the article for 2 or more days!
New articles in the corresponding section!
(Game questions in the game section, attachment questions in the section section, etc.)
The last request is to read the FAQ before asking any questions!
Avatar Rules – Please follow these terms
Allowed formats are gif, jpg and png.
Be careful. Try to put an image up to 150 pixels and 150 KB in an avatar!
Pornographic, religious, or racial hate-motivated images should not be allowed as an avatar
Upgrade terms – By violating these rules, the torrent can be erased without notice.
Be good description! … torrents with bad descriptions can be erased without warning!
Torrents should be sown for 24 hours as a minimum.
Do not include the release date on torrent name.
Be active! You run the risk of being downgraded if you are not active enough.

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User terms – who and what to raise

Power User Automatically assigned (and moved from user) Must be at least 25GB uploaded for a minimum of 4 weeks, and the file must be above 1.05. The upgrade is done automatically. You will be downgraded if your file ratio falls to 0.85.
This star is awarded if you have donated something to the tractor, it’s just like that.
VIP This status is granted if you have done something special in the tracers’ favor.
Other Allows Moderators of their choice (Not available for normal users).
Uploader Adds Administrators, System Operators, if you consider yourself to be a good candidate, then log in to the forum.
Moderator Do not ask us, we will ask you if you need us!

Moderator Terms – Use your best judgment!
The most important rule: Use your best judgment!
Do not be afraid to say No!
Do not ignore other moderators.
Be tolerant!
If you add a new topic in the forum, write a brief explanation why you are doing it.
Before you block the user account, you send him / her an pm and if they answer, set them up for 2 weeks of probation.
Do not block user accounts if they have been on the tracker for at least 4 weeks.
Always write the reason why this user has been deleted.

Moderator privileges, opportunities – what are my privileges as a moderator?
You can delete and edit forum posts.
You can delete and edit torrents.
You can change and delete user’s avatars.
You can see all the details of the leecher.
You can add comments about the user.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a file sharing system similar to DC ++, Kazaa or Emule.

What programs are needed to use 8Club.org and BitTorrent?

To be able to run, you must install one of BitTorrent clients. The most popular are BitComet, Azureus and BitTornado; We recommend using BitComet.

How does BitTorrent differ from DC ++ and other file-sharing systems?

BitTorrent is primarily intended for the rapid release of news. Its main advantage is that each user can download one file from many (even 50 or 100) to other users at the same time and upload the already-uploaded file to many other users. In this way, one person can spread a file (such as a movie) to hundreds of other users in a few hours.

Do I need this?

Not. However, this does not mean that you can only download and do nothing to resist. Upgraded are parts of files that have already been dragged. For example, if you have 60% of a movie, you will upload those 60% to users who do not already have this part. Then, when you have all 100%, the upload will continue unless you close the Torrent or delete it from your client.

What is a trawler?

Tracker in this case is 8Club.org. A tracer is the one who connects users with each other, stores information about which parts of the file they have and who do not yet have, and controls that each client only downloads what he needs and do not pull back the parts of the file that he has already is.

How many parts does the file normally split up? How big are these parts? Are they downloaded in a row?

Parts of this file are called pieces. The size of a single piece usually ranges from 256 KB to 2 MB – the larger the file size itself, the larger the pieces. One torrent usually has a few hundred to a few thousand pieces, and these pieces are not downloaded in a row, their sequence is completely random. This is one of the benefits of BitTorrent, since it allows you to download different pieces from different users, including those with the fastest connection.

What concepts should I know about BitTorrent?

Leecheris (Leecher) A user who downloads a torrent.
Seeder A user who has downloaded a Torrent completely and left turned on so others can be dragged from.
Involved (Peers) Seeders and leecheri together.
Wanted (Hits) Number of users downloaded the torrent file in question.
Captured (Snatched) The number of users who have fully downloaded the specified file (reached 100%).
TTL (Time To Live) Time, by which hours Torrent will be automatically deleted.

File Download, Upload, and Ratio – Top

How to get started with BitTorrent?

You must first install one of BitTorrent clients (see above) and sign up for 8Club.org. When done, click on the Torrent link at the top of the page, where you can view all the files offered. Once you have found a torrent of interest to you, open this Torrent description and right-click the top of the .torrent file link by selecting “Save Target As …” and save it to your computer’s hard disk. Then locate where you saved the file and open it with your BitTorrent client (for example, BitComet) or just press Enter. Select the directory where to save the downloaded files, press OK, and the process will begin.

What is a relationship and why is it important?

The ratio is the ratio of the size of the uploaded files to the downloaded files. For example, if a user has downloaded 2GB and uploaded 1GB, his ratio would be 0.5. Each relationship can be seen at the top of the page at the left side below your nickname. This ratio is important because it controls how much the particular user is “lucky.” If his ratio is 0.1, this means that he has dragged others 10 times more than gave back and is not allowed. Ideally, the ratio should be greater than 1, but if it is less than 0.4, the user can be alerted or even turned off.

How can I upload something?

This happens automatically when downloading. Torrent client can see both Download Speed ​​and Upload Speed, as well as the exact number of megabytes. To continue uploading after the download is over, nothing needs to be done, just leave the torrent in question turned on and active. This process, when the torrent is just uploaded, is called seedoshan.

How can I upload a new Torrent?

This can only be done by users who have been specifically granted such rights. To maintain a good relationship, it is not necessary; the torrent seedoshanu is taken completely.

How do I increase my relationship?

To increase the ratio, you need to upload more. If you had speed limits, remove them and leave your torrents longer on.

Why does my Torrent upload speed of 0?

Either this torrent is not dragged by anyone, or the number of cucumbers is several times higher than the number of leechers.

Does it make sense to keep Torrent running at 100% and upload speed 0?

Yup. Even if he does not have a lechere at the moment, it’s possible that after some hours or days someone will need the file, and then the upload speed and the ratio will increase.

How long should Torrent run?

“Seedot” means keeping the Torrent turned on when the download is over so others can get it. Typically Torrent seedo as long as the ratio 1 (for the torrent concerned, not the total) is reached, and then turned off so that others can improve their relationships. This, however, is not a mandatory requirement, it may depend on the number of cedar and leechers, and on the desire to improve your relationship.

Can I dig Torrent if I got some files elsewhere?

Yup. To get started, you must download Torrent, open it in the client and specify the directory where the files are located (and the filenames must match). If all the files really are the same, the client will show that all 100% have already been taken and the seedoshana will begin.

Why Torrents sometimes stop at 99%?

The more pieces you already have, the harder it is to find users with pieces that you do not already have. So sometimes Torrents slow down or stop at the end but you just need to be patient and you will sooner or later get the missing pieces.

If the torrent is 100MB, how is it possible that I downloaded 110MB?

This has a direct bearing on the previous question. If the client receives bad data, they need to be re-loaded, so the total amount of data downloaded may be larger than Torrent size.

File Types and Torrent Names – Top

What to start with 30 RAR files?

Just open any of these files with Winrar so you can pinch out what’s inside.

Why do files often be archived and distributed when they do not significantly reduce their size?

It’s historically gone to make it easier to draw the missing part if a file turns out to be damaged and you should not pull the whole movie (or anything else) again.

What to start with an IMG file?

You can burn such a file to disk as a image or open it as a virtual disk with Daemon Tools.

How to open other files?

Here you can read the explanation in English.

What does WS / PROPER / TS / TC and other abbreviations mean in Torrent titles?

Here you can read the explanation in English.

I signed up but did not receive a confirmation email!

You can use this form to delete your account and you can register again. But keep in mind that if you did not receive the e-mail for the first time, it’s a big possibility that you will not receive it again, so maybe try register with another email address.

I forgot my username or password. Can you send it to me?

Yup. Use this form to receive this information in your email.

How can I delete my account?

Use this form.

Why can not I log in?

If your username and password are correct, try deleting IE cookies. To do this, open the Control Panel, select Internet Options, and then press the Delete Cookies … button.

What does “Bezg.” Mean? And “—” instead of a relationship?

These two values ​​can sometimes be seen on the individual Torrent relationship. “Bezg.” Is an abbreviation of “Infinity” and means that since the last connection you have just uploaded this torrent. Three dashes in turn mean that both the up and downloaded files are 0.

Can I change my password, e-mail and number of Torrents on one page?

Yes, you can edit it all and much more on your Profile page.

Why do I show me that I’m not connected?

This “No” may be either a firewall or a proxy server. This means something like DC ++’s passive mode – no one can handle you, only you can others.

Why do not my torrents appear on the 8Club.org page, but sometimes they show some strangers?

Such a problem may be for users who do not have a separate external IP address. If 8Club.org has registered several users with the same IP address, their Torrents are sometimes blended and added to the wrong user. To avoid this, ask your Internet provider to provide you with a separate IP address.

What are the different user classes?

User All new users are in this class.
Power User Can download DOX over 1MB and view NFO files.
Have donated money to the 8Club.org project.
VIP You can use DOX, do not have a standby time, do not have a relationship, you can view NFO.
Upgrade Changer Can add new Torrents.
Moderator You can edit and delete torrents, as well as comments and user accounts.
Administrator Can do almost anything.
Site Content Owner.

What does it mean to put an account in the parking lot?

Usually, if the user does not go to the bobbobs.be page for 20 days, his account is deleted. But if the account is parked, the user may be inactive for up to 180 days and his account is not deleted. While the account is parked, the user can not use tracers.

How can you become a Power user?

A typical user of a Power user gets automatically when he has been logged in for 4 weeks, uploaded at least 25 GB and has a ratio of at least 1.05. If the ratio falls to 0.85, Power user automatically becomes the average user.

How can I become an uploader?

Users who have a good outgoing internet speed (at least 3Mbit) can understand how full the Torrent Schema works and who regularly has news to upload, as the uploader. Remember that 8Club.org is primarily for new movies / games / etc. And it’s not worth asking for uploader status just because you have a bad relationship or a music album that does not exist. If you believe that you meet the above criteria and you have a desire to be active, send a message to one of the administrators.

Can b8Club.org be able to sign up for unlimited users?

Yup. Currently there are no maximal number of users

Why do my Torrents sometimes appear in my profile, which I have already blocked?

This can sometimes happen if your BitTorrent client does not shut down properly, your computer kills, or the like. In such cases (and also if the same Torrent shows up twice) nothing needs to be done, after a certain time there will be a timeout and the Torrent itself will disappear.

Why can not I create a request?

Requests can only be created by users with Power User or higher, and the ratio must be at least 1.0.

Why did Torrent suddenly disappear?

There may be three reasons for this:
(1) The torrent did not meet the site’s terms and was therefore deleted.
(2) The torrent was deleted by the uploader itself, because he found an error.
(3) Torrents are erased automatically after 28 days.

Full list of 8club Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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