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10 Most Pirated Movies of the Week


There was a time, when people used to check the top ten best action movies, romantic movies, Sci-Fi movies and other top ten movies. It was the time, when the BitTorrent search engines were not available to download unlicensed movies from the internet. Today, everything is available for free and you need to access the free media is a torrent search engine. Thousands or more movies are available in the form of torrents, which you can view and download for free. Here we are going to share the details on 10 most pirated movies of this week. Probably, you may find an entertaining one in this list.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:

There is no need to explain why Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the most pirated movie since its release. Johnny Depp and his associated pirates have earned billions of fans across the globe. Of course, most of the people do not visit the theater to watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but still they watch it. They watch it online or they search for the torrent file of the movie. The demands for the most recent installment of this movie franchise are still not over and therefore the pirates are still ruling the list of 10 most pirated movies of the week.

Transformers: The Last Knight:

Although this movie has not received great reviews from the movie critics, the demands are still high for the torrent file of this movie. The piracy experts have recorded and published the movie as torrent file online. Now millions of users are searching for a high-quality torrent of the Transformers movie.

Baby Driver:

It is probably one of the most entertaining and action packed movies of this year. The trailer seems quite thrilling and therefore thousands of people are downloading the torrent file of this movie. It has got good reviews and a lot of entertainment for all the action movie fans.

Wonder Woman:

Nobody had thought that the Wonder Woman will really thrill the Hollywood industry. It is probably the most liked movie, produced by Warner & Bros studio in the last two years. This is an entertaining movie and therefore the demands for the Wonder Woman torrent file are quite high.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard:

Many people have seen the Hitman movies, but now is the time to check how Hitman’s bodyguard protects him. It is a unique movie based on a unique concept and therefore the demands for The Hitman’s Bodyguard are very high on BitTorrent.
The other five most pirated movies of this week are:

The Mummy 2017
The Big Sick
Despicable Me3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

All these ten movies are providing the torrent sites with a huge number of active users. Of course, people are ready to compromise with the video quality and watch the required movie. Therefore, millions of people are downloading these pirated movies every day.


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